February 2018 KnitStitch Reveal

This month we invite you to fall in love (for the first time, or all over again!) with Heidi + Lana! From we-thought-of-everything kits, to a collection of yarn imagined in the most peaceful of colorways, to must-have accessories, Heidi + Lana creates some of the most delightful knitting project experiences. With a style we would call “polished minimalism” – one that is simple, yet refined – each piece of the Heidi + Lana collection is one you want to wear, knit with, and talk about over and over again.

Changes By Heidi + Lana

Heidi + Lana’s latest project kit, not yet available for purchase, Changes pays tribute to it’s name by being two garments in one.Knit in the round, the foundation of the project is a tapered, cowl like tube that can be word as a hat or a cowl. Use the I-cord rope to wear it as a scrunchy cowl, or use the i-cord rope to wear it as a scrunchy hat (watch Heidi + Lana’s Margaret Craig demonstrate how to wear Changes). Perfect for days with noticeable temperature changes – wear it as a hat in the morning….and then as a cowl when a hat is no longer necessary! Plus, who doesn’t love a truly versatile knit?!

Designed by Margaret Craig, owner of Heidi + Lana, this pattern comes with a Row Count Keeper Card and mini pencil so that you can stay on track without marking up your pattern. See what we mean about those thought-of-everything kits?!

Meadow DK from Heidi + Lana

KnitStitch subscribers received 1 skein of Heidi + Lana’s Meadow DK, an equal blend of super soft Merino and Alpaca. A strong, yet bouncy fiber, this yarn glides through fingers and over needles effortlessly. It creates well-defined stitches and is a perfect choice for tonal projects with textural patterns.

Subscribers received one of four colorways (shown above, left to right): Barley, Mist, Mouse, and Wild Flower.

Snag-Free Stitch Markers, Start of the Row Marker,  + Yarn Needle

A notions-bag essential: Heidi + Lana snag free stitch markers. Light-weight and with the slightest of dangle, these markers add a touch of pretty to your project without being overwhelming or in the way. Plus, the unique design keeps them from slipping under a live stitch and becoming out of place. And to compliment the markers, a Heidi + Lana start of the row marker and a yarn needle. it’s the little things that make us smile!

Tassel Maker from Heidi + Lana

The finishing touch on Changes is an I-Cord with tassels. The tassels serve as a trendy, decorative touch, but also to add some weight to the ends of the I-Cord, so that it stays in place as it holds the cowl or hat. To create the tassels, Heidi + Lana created a fool proof tool that simply requires you to wrap, tie, and cut. See how she makes it happen in her How To Make A Tassel tutorial video. Need an I-Cord refresher? She has a video for that, too. Watch how to make an I-Cord.

What Did Each Subscription Receive? 

BIG l  Pattern, 1 skein of yarn, US 6 16″ Red Lace Circular from ChiaoGoo, US 7 16″ Red Lace Circular, Set of 5 Stitch Markers, Start of the Row Marker, Yarn Needle, Tassel Maker, Project Note Card, Pencil

MIDDIE l  Pattern, 1 skein of yarn, Set of 5 Stitch Markers, Start of the Row Marker, Yarn Needle, Tassel Maker, Project Note Card, Pencil

LITE l  Pattern, 1 skein of yarn, Tassel Maker

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