How To Make Candy Corn Pom Poms

Holidays inspire our crafty side, so ahead of Halloween this year we pulled out our pom pom maker and got to work. The best part of Halloween is the candy, so we decided to teach you how to make candy corn pom poms to help set the festive mood.

How to Make Candy Corn Pom Poms

Making its appearance in our October 2017 Notions Box, the Llamalooma™ Pom Pom Maker is equal parts handy and adorable, and the foundation of this sweet project. Its simple, wooden design makes creating pom poms easy – just wrap, tie, and cut (and then trim, trim, and trim some more) – so that you can make several in one sitting. You can make them so quickly that you can go from candy corn pom pom to candy corn garland well before trick-or-treaters knock on your door.


What you’ll need: 

  • Llamalooma Pom Pom Maker
  • Yarn in white, yellow, and orange. We loved using Ewe Ewe’s Ewe So Sporty in Vanilla, Lemon Ciffon, and Orange Peel.
  • Scissors for trimming. You will find it easier to use larger 8″ scissors than the smaller 3″ scissors typically stashed in your notions bag.

How To Make A Candy Corn Pom Pom

First, wrap a 6 inch piece of yellow yarn around the Llamalooma’s belly and secure in the top slit of its saddle. This will be the yarn that you will tie your pom pom together with.

Starting at the top of the Llamalooma’s legs, directly underneath the belly, wrap your yellow yarn evenly around the top third of its legs, about 75-80 times. Cut the tail of your yellow working yarn.

Then, wrap your orange yarn directly below the yellow yarn section, making sure that your two colors do not overlap. Wrap in the same manner as you did the yellow yarn – wrapping 80 times – and then cut the tail of the orange working yarn.

Lastly, add the white yarn, starting directly after the orange section. Wrap evenly – about 50-60 times – over the last parts of the Llamalooma’s legs, above the “hooves.” Cut the tail of your white working yarn.

Note: The more you wrap your pom pom maker, the fluffier and full your pom pom will be. So when it doubt, add a few more wraps!

Remove the 6″ yarn from the Llamalooma’s saddle and wrap round the center of the yarn wraps. Tightly tie the yarn in a knot under the white section of your wraps, so it looks like:

Slip the wrapped yarn off the Llamalooma’s legs and, using your scissors, cut the loops around the perimeter of the pom pom to reveal a scruffy looking pom pom.

To trim your pom pom, place the white section at top and the yellow at the bottom. A candy corn has a cone-like shape, where the bottom yellow section is widest and tapers up to a white point. First, trim the bottom of the yellow section to have a flat bottom. Then make small snips from the base up to replicate the shape of the candy corn.

Note: When trimming your pom pom, make small snips instead of big cuts. Also, make a few snips and then fluff your pom pom before continuing on. This will bring out any hidden ends and allow you to shape your pom pom without having to make it too small. 


Toss your pom poms in a “candy” bowl, string them together to make garland, or even tie them to the tops of treat bags. Then show them off! Post your Candy Corn pom poms to Instagram with #candycornpompom!

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