Download Our Free Knitter’s Holiday Wish List

As knitters we’re both easy and hard to shop for. Yes, you want yarn, but what kind and what color? Yes, you want needles, but what brand and what size?

We want you to get exactly what you want this year! So, with the biggest shopping weekend only days away, we’re helping you prepare with our FREE Holiday Wish List download. Write down what you want and where to find it.

Download this free holiday wish list for knitters, so you get everything you want this year!

We also encourage you to put your knittiest “in case of emergency” friend so that the gift giver can seek help without ruining the surprise for you! Don’t have a friend to add? Put down our email address – – and we’ll be happy to point your gift giver in the right direction. Just don’t forget to email us ahead of time so we have your wish list!




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