As summer begins winding down, it’s hard to not start thinking of our fall wardrobes; we’re plotting the outfit that we will wear to debut our Find Your Fade shawl, searching for the perfect jeans to wear a hand knit sweater with, and strategically mapping out our project queue so that our feet and head will be perfectly accessorized with our yarny masterpieces. This month, we gave BigStitch club members a head start on their cool weather knitting with an everyday shawl that will be the perfect accessory to transition from late summer to early fall.

From designer Sylvia McFadden (aka Softsweater Knits), River is a simple, two-color, triangle shawl that combines garter stitch, eyelets and on-trend stripes. The repetitive increase rows are intermingled with thoughtful pattern surprises, giving knitters an opportunity to practice their M1L and color changing techniques. While most will cut their yarn and reattach the strand of the new color (ultimately requiring the darning needle included with the project for weaving in ends), the adventurous knitter may want to experiment with carrying their second strand up the rows in between the color changes. Either way, the end result is a shawl that can be simply thrown over shoulders, or wrapped for extra warmth around the neck.

We paired this shawl with Luma, a classic DK yarn from The Fibre Company. The yarn, a merino wool, organic cotton, linen, and silk blend, is super lightweight, yet has some warmth, making it a great choice for oversized shawls and cardigans. It is a great transitional yarn, which made it an obvious go-to for this late summer knit project. Plus, how could you ever go wrong with their color selection?

For this shawl, we paired two skeins of Blanca with one skein of either (from left to right above) Flamingo, Brenton, Goldenmosa, and Zinnia. The second color adds a subtle pop of color to give the shawl a modern look, while the classic white makes it a go-with-anything, wardrobe staple.

Knit with a size US 6 needle (ChiaoGoo for the win!), this shawl is a relatively quick knit. So to celebrate a finished object, we included a fantastic koozie from Shelli Can to house a celebratory drink.

Also inside, an exclusive art print we created for you in partnership with print house Parabo Press. Hang it up, send it as a postcard, or stash in your project bag! We have so much fun printing out pictures with Parabo Press, that we’re inviting club members to do the same. With the code inside, you can print 25 free 5×5 free prints of your own. This is a great way to record your finished objects – create a wall of all the sweaters, shawls, and socks you’ve finished this year. Or you can print out a picture of your stash so you always know what you have back home when you go to the LYS.

Now the countdown to the first cool day is on so that we can wear our River shawl. If you’re knitting along this month, join us in our Ravelry group and let us know how it’s going, or share some progress pics with us with #poststitch on Instagram!


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2 Thoughts to “AUGUST 2017 BIGSTITCH REVEAL: The Fibre Co.”

  1. Debbie

    I have just started mine and I love this yarn and the pattern, I got the teal colour, beautiful.

    1. PostStitch

      So glad you’re enjoying it! Luma is a such a fun yarn to knit with!

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