December 2017 KnitStitch Reveal

One of the best things about knitting is the opportunity to play with color. Unexpected, brilliant, signature, and jaw-dropping. Color can be so many different things to each of us, and defines our knit as ours. This month we celebrate color with one of our favorite color makers, Ewe Ewe. From rich Vanilla to yummy Cotton Candy to tangy Orange Peel, the Ewe Ewe color palate mixes and matches beautifully with one another for a feast of color, suitable all tastes.

To showcase all the fun colors, Heather Walpole, the mastermind behind Ewe Ewe, designed a brand new scarf using two colors of Ewe Ewe’s Baa Baa Bulky. A quick knit that uses a bias stitch pattern to create eye-catching diagonals for a fun scarf that adds a pop to any winter wardrobe.

Check out what we packed into our KnitStitch Big kit:

Middie kits received all but the needles, and our Lite kits received everything minus the needles and Sarcasm Labels.

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