THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Congrats to Sally + Patti B who were randomly chosen as our winners!

We all have our go-to knitting group – whether online or around the LYS table – but sometimes the best knitting buddy is a pet. They don’t judge when you drop a stitch, don’t complain when we decide to have a “knitflix and chill” marathon, and love a good stash (which is not always a good thing based on a lot of pictures we see you post). And for many of us, that pet is a cat.
While Halloween is the star holiday of the month of October, National Cat Day, which is celebrated just 2 days earlier, can be just as fun. Some of you may celebrate by giving your cat a calming massage, or spending the day taking pictures of your cat and posting to Facebook (both official suggestions on But we want to celebrate with a cat-themed giveaway.
PostStitch National Cat Day Giveaway. Ends 10/30/17
Through Monday, October 30th, tell us about your favorite knitting buddy (cat, dog, or otherwise!) in the comment section below. On Tuesday, October 31st we’ll pick two comments at random to each win (1) skein of Bis-Sock from Biscotte Yarns (see that fancy cat in their logo?!), (1) skein of Admiral Cat Print from Schoppel-Wolle, and a cat notions pouch. Even if you don’t have a cat of your own, this is a great way to add a cat presence to your knitting!

Winners will be chosen by random drawing and will be announced on this blog post, as well as notified by email, on Tuesday October 31, 2017. Winners have 7 days from time of the announcement to claim their prize. In the event that winner does not claim their prize, an alternative winner will be chosen by random drawing and notified by email. Questions? Email us at

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  1. Becky

    My favorite knitting buddy is a cup of peppermint tea after my littles have gone to sleep! 🙂

    1. Susan Turnbull

      My favorite knitting buddy is my 15 year old Debbie who is a rescue cat that I have had since she was 4 month. She is all black and she is getting ready for Halloween.

    2. Lydia bouza

      My 3 strays who rescued me. Jacob a 15yr old black blind Alzheimer cat.melody a long hair grey sliver 13 yr old and mischief blackand white feral that I nursed back to health after a neighbors suv crushed him he’s about 10yrs old.just got them to stay in the house in the last 2yrs.

    3. Gi tavarez

      My favorite knitting buddy is a maltipoo by the name of Dottie and a short haired black cat named Mr. whiskers. What an amazing prize!

  2. Susan

    Love the Biscotte yarns, as well as their logo!

  3. Krisse

    My favourite knitting buddy is a nice cup of tea in candle light. ❤️

  4. Heather Miller

    My favorite knitting buddy is a cup of coffee and a soft blanket! It would be our cat but she isn’t a cuddler – when I want her to be! What a fun giveaway!!!

  5. Hera

    My 2 yo son is my knitting buddy, he loves watching me knit and likes to “knit” with my scrap yarn while I’m working.

  6. Cynthia

    I”m not sure she’s my favorite knitting buddy, but she likes to be my headrest when I’m sitting knitting. Her name is Bugsy, she’s an 11 year old orange tabby and she will eat my best yarn if left to her own devices. She’s actually my youngest son’s cat and has been since he was 3. You could almost say she’s a therapy animal since we got her while he was undergoing Chemotherapy for Leukemia, she kept him calm and happy during stressful times. Even just having a photo of her on his desk at school helped with anxiety issues he was having. We named her after Bugs Bunny (because she harasses everyone in our family!) Bugsy Malone(the gangster because she thinks she owns our house and everything in it) and because as a kitten she ate bugs which made my son very proud!

  7. Cynthia Vanderbloom

    My favorite knitting and crocheting buddy is Sarah. My son’s cat. We got her one year to the day after my mom passed away. She is my son’s guardian.

  8. Tori

    I love all my knitting buddies; my cat, my dog, my human knitting friends, but my baby girl, Wren, is most often with me (sleeping in my arms) when I’m knitting.

  9. Angela

    No cats in our house, I’m allergic. My knitting bud is my dog. We adopted him 4 years ago, and within minutes of his arrival, when I sat down to knit, he hopped up into my lap, and set his head in the crook of my elbow! He still does that, but his current favorite is snuggling into the blanket I’m knitting, as I knit!

  10. Rachel B.

    My favorite knitting buddy is one of my four corgis named Zeus. He’s so cuddly 🙂

  11. Abby Herberg

    My favorite knitting buddy is my black kitty Gretl, who is great at keeping my WIPs warm, and doesn’t like when I take them away to work on them. 🙂

  12. Kim Cloutier

    My daughter is my favorite knitting buddy. She is studying a semester abroad in Bath England. We videoknit when we can. I wish I could visit the yarn shops with her. What an amazing experience.

  13. Michelle

    My favorite knitting buddies are my two cats who are always ready for knitting time.

  14. Natalie

    My cat, Sir Bongo Flamingtail, is my favourite knitting buddy. He settles on my shoulder and I have to work around him, but we do make it work somehow!

  15. Nicole

    My favorite knitting and crochet buddies are a cup of tea and a good podcast! Our dog, Charlie, usually isn’t too far away, but is always in dreamland chasing fun things!


    My favourite knitting buddy is my grandson Josh, 8 years old. He loves to sit and knit with me

  17. Susan Bates

    My labs lay on the couches and fall asleep watching me. My mini schnauzer sits on the arm of my chair and”helps”.

  18. Anna

    My favourite buddy is a cup of coffee in my favourite mug. Our beautiful cat passed away a few years ago. She had a happy life and was 15.

  19. Diane M Hughes

    My favorite knitting buddy is my dog–a mini dachshund named Phoebe. I love cats, but my daughter and I are both allergic.

  20. Amy Murdock

    The BEST help is a cat buddy on your lap for warmth while you knit! I am blessed to live with three cats. One on me, one near, one across the room. As I settle into my routine and relax, I get a lovely slow blink from each if them in turn. Kitty smiles and Amy smiles all around! Perfection!

  21. Heidi

    I have two cat brothers who always BOTH try to fit on my lap while I knit! Buchi loves to use my yarn balls as pillows and Sawyer like to crawl in the bodies of sweaters I’m knitting. Best knitting buddies ever!

  22. Jessica Harrison

    My favorite knitting buddy is my oldest daughter, Molly. It’s wonderful to sit and knit with her, catching up on her life and all that is happening at her school where she works with disabled children.

  23. Laura

    My knotting buddies are my two boys. They love helping me with my knitting. It’s sonetimes a mess but I love their help and how sweet they are when they’re helping out mommy.

  24. Rebecca Bandy

    My favorite knitting or crochet buddies are my 2 year old main coon domestic house cat and my niece/adopted little sister. My niece will crochet or knit with me where as the cat usually is laying beside me or on my project. He occasionally steals my hooks and plays with my yarn. It’s hardly ever a relaxing knitting or crochet time with Autumn (the cat) around. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  25. Sara

    My favorite knitting buddy is my cat, Hailey. She was adopted from a shelter 4 years ago, and since then, she’s loved to watch me when I knit. She’s very well-behaved and never goes after the yarn.

  26. My favorite fury buddy is my kitties, Spud & Chloe!!! My business is named after my female cat Chloe!! Love the notions bag!

  27. Emily V Birch

    My little terrier Fiona gets so jealous when I have knitting in my lap, so I usually wait to start my knitting until she goes to sleep. We had (adult) cats when she was a puppy and she used to join the cats chasing any yarn that I had the misfortune to drop. She’s all grown up now and is a mature lady, but every once in a while she’s still known to chase a ball of yarn through the house!

  28. Donna Kuehl

    My pug Maggie is the best knitting companion – old enough to wait til the end of thr row gor attention!

  29. Erin

    My favorite knitting buddy is my black rescue cat Wi-Fi. He could sit on my lap and watch me knit all day!

  30. Katie

    Mine are 3 cats and 1 dog who like to take turns stealing my yarn balls.

  31. Carrie Hura

    My favorite knitting buddy is my Charlie cat, he curls up behind me and jeeps my neck warm!

  32. Valerie W.

    Our big orange tabby. Our younger black and white cat likes to chew up my bamboo needles and play with the yarn! What a fun giveaway – thanks for the chance!

  33. Annelisse

    My favorite knitting buddy is Angie, my 90 year old next door neighbor. She is such fun to be around and has taught me valuable life lessons. Angie is always enthusiastically available to knit and share good laughs. As the weather cools, we like to drink a good hot toddy. Home made lavender lemonade in the summer. We have become good friends despite our 50 year age difference!

  34. Michelle simmons

    My favorite knitting buddy is my dog Canella who especially likes to supervise the winding of yarn cakes. While she sometimes confuses my yarn for one of her chew toys, she is nonetheless a great cuddler and companion.

  35. Rachel L

    My favorite knitting buddy is my cat, Castle Kitty, but since my dog Ashke came home two years ago, Castle stays upstairs where i don’t knit, but he loves handmade blankets

  36. Fran

    My favorite knitting buddy is Nikki, my part Maine Coon/Tabby mix. She lays on the back of my chair with her head on my shoulder, kneading my shoulder, drooling, and purring. Then if I leave my project out, she will lick the yarn until it separates. I think she does that because she wants me to pet her not knit.

  37. Trina Mechling

    My favorite knitting buddies (Tess, Tilly, & Rock) are my chihuahuas. They try to lay on my knitting and if thats not allowed then they settle for on my sides or my feet.

  38. Dee

    My favorite knitting buddy is Finn our six year old westie that we adopted seven months ago. I also love knitting with my friend Terry. We love going on knitting adventures.

  39. I love knitting and spinning Finn sheep wool while hanging out with my dog, Finnegan!

  40. Michelle

    My knitting buddy was my blue point Siamese cat. She was my knitting buddy for 19 years. I would sit in my recliner with an Afghan and she would always curl up on my lap while I knitted. She has been gone 7 years now and I think of her often while I am knitting.

  41. Elizabeth Decker

    Seamus the Wonder cat was my little knitting buddy, may he Rest In Peace. He loved curling up next to me on a blanket and snoozing while my needles clicked away. He may have been an alley cat that randomly showed up on my porch, but he left this World the best companion a girl ever had. Thank you for such an awesome giveaway!

  42. Ariel

    My favorite knitting buddy has got to be my friend Jen. We enjoy knitting together so much we started a traveling knitting school (not based in a shop). We often find a great bbc show to watch, and then just knit quietly for a few hours. Sometimes we’ll enjoy some tea, or a glass of wine, and we’ll talk over our lives.

  43. Amber Nagel

    I have three dogs that like to hang with me while I knit and crochet. Two are sisters from the same litter named Lucy and Cloe. The other is Buck. He is a golden retriever and the biggest one I have seen!

  44. darcy walton

    I have three cats, (Taz, Wil E, and Daniel) and they take turns, one at a time. When Daniel comes he just makes himself comfy no matter what. Then he sleeps for at least 1 1/2 hrs on my lap. But I still love them, ALL.

  45. Denise White

    My favorite knit buddy is my sister’s cat. She can always tell if I am about to frog a sock project and will gently pick up my knitting and place the sock under her butt. It must be her way of agreeing that the project isn’t working LOL.

  46. Terri

    My favorite knitting buddies are good friends that I have found through knitting: Mimi, Nancy, Amy & Wendy. They have made such a difference in my life!

  47. Keli

    My knitting buddy is my kitty Salem! He’s a black cat but he’s not unlucky! He never eats my yarn (yay!!) And he even wears the bowtie I knit for him!!

  48. Deborah brockman

    Hi, I have two Shellie’s that I just love, I don’t have a cat but two of my kids do and I often catset, what a great day that will be.

  49. Kate/Massachusetts

    My best knitting buddies are two cats named Mikki and Bootsie. They would always sit near me as I knit but were never lap cats nor had any interest in my yarn! They are gone now but never forgotten… Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway!

  50. Josee

    My 3 cats .. Django, Tommy and Chester … They are sleeping around me when I am knitting … so we keep each other warm during winter.

  51. Julie

    I have two limiting buddies! Nita my chihuahua will lay next to me guarding my project and my 13 year old black cat Frankie lays on the couch behind my head to make sure nothing interrupts my knitting from behind. I’m safe and happy knitting with them! ❤️

  52. Christie

    Gus, aka Woolly Cat is my knitting buddy, my nap buddy, my housework buddy, reading buddy….you name it! I found him as a tiny kitten and bottle fed him. He’s a little spoiled, kind of quirky, and absolutely my best cat friend. He is definitely hard on a ball of yarn, though…..

  53. Rita Darlene Brown

    Never thought I’d be a cat person as I had horrible allergies as a child but have outgrown the kitty ones! My son had begged for a kitty and we did research and our local adoption people were so wonderful teaching us (petpawsee). We have had Charlie Brown for 3 years now and he loves to keep me company after the household chores are done & everyone is out the door for the day….then we play with yarn!!!

  54. Ann Sinclair

    My knitting buddy was my Maltese Max. He loved to lay beside me on the couch as I knitted . He passed away 15 months ago and I miss him terribly.

  55. Jenessa

    My kids are the ones who want to curl up in my lap every time I get my knitting out.

  56. Charlene

    My favourite knitting buddy is my dog Mr Darcy. He sits in my lap keeping me warm. But sometimes he gets annoyed when my DPN’s flop around and tickle or poke him.

  57. Heather

    I have 2 of my own cats who love to snuggle with me while I kmit, but I also currently have 7 foster kittens! They are pretty hit or miss on being good knitting buddies 😉

  58. Emory Rubin

    My dog ‘Beans’ curls up right in my lap while I’m knitting. He’s my absolute favorite knitting buddy!

  59. Joanne Keith

    My favorite knitting buddy is Kitty(yes, that’s his name) little bits of him are in each and every project I knit or crochet, along with a few of my own grey hairs!

  60. Kim Little

    My favorite knitting buddy is coffee from my corgi coffee mug, in honor of my dear furry brother, Stitch, who loved to sit and watch my Mom knit. ❤️

  61. Rochelle

    My favourite knitting buddy is my little 3 legged Pomeranian, she lies in my lap while I knit, she never bothers the project I just think she likes being covered in the warmth of the yarn!

  62. Tracy S.

    I have six fur babies (all cats), four of whom like to help with my knitting. The youngest right now is a smuggler and will cozy up with me while I get on with knitting my holiday gifts.

    1. Tracy S

      *snuggler*, not smuggler. So far he has not tried to steal my yarn, just chew on it!

  63. LindA

    My knitting buddy is my mini schnauzer Mr Wilson. Sometimes he makes me stop and play! Mostly he just snoozes while I knit. Perfect knitting buddy.

  64. Lisa

    My favorite knitting buddy is my cat Felix. He has the best purr!

  65. Marcia Henderson

    My favorite knitting buddy is my tiger stripe furry friend Boo. She loves to curl up on my lap when I start to knit!

  66. Kimberly

    My favorite knitting buddies are my children. My toddler son likes to “knit” with me and my baby girl is usually sleeping in my arms.

  67. Jen

    Peat and Big Sugar enjoy helping me by holding the yarn in their claws and mouths.

  68. Keela McCleneghan

    My little friend IS a cat. She doesn’t chase yarn at all, but will commonly try to ‘snuggle’ with my circulars with project on by sticking her head though them and wrapping herself up in them. I will walk into our room and find a cat on her back, passed out, in the middle of a king bed, with a little WIP blankie over her.

  69. Cali Cat is my Knitting Buddy. She prefers Merino Wool from the Yarns of Thixhard Devrieze. Any picture I try to take of a project is quickly embellished by her modelling presence.

    1. Cali loves the Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze, no matter how it’s spelled. Merino is squishy.

  70. janet

    My buddy is my 17 yo black cat, Ricky Rudd. He has diabetes and epilepsy and loves to snuggle. He sleeps at the top of my head and wakes me up when it’s time for breakfast and insulin. I don’t know how many years we have left, but he’s the one of many that I will miss the most.

  71. Cheryl Clem

    ♥ those kitties!!! They are the sweetest!

  72. Amy Hubbard

    My favorite knitting buddy is my Australian Shepherd Bowie. Although she’d rather be outside playing, she is very patient while I take time to knit!

  73. gyulaizsuzsi

    I love cats! I already know what I would do with those awesome coloured yarns.

  74. Connie Poling

    My knitting buddy is a stellar jay. She sees me sit in my knitting chair and will perch on the patio furniture looking miserable( head down feathers fluffed) till I get up and throw some peanuts her way. Love Biscotte sock yarn!!! And love kitties too-

  75. Laura

    My favorite knitting buddy is my music. I love listen to anything from Lyndsey Sterling and classical music.

  76. Pat Fleming

    Violet is my best knitting buddy. She and her 3 siblings keep me entertained. Cats are the best.

  77. Kelly S.

    My favorite knitting buddy is my dog Sam. He is a big ole’ brut sometimes but others he is a sweet, cuddly fur ball!

  78. Junita Bean

    My favorite knitting buddy is my year and a half old orange tabby. He will lay next to me fluffing the couch for hours, ward off the other 2 cats (Maine coon mix, and macarel tabby), and even fetch dropped notions for a pat on the head.

  79. francena brantley

    My favorite knitting buddies are my cats Wayne and his sister Willow. I was lucky enough to rescue them as kittens. Wayne likes to sit on my skein of yarn when I knit. Willow sits on the pattern so she can read it and make sure I don’t make a mistake. They also lay on my work while blocking to help out. I love them and they have me trained.

  80. Annette

    I have many buddies as we have a Rescue. We have cats, dogs, chickens and donkeys. All rescued. I knit sweaters for those that are so skinny and do not have enough body fat to stay warm. Would love to have this wonderful gift.

  81. Deborah Gajee

    My favorite knitting buddy is the Hallmark Channel.

  82. Rose Birchall

    My knitting buddies are an orange cat, Cole and a black dog, Summer. The dog sits on my lap while I knit. The cat pretty much ignores me.

  83. Jordan

    My favorite knitting buddy is my cat. He knows when I sit in a certain chair the blanket goes on the lap, the cat goes on the blanket, and my project goes on top of him while I knit and he falls right asleep while cat hair gets all over everything 😂😻😂.

    1. Nikki G

      Yes! I’ve got four cats but only one who decides to get up in my projects – or rather on top of them. But you know when a cat graces you by sitting on your lap you can’t disturb them, so I’ve gotten pretty good at anticipating when she wants to sit and turning my work right before to get the most work out of the time she’s sitting on my lap before I have to stop.

  84. Amanda

    My knitting buddy is my cat and his daughter. They curl up on my feet when I knit and play with whatever ends or markers may be dangling until the fall asleep.

  85. Sally

    My favorite, my bestest is our beardie Brody. He’s sat with me through frogging, blocking, casting on, binding off, through dropped stitches and patiently letting me use him as a model. He knows when to cuddle and when to hide, and only rarely does his paw unravel a yarn ball.

  86. Ruth

    My favourite knitting buddies are my two dogs. Lovely giveaway.

  87. Heather Rodney

    My favorite knitting buddy is my 11 year old tabby, Nula. She’s not very helpful, but she is very loving.

  88. Melanie

    Lucie is my best knitting buddy. She’s a Russian Blue cat that keeps my legs warm while I knit. She usually just sleeps and never bothers my yarn. I lay my project on her and take pictures of my progress.

  89. Lori Mahar

    My knitting buddy is my little dog Lacey. She lays down beside me in my chair and rests her head on my ball of yarn. She loves a nice soft pillow!

  90. Sarah M

    My favorite knitting buddy is my tea or coffee and an audiobook, after the kids go to bed. Soon, I think it will be my daughter though. She loves all things yarn and knitting and she is only 3! One day soon she will want to learn to knit, I know it!

  91. Claire

    My favorite knitting buddy is a good British tv drama and a cozy cup of chai tea.

  92. I have an agreement with my 3 cats. I either knit or I cuddle them at their convenience . They are not good with sharing my attention 🙂

  93. Nichol Wojcik

    My favorite knitting buddy was a cat named Calamity who passed over the rainbow bridge a year ago. She loved to sit with me while I knit and was very patient to let me knit over the top of her.

  94. Tricia

    My favorite knitting buddy is a Siamese mix….he doesn’t much enjoy sharing my lap with my knitting projects, but he tolerates them.

  95. Brittaney Buck

    My favorite knitting buddy is my two kitties they are litter mates. I could spend endless time sitting in bed with them on my lap as I Knitflix and chill.

    I don’t think I am gonna win this but wouldn’t it be AMAZING!?!?!

  96. Tammy

    My favorite knitting buddy is my rescue golden retriever mix, Nakita. She loves to cuddle up next to me while I knit. (She would LOVE to be on my lap, but she is 70 pounds!) <3

  97. Mikaelia McKinney

    Oh, it’s so hard to pick a favorite knitting buddy. We’ll go ahead and pull the youngest cat out, as when he’s showing any interest, it’s to steal my yarn and string it all over the house. My other two cats snuggle with me as I knit, and my pyrenees keeps my feet warm. I’m surrounded by knitting buddies, and I love them all (even the one who will steal my yarn if given the chance.)

  98. Stephanie

    My sweet kitty Cordelia is my knitting buddy! She loves playing with yarn while I’m working with it, so she gets pretty in the way!

  99. Justine

    My favorite knitting buddy is my mom. She’s still learning to knit, so she’s always watching me and asking questions, which helps me to slow down when I’m working on projects and helps me make fewer mistakes.

  100. Justine G.

    My favorite knitting buddy is my mom. She’s still learning to knit, so she’s always watching me and asking questions, which helps me to slow down when I’m working on projects and helps me make fewer mistakes. I’m incredibly grateful for her.

  101. Catherine

    My favorite knitting buddy is my black cat Syrah! She likes to go to sleep on my lap or next to me while I knit biscotte socks. Pink Floyd socials are next in my stash !

  102. Liz

    My favorite knitting buddies are my cats Billy and Sasha. Billy usually sits next to me on the sofa and sleeps. Sasha sits on my husband’s lap and watches my hands and needles work the yarn.

  103. Liz

    My favorite knitting buddies are my cats Billy and Sasha. Billy usually sits next to me on the sofa and sleeps. Sasha sits on my husband’s lap and watches my hands and needles work the yarn.

  104. Ali

    My knitting buddy is my cat, Beast, who curls up on my lap and/or my WIP. I suspect she’s less interested in being friendly and more interested in playing with the yarn…

  105. Lisa Lehner

    My knitting buddies are a pack (3) of Chihuahuas Chewy, Fez & Holly-Bob and a giant kitty named Kurt Catbain. I always have one (or more) on my lap or beside me when I’m knitting!

  106. Jacqueline Fong

    My knitting buddy used to be my cat, Hamlet. He was the best at keeping projects warm and making sure I didn’t loose any of my yarn balls. Unfortunately we had to put him down this past September. :’(

  107. Brandice Connolly

    My daily (evening to wee morning hours) knitting is accompanied lovingly by three dogs, a Husky (aka Sunny) at my feet and two Shih Tzus (Slater and Cinder). Slater will curl up on a tail end of my project (so he gets the finished end of an Om Shawl currently) and Cinder assists by partially covering my pattern….All while enjoying a roaring fire in the place and a glass of delightful chocolate wine. I must also share this is in accordance with 13 weeks of having quit smoking as of October 28/17 when I picked up the needles “seriously” to quit! =)

  108. Patricia Carroll

    My knitting snuggle buddies are a knit afghan my Mom made me years ago, my furr butt, Max the pomeranian, cup of tea and of course, my knitting!

  109. Sarah

    My knitting buddy is my pup Fizban. He is cuddled up right now as i start my knitting for the weekend.

  110. Lotta

    My very dear friends Elisa & Kaisa are the best knitting buddies ever 💙
    I do like to drink tea as well and nice bite of chocolate is pure joy with knitting!

  111. Liz

    My favorite knitting buddy is my lovable cat Gracie!

  112. Sara

    My dog is my favorite knitting buddy because he keeps me company and is quiet…he never interrupts my counting.

  113. Nola

    I recently lost my orange lap cat but now I have a brand new knitting buddy named Ozzy (for the Wizard of Oz, but he thinks he’s actually named for a badass rock star on a crazy train)… He makes my formerly quiet knitting time very challenging, but we’ll get past that some day 🙂 Cheers!

  114. Deb Adams

    BEAR, our 8 year old chocolate lab, is my knitting companion.

  115. Marianne Lewis

    Camo is my favorite buddy. She’s a rescue we acquired about 10 years ago and is ostensibly our son’s cat. She talks to us, let’s us know what going on and is a water cat. She has a special way of asking for us to tirn on the bathtub for her to drink from and wash in. If it’s not on correctly- she’ll let us know. She also knows when we’re not feeling well and is quite the care giver!

  116. Courtney Le Bel

    My favorite knitting buddy is Netflix! My cat, Boo, just tries to bite the ends of my needles so she’s not good crafting company, to be honest…

  117. Kelly

    My favorite knitting buddies are the lovely ladies in our Sunday Yarns knitting/crochet group. We laugh almost as much as we knit and crochet! I would love to share this beautiful yarn with them!

  118. Deborah

    My favourite knitting buddy is Badger, my tuxedo cat. He watches everything I do. If his golden eyes turn really dark, I know it’s time to pack the knitting up for a little while as he has just entered his hunting zone and a ball of wool is fair game. Most of the time he’s very quiet and calm, though.
    I look forward to being part of your giveaway contest.

  119. Kaycee Spiewak

    Neither of my cats, Chloe & Zeke, pay much attention to me when knitting, unless I am winding or frogging, then they are all over it.

  120. Cindy Wood

    I have three canine knitting companions named Daphne, Maggie and Chica. They were all rescued from shelters and they make the best friends!

  121. Lisa Simmons

    My favorite knitting buddies are the Thursday night group, the Saturday morning Panera Nutmeg Knitter’s and Sailor, my Golden Pyrenees. All add great joy to the yarnyness of the knitting world.

  122. Holly

    My knitting buddy is my daughter’s cat. I don’t know that he’s my favorite as he insists on sticking his head right in my face as I knit, fighting for my attention. And I’m allergic to him. Lol! But he’s pretty sweet, and beautiful all black. Perfect Halloween cat.

  123. Rachel

    My fiancé and dog are my favorite knitting buddies. My dog will lay at my feet while I knit and my fiancé let’s me prop my feet up on his knees while he sits next to me on the the couch. It’s a perfect knitting environment.

  124. Jessica Beamish-Boyer

    My favourite knitting buddy is my cat, Boo. She’s very respectful of my yarn balls, but loves to sit close and watch me. I love when she falls asleep and snores!

  125. Angela T

    Macy Gray, my sweet gray and white female cat who is five years old, loves curling up in my lap while I knit. I drape the project over her, making a blanket if what I am working on is big enough and she purrs and dozes off into a nice cat nap. Thx!

  126. Trisha R

    My favorite knitting buddy is my cat Tweed. She appreciates the yarn as much as I do! She helps me by making sure some of her fur is on every project and she likes to help me ‘unwind’ my yarn balls. ha! Thanks for the opportunity to win this fun prize!

  127. Karrin Coons

    My favorite knitting buddy is my min pin. His name is Remington and I have had him since he was 10 months old when his original owner decided since he was a blue color variant he wasn’t worth keeping. He was in my lap when I taught myself to crochet when he was 2 and he has remained my lap pup and is now sitting in my lap as I write this and work on knitting my first sweater (full size) I made a sweater ornament two weeks ago. He is now 13 and we also share a birthdate so on January 4th he will be 14 and I look forward to him defying all averages cause he is unique and anything but average so when we are celebrating his 20th birthday he will be in my lap whilst I knit him another blanket

  128. Barbara Izzard Thynne

    My kitty Knitting Buddy recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge so my dog has stepped up to curl up beside me while I’m knitting or crocheting. Both of these Furbabies are rescues. I have human Knitting buddies and we meet weekly.
    #feelingblessed #adoptdontshop

  129. Sima

    Love to knit with a cup of tea and my husband.

  130. Amber Lewis

    My knitting buddy is my Russian blue .she is only 2 and loves to watch me knit.

  131. Charlotte

    Hi don’t have a cat because I live on a main road and it wouldn’t be fair, but my sisters do and I love an afternoon with my sisters and their two cats 💜

  132. My favorite knitting buddy is my 4 year old Leonberger, Miss Elsa. 🐶💕

  133. Debbi Satterlee

    My favorite knitting buddy is my 11 year old dog, Pixie. She likes to sleep on the back of the couch where I knit and rest her head near my shoulder.

  134. Keri

    Smokey, my 9 yr old black, rescued, long haired, barn cat is my knitting buddy. He is very attentive when I’m knitting and is never destructive with my yarn or projects! He’s pretty purrfect!! 😻

  135. Nancy

    Well my knitting buddy is a cat, a black tabby, her name is Cricket. She loves to sit next to me while I knit and will sometimes swat at a string of yarn if it comes her way. Both her and knitting are the best ways to unwind after a busy day at work!

  136. Patsy Coats

    My favorite knitting buddies are the podcasts I listen to while I knit.

  137. knittingdancer on Raverly

    My dog Joe would lay at the other end of the love seat while I knit. I miss him not being here with me.

  138. Kelly

    My favorite knitting buddy because he insists is my 17year old kitty Spotty.

  139. Donna Reinhart

    My fave knitting buddies are my dog and cat. They sit with me while I knit away. The dog sits peacefully while the cat tries to help. So happy to have them in my life.

  140. Samantha Riesterer

    I have several knitting buddies. My 2 dogs are always in their beds next to the couch where I knit, and 1 or both of my cats sit on top of the couch behind my head or next to me while I’m knitting.

  141. Angela Serrano

    My knitting buddies are our babies (Don’t tell them they are dogs) Yuki and Hachiko. I also love knitting with our daughters. We have fun comparing projects.

  142. Anne

    my cat Tully waits while I knit so he can try to thieve the yarn. I have to be very careful that he doesn’t steal it.

  143. Anita Harkess

    My favorite knitting buddy is my plush stuffed monkey. She looks on supportively while I knit, and I try out design ideas (sweaters, hats, etc.) by making miniature versions for my monkey before I commit to a full-size creation.

  144. Pam McGinty

    My favorite knitting buddy is Dolly, a Black and Tan long haired mini-Doxie who thinks she is a cat. When she sees me grab my knitting project, she wakes up, stretches like a cat and promptly jumps up in my lap like a cat. She loves to have nice, soft yarn drag across her body while she lays there enjoying our buddy time. I’d love to knit with the above yarn! I’m sure Dolly would love it, too!

  145. Judy Lynn Dennis

    I have a pair of knitting buddies. They are my twin kittens Esther and Juda. They were born here and are now 4 months old. They act as weights on the ends of my knitting needles. They like to bite the ends and chase them. They also try to keep my yarn nice and neatly tangled. Love them both

  146. Melissa Upright

    My favorite best knitting buddy is Cleopatra my 10 yr old cat. She luvs to be in the middle of my knitting and checks out all my yarn by smelling and rubbing her neck into them.🐱😻😼

  147. Sharon Clare

    My knitting buddy is my 18 month old Holland Lop bunny, Bentley. He is absolutely adorable and is my constant companion.

  148. Beverly

    My knitting buddy is my dog, a lab mix, who curls up beside me. I love cats too though! Thanks for the chance for the giveaway!

  149. Debbie Jarmusik

    My favorite buddy is my Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy named Brandy. She is 9 mths old and has been sitting and watching me knit since we got her when she was 3mths. She definitely keeps an eye on me.❤️🐕

  150. Amber

    My favorite knitting buddy is our crazy kitten Albert… he is slowly learning that it’s MY yarn and he doesn’t get to play with it! 😉

  151. Catsandyarns

    My favorite knitting buddy is my cat SweetPea! He’s the best.

  152. Kathy B.

    My favorite knitting buddy is Bella, my wonderful Russian Blue cat.

  153. Elizabeth Ricco

    My cat Rocky is my favorite knitting buddy😊

  154. Joan Torres

    My buddy is an 11 year old pug/chihuahua mix. She is now blind and a type 1 diabetic. I have had her since she was 5-6 weeks old. She is my everything.

  155. Janette

    My favourite knitting buddy is my dog Meg, who must sit ON my knitting whenever I put it down

  156. Michelle P

    My favorite knitting buddy is the sweet sweet silence of my kids sleeping after a long day. 🙂

  157. Kara

    I have two little girl cats that are my little knitting buddies 🐱🐱

  158. Tracy

    My knitting buddy is my cat Buddy. He loves to lay next to me while I knit.

  159. Michelle Graham

    My favorite knitting buddies are Sheldon, Gus, Leo and Larry. They are cats with distinct purrsonalities. Their supervision makes projects more enjoyable.

  160. Iris

    My favorite knitting buddy out of a few ,is my part time dog poppers..I have alot of pain in my body and when he snuggles with me while I knit,he soothes my pain and gives me Joy.

  161. Patti B

    My favorite knitting buddies are the awesome YouTube knitting podcasts I listen and watch while I knit. I also have a stuffed Pusheen close by –not sure if that counts 🙂

  162. Sabrina Templin

    I don’t have knitting buddies really unless you count my knitting podcasts from Youtube. I’d love to have a cat or dog for a buddy for sure! 😀

  163. Brittney Whittaker

    My favorite knitting buddy is my 16 lbs orange tabby Alexander. He even helps me by kneeding what I’ve knit so far. I would love to win a couple skeins of yarn and a kitty themed notion! Puurrrfect way to celebrate cat day!!!

  164. Carmen

    I wish I had a kitty knitting companion but hubby is allergic and I am rather fond of him 🙂 Instead I have 6 yo daughter and a Basset the same same age that like to cuddle. Occasionally at the same time

  165. Jessica Montanye

    My cat Leo is my buddy. He loves to curl up next to me wherever I am sitting. Sometimes he likes to be the center of attention, so it makes for a nice little break in what I am working on at that time. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway!

  166. MG

    My favorite knitting buddy is my son. He snuggles up next to me and admires what I’m working on. 🙂

  167. Denise

    At home Lucky the cat. It he has to be reminded he can’t knit with his teeth. Out and about my kitting friends!!!!

  168. LaVonne Knifley

    Favorite knitting buddy? Hmm has to be my 1 yr old cat fancy. Her momma was a wild cat and abandoned her and her sister sassy in our storage garage. They were just crawling when we took them in. We bottle fed them till they ate on their own. I always fed fancy. She would lay on my chest and sleep while I was knitting. To this day she tries to lay on my chest or over my shoulder. And she’s tried knitting a time or two, but resulted in a tangled mess and chewed on bamboo needles. She’s a very loving cat, even when she knows she’s in trouble..

  169. Susan Musser

    My favorite kitty is Goofy whose elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. Looks like he is stoned. He is my knitting buddy. The we have Reo, the cat from hell. She eats holes in knitted projects. But only the really good yarn. She is still there because I love my husband very much.

  170. Stephanie W

    Love to knit with a nice cuppa tea and my dog at the feet.

  171. Jenni

    My sweet little kitten, Boo, is usually my knitting buddy; when she’s not my knitting menace.

  172. Jenni

    My cat Sweetums likes to curl up on my feet.

  173. Keri Asbell

    Bishop and Purrsey are my boys who regulary attempting to heist my yarn. Maggie is currently in training to be my yarn guard dog. Her brother Cash is willing to share duties.

  174. Jen G

    My main knitting buddy is my 4 year old son, who likes to sit with an empty circular needle and “knit” with me. But I recently adopted an orange furball who tries to catch my working yarn as I knit.

  175. Dee

    Crochet and cats 🙂 Doesn’t get much better – my new kitty Toby is a great lap kitty while crafting:)

  176. My favorite knitting buddy is 3 cats and 7 dogs not all at one though.

  177. Helen King

    My 2 kitties are my favorite knitting buddies! Even though they are only 2 years old they learned early not to mess with my yarn and they are content to lay beside me while I knit and crochet without bothering anything.

  178. Jacki L.

    My fave buddy is my kitty Orla who has to put her stamp on everything by laying on all the things I make, haha!

  179. Christina Remter

    My favorite knitting buddy is my friend Dorothy and my knit group I love animals but they can’t tell jokes!

  180. Carol Alvord

    My cat Missy is my knitting companion, especially on the cold nights. She has been joined by my rescue Maltipoo who snuggles in between my leg and the chair arm. They both enjoy my lap while I knit away on my socks or afghans.

  181. Jeanne

    My favorite knitting buddy is my dog Caleb and a cup of tea with honey

  182. Beverly White

    Boone is my Maine Cone cat who love fish,feathers but most of all me. He never tries to bother my yarn unless it is dangling somewhere (usually when winding a skein) but watches just in case it’s in his reach. He got loose as a kitten, got hit by a car, almost lost his paw and as a result can’t jump up on things like most cats. But he never tries to bother yarn, chew on needles yes, but not yarn. He’s my bff.

  183. Emily

    My lab collie mix is the best knitting buddy. He never bothers me when I’m counting and he keeps me warm!

  184. Suzanne DeGroat

    Loki was my favorite knitting buddy till he passed at 12 yrs old. He would wedge between my leg and the recliner and sit there pur till I was done knitting.

  185. Kim

    My knitting buddy (and foot warmer) is a Shetland sheepdog called Fred. His long fur always ends up somewhere in whatever I’m knitting 🐶

  186. Karen Rowe

    My favorite knitting buddies are my cats Reveille and Tabasco, the are always willing to “help” by attacking the yarns and needles!

  187. Kim

    My knitting besties are my 2 tabby boys, both rescue cats with plush white paws. One is small and the other large; they are pals. They love to try to grab the yarn and bite it and they try to bite on the circular cords. Despite the challenges sometimes, knitting wouldn’t be the same without them. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway! The cat bag is especially adorable!

  188. Rhonda

    Really can’t knit with the cats around here, they play too much! Everything becomes a toy. The giveaway yarns will definitely make somebody here happy!

  189. Amanda Smayda

    Unfortunately my knitting buddy, my 12 year old cat Sabella, passed away a few months ago. She’d curl up next to me and sleep while I knit. I’m now working on training a new knitting buddy, Yeti. He’s still a kitten and just likes to chew on my yarn but he’s getting better.

  190. Judy

    My favorite knitting buddy is my 17 year old chihuahua who is always by my side, though aging he’s still a huge part of my life. Having him next to me, a cup of tea an the relaxation of my knitting.

  191. Jen

    My dogs hang out with me when I knit. I wish my cat would but she does her own thing.

  192. Carmen Guthrie

    My buddy is my hubby….and a cup of tea. He’s my model……and never gets upset by my constant bugging him. ” Look, hey look, look at this, isn’t this cute…?” and more. He’s a good sport.

  193. Amanda

    My favorite knitting buddy is my dog, Gizmo, a nine year old Pekingese. However my new kitten, Itsy Bitsy, makes knitting a lot more exciting!

  194. Jennifer

    My cat, Valentine, wants it be made clear that she is my knitting supervisor, despite the fact that I am hopeless. I never bat the yarn around in the correct fashion, no matter how many times she models it for me. 😉

  195. Diane

    My k(n)itty buddy is Pedro. He tries to be good but eventually an end breaks down his will power.

  196. Carol Gabbert

    I have two buddies: one insists on playing fetch during stitch time. The other will drape her front paws over my arm while I am stitching away.

    1. Kat Boykin

      Sylvester, my tuxedo cat. He’s 21 lbs of love in my lap while I knit. He’s not too interested in the yarn, just the warm lap.

  197. Kellie Kachek

    I just adopted a sweet little kitty today named Belle and I think she is destined to be my new knitting buddy!

  198. Lauren

    My yorkie Brice is my knitting buddy. He loves to sit in my lap or on the arm of the couch and sleep while I knit. He makes my knitting time wonderful.

  199. Suzette Hungerford

    My favorite knitting buddy is our rescue cat that we have had since she was 6 weeks old. She is a black calico that is 9years old now. 🐱

  200. Fauna

    My everything buddy was my Wolfers. He ate my yarn and made my legs hot by laying on them and he meowed through all my favorite shows for 9 years.

  201. Sandra Smith

    My buddy Bentley is an 8 year old black basset hound/Labrador. He loves to lay on my feet while I knit. He is such a sweetheart and freely gives kisses.

  202. Donna parson

    my knitting buddy is my cat. she loves to crawl up my lap and lay on whatever I’m knitting

  203. Edna Corcoran

    My favorite knitting buddies are my dogs Ava and Bailey. They love to sit on my lap while I knit and in the winter they keep me nice and toasty.

  204. Cindi Spurgeon

    I three cats and they all take turns helping me knit

  205. K. Wünschmann

    My favorite knitting buddies are my patchwork blanket and a cup of tea.

  206. J. Enfinger

    My knitting buddies are my 2 cats Amber and Wally, my dog Penny, and my husband. While I am knitting in my comfy chair, they are on the couch, and we are watching TV. This week’s TV schedule includes the World Series, Survivor, Football, and Basketball.

  207. Teresa F

    My favorite knitting buddies are my daughter, and her dog, Arya and our cat, Tabbie. It’s nice to sit on the couch together talking and working with yarn.

  208. Theresa

    Maxwell is my favorite fur covered knitting buddy. He has been knitting with me since I got him as a kitten. I have a “magic” blanket that he “knits” on as I knit. He had to be taught to not grab a hold of my ball of yarn and take off with it. Yes it did happen a few times and stitches were dropped. He being a smart boy and loving treats felt that laying in my lap and getting a treat or two far outweighed the slight scold he got when he and my knitting would run across the room. He waits every evening when I sit to knit to cuddle in my lap, purr and do his own form of knitting. <3

  209. I have 2 hairy babies that love to “help” while I’m knitting. Luckly thos is usually just in yhe form of sitting on my knitting bit occasionally they will chew on a bamboo needle or bat a stitch marker. Any knotted gift comes with the warning that there will be cat hair in the item.

  210. Dara

    My favorite knitting buddy is my Norbottenspetz Riley. She loves to play with yarn so sometimes it does get a little dicey.

  211. Desiree

    My knitting buddies are my 3 year old son and my cat Penny. If it was up to them I would put down the knitting and five them all the attention instead!

  212. Mrs. Robinson

    Definitely my sweet Norwegian Forrest Cat, Mumford… at least when he’s resisting the urge to try to eat the yarn!

  213. Courtney DeGennaro

    Ender, my deaf cat, loves to sit beside me when I knit and watch my hands work. He may be jealous that I’m not petting him with those hands.

  214. I have several furry knitting buddies. My Siamese cat Bast loves bouncing around and talking while I wind yarn or sit in my lap while I weave. Our new rescue kitten D.C. is yarn obsessed and sneaks over to grab my working cake of yarn and bolt with it lol. They keep life interesting.

  215. My favorite knitting buddy is my dog, Maisie.

  216. Julie Castle

    My favorite knitting nutty-buddy is Tinsel. She is a 1 year old salt and pepper miniature schnauzer who was not well taken care of when we got her at 16 weeks (at Xmas time hence the name). We wanted to train her as a service dog for my partner. I don’t think that’s going to happen, although she does pee on command, has learned to “stay left”, but still won’t come. We love her any way.

    As far as knitting goes, she is a very fast learner. She has gone from quickly grabbing the fabric and pulling it off the needles to catching the working yarn in her mouth and letting it run through her teeth. The next step in her process was trying to work the cast on tail. She now sits on my lap and for an hour goes through her whole process and then quietly rests on my lap as I actually knit.

    She now wants to learn embroidery! She’s going to have to wait until we find some thumbs for her.

    1. JoannaB

      😂 What an amazing dog!

  217. My favorite knitting buddies are my cats, Pearl and Taylor. Since I owned a yarn shop and also a sewing shop, each one was named after one of the stores! They’re sister and brother and both sit in my lap with me! Love the give-away yarn and the bag with the cats!

  218. Pattie Cowan

    My favorite knitting kitty was my tabby Teets. He could sit on my lap for hours and behave himself. He had no interest in grabbing at the yarn; he just wanted to cuddle. He passed a year and a half ago and now when I knit, I am challenged by Brownie, who just wants to play with my knitting. I have semi-solved the issue by giving her her own yarn to play with, but that only lasts so long before she goes after mine again.

  219. Ashleah

    My favorite knitting buddy is my black cat Bartleby who typically sits on my lap while I’m knitting and *usually* doesn’t try to eat or play with my yarn.

  220. Laura

    My favorite knitting buddy is my friend Lou Ann! We lost track of each other and reconnected on Facebook about 6 years ago. Now we get together every couple of months (we live 6 hours away from each other) for some new adventure always involving knitting and wine. Last weekend it was Rhinebeck – first time for each of us!!

  221. Lillian Hardersen

    My favorite knitting buddy is my 🐱 Rosie, she needs to be in my lap all the time while I’m working on my knitting projects.

  222. Mary Piontek

    My father’s cat Lucy is always a great help. She sits on the back of the couch and swats at the yarn from behind. She always insists on climbing into a shopping bag of new yarn to “check it out.”

  223. Courtney

    My “cat that is not a cat” never shows any interest in yarn, stitch markers or needles. She’s not a very affectionate cat but loves to sit on the top of the back of the recliner and purrrr while I knitflix.

  224. Kerrie

    I often crochet and knit at the table as the boys do their school work. Our two cats are named Molly and Maguire after the Irish song our three boys like to sing in the car, Make Way for the Molly Maguires.

  225. Margi

    I love to knit surrounded by my three dogs who are far more catlike than dogs!

  226. Jessica Hassler

    My two cats Kasey and Monkey love to “help” while I knit. I prefer they help from afar, but it does keep things enetertaining!

  227. 5 rescue cats live with me and take turns for a spot on my lap while I knit. They are fascinated by yarn and very “helpful” 🙂 I love to have a cat purring by my side as I knit. I guess this makes my knits unsuitable to all those who have allergies.

  228. Lisa king

    My cat Duffy keeps me company while knitting. I have to put my 2 young kitty boys in another room. Flynn loves to eat yarn.

  229. Bobbie

    My old Marge cat likes to lounge on my lap under whatever I am knitting❤️

  230. Jessica Gill

    My sweet cat Olivia is my knitting buddie. She loves to wind her way through my working yarn and sit right in my way. On the plus side, I always have great tension when she does this!!!!

  231. Fran

    My favourite knitting companions are netflix/youtube, a hot cuppa tea and liquor filled truffles 😉 but I’ve knit with lovely dogs by my side, and my boyfriend is also a very good knitting companion. But I’m always scared I’ll poke his eyes out ^^

  232. Gail Barnes

    My cats HoneyBear and Lucky both like to “help” me knit. As soon as I get started at least one of them geels they have to set in my lap and hold my yarn in place – heaven forbid it come off the ball! Sometimes I have to just play with them because projects can wait.

  233. Flo

    My favorite knitting buddy is my rescue cat Minnie. She curls up in my lap as I’m knitting. She is so sweet

  234. Theresa Wedemeyer

    My knitting and spinning buddies are my two little fuzzy butts Shado and Hanky Spanky. Two rescue mutts that are my heart and soul… just don’t tell my husband and son I said That! They are already suspicious that I like the dog’s mire than them at times! 😉

  235. Holly

    My best knitting Buddy is my cat Frank! He snuggled up on my lap and keeps close eye on my work, quality control for sure! I think he likes it best when I knit as he can purr away happily on my lap for hours while I enjoy one of my favorite pastimes! Frank is the best!

  236. Jenny davis

    Bella, my sweet Bichon, is my knitting companion. Pets bring us so much love, joy and companionship and ask for so little in return!

  237. Monica

    I try everything on my cat!

  238. Chloe lopez

    My knitting and crocheting buddy are my two dogs and a cup of green tea.

  239. Grace

    My favorite knitting buddies are my daughter and Jack McCoy, the DA on “Law and Order”. Wish I could have a cat, but if I did, I’d have to find a new husband.

  240. Bonnie Parker

    I have six rescue kitty furbabies, Jax, Diva, Spaz, Elvis, Pierre, and Esmarelda, and they all take turns “helping” me with my projects and sometimes gang up to get into my stash. They each have such unique personalities and I love them all. We have some spoiled littles around here.

  241. Rachel

    My knitting / crochet buddies are either C.C. or Huey (cats) and my dog, Misha.

  242. Rachel

    My knitting / crochet buddies are either C.C. or Huey (cats) and my dog, Misha.

  243. Tina Graham

    I have 4 knitting buddies. HRH Bonnie Prince Charlie the wonder schnauzer who lays beside me, HRH Xavier Graham the Chihuahua who sleeps on my feet, HRH Fionn Mac Cumhaill the Maine Coon who ploppes himself on my arm and across my lap whilst I try to knit and HRH Boudicca our tuxedo beauty who curls at my shoulder and and purrs! They are the best knitting companions anyone could have!

  244. Gina

    My favorite knitting buddy is Buffy, my terrier mix, who loves to wear sweaters and fetch balls of yarn.

  245. Linda Allard

    As an empty nester, I have become so attached to sheep! Because we have a condo and a cottage with no room for sheep, I have lots of little stuffed sheep (and alpacas) which are always around me when I knit in my special knitting chair. I also love to cuddle with my blankie which looks like a sheep! We also have a dog named Annie and when she is no groomed, her hair makes her look like a little sheep. However, she only comes and cuddles with me with the hubby is gone!

  246. Lisa Aiello

    My favorite knitting buddy is Cody. He’s a ginger cat. He also likes to eat wool, which can create problems.

  247. Amanda Walton

    My knitting buddies are my 5 year old rescue pittie, Mena 🐕 and my 8 year old snowshoe Siamese kitty, 🐱 Gracie. We love our fur babies!!

  248. Alice Larson

    My dog Leila because unlike the cat she doesn’t sit on my knitting.

  249. My favorite knitting buddies are the members of my knitting group. Can’t beat a good group of ladies to laugh with. I also have a dog that occasionally keeps my feet warm while I knit. I’m wishing for another cat, but haven’t fallen in love with one yet.

  250. JoAnn Gargiulo

    My favorite knitting buddy is Chloe, a beautiful Ragdoll cat. Only thing…she wants me to pet her and then I can’t knit.

  251. Michelle Riley

    I wish I could say my knitting buddy was a cat. Unfortunately, my three cats are either running, hiding or sit right on my chest. I can’t knit when they sit on my chest. Maude, my pug, sits on my lap when I knit. She doesn’t climb around or disrupt me. She just calmly sits and sometimes sleeps on me as I knit. She is the perfect knitting companion for me.

  252. Lee Smith

    My favorite knitting buddies are my family. Of course of chihuahuas part of our family too. My husband helps me to wind yarn and get knots out when I need help. My boys help me decide what colors are nice together and my chihuahua keeps me company snuggling next to me as I knit. I do have to be careful though, as he seems to have a bit of kitten in him and will take off with the ball of yarn if I don’t watch him too closely!

  253. LIsa Benson

    MY knitting buddy is Jack our dog, he has to be right in my lap, my best bud.

  254. Katarina Medeiros

    My favorite knitting buddy is my chihuahua Hades. Everything I make he thinks it’s his and he is always by my side.

  255. Lequisha

    My dog Shadow is my best knitting friend. She lies yarn and will curl herself around any around her.

  256. Heather Hessler

    My husky, Scooby is my crochet partner. He LOVES yarn! He has his nose in my basket all the time and when I leave the room, he sucks on the yarn! I never catch him doing it, but as I’m working along, I will run into a nice wet spot! When I’m doing a blanket, he will snuggle up to whatever is on the floor as I work.

  257. Lizbeth DeValkenaere

    My favorite knitting buddy is my “This Is How I Roll” mug that has knitting needles and.a ball of yarn on it full of delicious coffee. Knitting makes my soul happy.

  258. Jana

    Knitting just makes me happy!! And celebrating with my furry friends

  259. Jessica Switzer

    My favorite knitting buddies are my three mini dachshunds! They love to snuggle and they love to run away with my yarn the first chance they get. 😊

  260. Ann Tucker

    My dog Lincoln is my favorite knitting buddy!

  261. Merissa

    My favorite knitting buddy is my mom, who taught me how to knit. She’s the best!

  262. Gwenne

    My favorite knitting buddy is my beautiful, silver Maine Coon, Lily. It helps that she’s old enough for the yarn not to interest her much anymore and she has the most appreciative purr.

  263. Heather J

    My knitting buddy is British mysteries and tea and cookies.

  264. AJ

    my favorite knitting buddy is Netflix, a cozy blanket, and a glass of wine

  265. Chantal

    My favorite knitting buddy is my 2 year old rescue cat. He is always ready to give me a paw when knitting. I think he loves yarn as much as I do. Chantal

  266. Melissa aka froggy

    Hmm. I’d say my favorite is my Hound, Max. However, he can be a pain in the rump because he likes to lay on me and my projects! But it’s near impossible to turn him away when he wants mama snuggles!!

  267. Yeon-Mee Hong

    My pugs Mochi, Macho & Marshmallow ate the best knit buddies. Not only do they keep me company but keep my lap warm too.

  268. Kat Twomey

    Though my name is Kat, I don’t have a cat. My favorite knitting buddy is my boyfriend, cuddled up on the couch and watching a movie. Great way to get through the colder months!

  269. Penny Edwards

    My Chih-weenie Ripple loves to squeeze into the chair beside me or nestle beneath a project as I knit and watch TV. She was a rescue transfer from California to Minnesota! I often wonder how she would have managed winters without her incessant knitter (me)!

  270. Catharine Joret

    Love my fur babies! They are always happy to cuddle when I sit to knit. They make knitting and life way more enjoyable.

  271. Calypso

    Favorite knitting buddies are the birds on trees in my garden. I love to knit in their company and they keeps me happy chirping and singing all the time!

  272. Joy

    My black cat Oz is definitely my knitting buddy. Even though he sometimes sits on my patterns…

  273. Laura H.

    My favorite knitting buddy is my Kurilian Bobtail kitty, Miss Phryne Fisher, who likes to curl up next to me (or sometimes on my lap) during “knit and watch TV time” on our couch. I am very sad that I can’t include a picture of her lying on top of various finished objects in this post, but she appears in many different Ravelry project photos!

  274. asteride

    My beautiful Pedro is my knitting buddy. He is a Golden Retriever and loves his Mama!

  275. Allison H

    My knitting buddy is my cat Zing. He’s a cuddler and will curl up in my lap anytime I sit down to knit. Which means I can’t move because I don’t want to disturb him, so I have to knit more, so it really works out well for both of us!

  276. Kay

    I knit or crochet with Harley my pooch

  277. Ale

    I do have a dog but he doesn’t like to cuddle went I knit I do like to sit and watch Korean drama went I Knit is the time to relax

  278. Megan

    My fav knitting buddy would have to be my daughter as we watch Miss Fisher Murder Mysterys together while I’m knitting ( ♀so can multi-task lol)

  279. Holly

    My buddy is a 3 year old cat named Alice. She keeps me on my toes. Especially when the yarn gets to close to her face.:)

  280. Jenna

    My favorite knitting buddy is Ella, a seven year old tortoiseshell cat. She sleeps on the back of the couch while I knit.

  281. Abigail

    My retired racer greyhound, Anubis, mostly sleeps while I knit but occasionally thinks I’m paying too much attention to yarn so he inserts his face over my needles to remind me how soft he is. 🙂

  282. Melanie

    My cat isn’t interested in my knitting, but my kids are! I love it when I can snuggle with them while watching a movie and knitting. It makes for such a cozy evening!

  283. Lisa

    I have two favorite buddies, my cats Linus and Apollo. They usually don’t fuss with the yarn, but they do wrestle with blankets, stick their heads in project bags, and try to steal water cups left out. They always keep things interesting around the house!

  284. Kristina

    My favorite knitting buddy is my 1 year cat Pixie! She loves to know what’s going on at all times! 💟

  285. CARIN

    My fluff ball Roxy is my a cat that is always there to inspect my work.

  286. Whitney

    My favorite knitting buddy was my elderly dog who recently passed away. 😿

  287. Alison

    My favorite knitting buddy is a warm heating pad while snuggled up on the couch with some oversized pillows.

  288. Perri Kapp

    My favorite knitting buddy is my sweet little black and white cat, Meera. She likes to sleep nearby while I knit or crochet and she is such a gentle, calming presence. Our other cat, Jojen, doesn’t seem to sit still very long, but Meera can be found snoozing and snoring nearby while I am knitting! Another favorite knitting buddy- a good audiobook!

  289. Margay Roberge

    My favorite knitting buddy is my cat Lily, even though she has a bad habit of trying t chew my yarn as I knit! Gotta keep an eye on her!

  290. Veronica Pennington

    My favorite knitting buddy is my 2.5 year old son 🙂

  291. Michelle leffler

    My favorite knitting buddy is my dog snow, she is an English bulldog.

  292. Maryzona

    My favorite knitting buddy was my friend’s dog, Gypsy. She recently went to that big dog park in the sky and I miss Gypsy resting at my feet when we have knit night at her house.

  293. Tammy K

    I have 2 cats.

  294. amy guillaume linderman

    any one of our 5 kitties love to sit on my feet and keep them warm! love this prize package!!

  295. Annika

    My favorite knitting buddy is my cat, Shrimp. She’s a good girl.

  296. Terri Lee Court

    My favorite knitting bud is my shi poo that thinks he’s a cat. When I knit I have to keep the yarn close or he takes over playing with it. This also applies for when I may get up briefly to do something and leave my knitting on a sofa or low table unattended… Still love him tho…

  297. Jackie Sarver

    My helper is William, a white and buff kitty. He came from a local shelter. He is 2 years old and very mischievous. When he tires of playing he is a great snugglebuddy.

  298. Shelia

    My favorite knitting buddies are my sisters done in the front room. And my cats in my room.

  299. Camilla

    My fav knitting buddy is more like buddies. Six cats that each know where their spot is around me <3

  300. Heather Navarro

    My favorite crochet buddies are my 2 chihuahuas, Monkey and Bella.

  301. JoannaB

    My favorite knitting buddy is my cat who just passed away the day before National Cat Day, on Saturday, October 28. Her name was Dottie, and she was my sweetie pie. I’ve had other cats over the years, and a dog or 2, but no one has been like Dottie, especially content to settle in and watch me knit even as a kitten – I should have known she’d be the one to steal my heart!

  302. Jenn

    My cat Frank likes to sleep on my yarn cakes while I knit from them

  303. Vanessa Kelly

    I have several cats that like to snuggle while I knit. Oreo is the biggest and the most snuggly. He makes it impossible to knit, but he rewards me with lots of purring. He loves blankets, but scarves and hats make good snuggle spots on my lap too. 🙂

  304. Ellen


  305. Taylor

    I have three cats-Luna, Scrapple, and Betty. They and my dog, Sasha, are always hanging out while I’m crafting!

  306. Ashfi

    my favorite knitting buddy are the podcasters I watch on youtube. I love watching podcasts and knitting bc it feels like I have someone there with me 😀

  307. Deborah

    Congrats to Sally and Patti B!

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