February 2018 Notions Box Reveal

With all the yarn that we have stashed, and with all the projects we want to knit, it’s important to keep our knitting as efficient and hassle-free as possible.¬†This month we’re showing some love to a few tools that help keep our knitting organized, on track, and in place!

Stitch Marker Bracelet from Heidi + Lana

Cute and functional, this leather cord bracelet comes with five, snag-free Heidi + Lana stitch markers and one removable stitch marker with the adorable sheep mascot of Heidi + Lana. The magnetic closure makes storing and accessing the markers a cinch, plus you can easily add your own collection of markers to the bracelet. It’s like the charm bracelet reinvented…knitter style!

How it keeps us organized: We’re always losing our stitch markers and this is one way to keep them close to the (knitted) vest, so to speak! Plus, having markers with us at all times allows us to have a marker handy when we unexpectedly cast on a new project, or share with a friend to keep their knitting on track.

Needle Wrangler from the Tempestry Project

Sometimes it is the simplest tools that have the biggest impact on our craft. This hard plastic, “s” shaped notion locks your double pointed needles in place. Accommodating size US 4 – US 11, just pop one needle in to each “alligator jaw” (that’s what it looks like, right?), and they will stay securely in place, no matter how much the project is bumped, shoved, thrown, or taken in and out of your project bag.

How It Keeps Us On Track: There are so many dropped stitch opportunities with the start/stop, sporadic knitting that comes with holiday travel and living with little “Interns.” The Wrangler has kept my stitches in place so I don’t have to waste time having to redo work.

minisoak from Soak Wash

When we bind off a project, we want to wear it immediately. But blocking is a very important finishing touch. Blocking will allow you to position your stitches – especially those “whoops” moments, like when your tension differed from the rest of your work – and “freeze” it in place. Blocking can help you readjust sizing, keep edges from curling, set color, and even soften yarn.

How It Keeps Us In Place:¬†With blocking pins and patience, these one-time use (though I often block several, same-hued projects with one miniSOAK packet) packs of Soak Wash allows me to “smooth” out minor imperfections and keep stitches in place!

Want to snag one of these cool tools? Shop our stash!

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