December 2017 Notions Box Reveal

It’s rare that we get to show off our knitting notions in public. Sure our housemates know exactly what our stitch marker collection looks like (I mean, they’re all over the house…how can they miss them?), but our fancy scissors and cute tape measures get tucked away in our notions bag. This month, we sent our PostStitchers some notions they can show off: a necklace to hold stitch markers (maybe we won’t lose them now), a thank you card to show someone you care, and a Norwegian Knitting Thimble. Okay, so maybe the thimble isn’t exactly show off material, but once you become a wiz at 2-stranded knitting, you’ll have some fun knits to show off!

Here’s what we sent out in our December Notions Box:

Plus, subscribers received a sweet discount to purchase more of the fun finds from Ella + Jack!

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