Cast On To Celebrate International Coffee Day

We love our knitting buddies, but there is no one more loyal to our early morning knit sessions than coffee. When we’re dragging in the afternoons, it is there waiting to put an extra click in our needles. And when we want to meet up with a fiber friend, it is waiting to welcome us at a cafe, restaurant, or bookstore. It has become an unexpected knitting companion, and today we celebrate it on International Coffee Day.

While it certainly doesn’t compete with our beloved hobby, coffee is a lot more like yarn than lets on. It travels well, you can typically find it anywhere, and it provides excellent stashing opportunities. Our stash of mugs not only allows us to show off our love for knitting, they help us to remind us of places we’ve gone, people we know, and projects we’ve finished. Plus, they make a great prop in Instagram pics 😉

Today, there are a slew of coffee meccas giving away free coffee today (and celebrating in other great ways. We’re looking at you, Starbucks!), but us yarnies celebrate best by casting on a new project. We found three coffee-inspired projects that will make you smile on this most important holiday:



Coffee Cup Kids by Amalia Samios.

Not your typical coffee koozie, these cute little tots are inspired by coffee in a different way. Their body is made from a coffee pod. A Nespresso pod, to be exact, but a few extra rows should easily accommodate a Keurig pod. Instead of throwing away those one-time use pods, give them a new life in the form of a buddy to sit on your counter or stash in your knitting bag. Get the pattern:



Coffee Cup Cozy and Mug Cozy Collection by Yarn Twins

Crochet a coffee cup cozy for every occasion! Whether you’re grabbing a gingerbread latte over the holidays or taking your cup of joe trick-or-treating, the Yarn Twins have a themed cozy for it. These quick little projects will make your cup always on-trend and the talk of the coffee shop. Get the pattern(s):



Pick a Pocket Cozies by Simply Notable

For those who BYOS (bring your own sugar), this cozy is for you! It’s a snug cozy for your coffee with a perfectly sized pocket for your sugar packet, keys, credit card, or whatever else you may want to stash. Get the pattern:


So, cheers to a hot cup of joe and a few new projects! How will you celebrate today?

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4 Thoughts to “Cast On To Celebrate International Coffee Day”

  1. Allison Martinson

    This is a great blog post! I LOVE your coffee mug collection! The sheep one?! Gorgeous!

    1. PostStitch

      Thanks! The sheep mug is actually a tea diffuser (shhh…don’t tell Coffee!) that we got from David’s Tea. Looks like they still have the color changing option:

  2. Ah… love these ideas! Kind of makes me wish I could crochet; those cozies are adorable. I love the coffee mugs too (they do make excellent props). Where did you get them all and can I send you a Starbucks one from Alaska?

    1. PostStitch

      I know! I really need to learn to crochet!

      We hand painted one, bought the navy and white llama at Anthropologie, the Unemployed Philospher’s Guild made the Dali Llama mug, the tall sheep mug came from David’s Tea, and the Starbucks mugs we collect during all our yarnie destinations. And OMG if you send us Alaska, we’ll send you Florida!!!!

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