GIVEAWAY: Something New Is Coming

Knitters love notions. We love handy tools to make our knitting more efficient, just as much as we love swag that makes us smile. From stitch markers to project bags, we love discovering unique and fun notions.

On August 1st, we will be making a big announcement that you won’t want to miss! (Make sure you’re subscribed to our free newsletter so you’re the first to know about this new something awesome! Sign up here.) Since we hate to tease you, we’re going to make the wait less painful by hosting a giveaway.

Through Sunday, July 30 tell us your favorite notion (or notions if you can’t pick just one!) in the comment section below.

We’ll pick one comment at random on Monday, July 31st to win this fun prize pack, which includes:

On Monday, July 31st we’ll announce the winner via email.

So go on and answer: what is your favorite notion?Β It can be something you already love, or something you’ve been wanting to add to your notions bag. We can’t wait to hear what tools make your knitting more enjoyable.

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164 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Something New Is Coming”

  1. Denise White

    I LOVE my HiyaHiya snips. They come along w all my projects and are airplane friendly. Thx for the awesome giveaway.

    1. Karen Abrahamson

      A plastic case that holds stitch markers, sciccirs that fold up to got inside the plastic container. The container is heart shape. It has a built in tape measure.
      On the side of the heart us a mini crochet hook that can be used for picking up dropped stitches

  2. Flo

    I love my many knitting bags all of them and continue to buy more. I have several packed with projects that I grab as I’m leaving the house. All the different colors and varieties make knitting more enjoyable. I never leave the house without a knitting bags. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  3. Debbie

    I love any kind of notions but if I had to pick one I guess it would be project bags, they call me the bag lady.
    Thank you,

  4. Sharon Madagan

    Knitting bags or any kind of tote are definitely needed for the many WIP that I have around my house. The totes can be plain canvas or have colorful pictures on the front. I really like the totes with lots of pockets; that way, I can stay more organized with all of the other notions needed for knitting.

    1. Muir Dean

      I love my box that I can grab and go that keeps my essential tools handy. It has snips, stitch markers, cable needles, stitch holders, a ruler, row counter all in one place. Hard to beat a universal grab and go. It lives in my bag that goes to the ballpark (baseball) in the summer and to knit nights or weekend days with friends year round. Fun give away!

  5. Kathryn Norris

    I love my grandmother’s scissors— they look like a bird and are tiny. I take them everywhere and it’s like having this token of her.

  6. Margay Roberge

    I love all kinds of notions – what I need is a better organizer for them! I really like fancy stitch markers.

  7. Nicole Moe

    I love stitch markers! And all.the.bags… πŸ™‚

  8. Trina Mechling

    I have several knitting bags of various sizes that I use for different size projects. Smaller projects fit perfectly in my purse for on the go. While the bigger projects can be carried from the living room to the porch to the bedroom. Yes, I always have a project with me where ever I am. I kinda feel panicky without my yarn and needles.

  9. Liz K

    Can;t resist project bags!

  10. Anna

    Oh so exciting!!! I love project bags and knit kit.

  11. Amber

    Stitch markers, cute bags to put projects in, and my small scissors. These are my favorites! πŸ™‚

  12. Marie Therese

    Project bags for sure,but dangling stitch markers are really fun.

  13. Rachel L

    I love digital row counters and a good project bag

  14. Shannon-Rose

    My favorite notion is actually something that comes on bread; bread bag clips! Why? Because they are perfect for keeping the cast-on tail in order & it keeps me from knitting the tail of my new cast-on project. I wrap the tail around them and it is perfect.

  15. Michelle

    I love square stitch markers. I find that they are so much easier to slip between needles than round ones.

  16. Rusty M

    My favorite notion is actually one that I stole from my cross-stitching days. It’s a magnet board with lots of magnets and they are perfect for keeping track on charts! Thanks for the chance.

  17. Brenda

    I have more stitch markers than I know what to do with, but I just love collecting them – especially themed ones.

  18. Chermia

    Project bags and stitch markers – all manner & types of stitch markers!

  19. Karrin Coons

    I would say WIP Bags are my favorite.

  20. Rachel

    I love project bags! They help keep projects and the house tidy and the yarn doesn’t run away. πŸ™‚

  21. Maryzona

    Stitch markers – jewelry for knitting! – and the row counter I can wear on my finger are my favorites because they keep me on track. I dislike tinking!

  22. Cassidy

    I love my stitch markers and project bags the most!

  23. Robin Juliano

    I love my lil Leopard Print scissors. They are always sharp, travel well, are super fashionable and always handy. Cheers!

  24. Julie Katz

    I love my stitch markers! Have a fun collection of them.

  25. Helen Duffy

    I am loving my Yarn Pop bag!!!! Just started a project with three colors of lace weight — this little bag is keeping the knotties away!

  26. Ashleigh Stannard

    I’ve got to say that I really love highlighter tape or the magnetic bookmarks that you use over whatever line you’re on. They’re great for keeping track of your spot!

  27. Kellie Kachek

    Like so many others I cannot resist a great project bag (but stitch markers are a close second)!

  28. Christine Moore

    I take my Doctor Who knitting bag with me everywhere I go. I also really love my Doctor Who stitch markers. Hmmm….I’m sensing a theme here. πŸ˜‰

  29. Keli

    By far my favorite notion is a project bag! I like collecting them and having a different bag for each project. Makes it really easy for me to grab and go and also hide it away from the little paws that like playing with my yarn!

  30. That’s easy! My favorite notions are my unicorn scissors and star wars stitch markers!

  31. Dina Dillon

    I love bags that are funny, and small scissors! They are so handy in all bags.

  32. Beth

    I love my project bags first. Then my yarn basket. They transport so easily and are great as decorations

  33. mary

    I like those “stitch fixer” tools that have a tiny knitting needle end and a a tiny crochet hook end.

  34. Stephanie Zubal

    I love my stitch markers and my highlighter tape.

  35. Pamela Sobczak

    A gauge ruler

  36. Cynthia Y

    I love my sirka counter. The clock face style helps me keep everything in check.

  37. Helene Molter

    I love stitch markers, project bags in all sizes (for all sizes of projects, and a neat thing that I got recently. I don’t remember what it’s called, but it’s a metal tube that has a stopper end with a slit. You slide your needles into the stopper end to keep your project from coming off the circular needles and keeps the needles protected from being banged around in the project bag (or sat on and broken!).

  38. My little folding scissors! Made in USA and inexpensive enough that I have a pair in each active project bag.

  39. Laura

    I’m probably alone in this, but I love my darning needles. They’re just some cheap metal darning needles with a nice bend in them, but I’ve tried to sew in ends with other ones and I’m always glad to have mine back! My puppy snips are also fun! I have a lot of tiny tools that I fly with and it’s nice knowing those are definitely not going to cause me trouble there.

  40. Suzy Q

    Stitch markers that open and close and my tiny crochet hook that’s a small knitting needle on the other end! Can’t knit without either of theses!

  41. sue

    Wow… favorite notion.. i think right now its all the fancy stitch markers and place keepers. I have so many things its hard to pick just one but i wpuld say it is the sewing bling.

  42. Kim Cloutier

    I love my scissors. My mom gave me a beautiful pair of scissors in a leather case for my birthday a few years ago. We knit together- trips to the cape with your LYS, shop hops, weekly knit nights. She is not here to knit with anymore, but when I use my scissors it’s like she’s still with me.

  43. Scissors? Tapestry needle? Stitch markers? Tiny crochet hook for picking up stitches!!!!

  44. Teresa

    My favourite notions are my knitting project bags and my tiny pin stitch markers πŸ™‚ well pretty much everything I own and don’t have yet is my favourite notion πŸ˜†

  45. Joy

    Stitch markers and project bags. Can’t live without them!! And Knit Companion. Is that a notion? Lol

  46. Nancy

    If I had to choose one thing, it would be project bags … I just love different ones. However, I’m an accessory/tool junkie! I love stitch markers, all kinds of scissors, tape, pads& pencils/pens for patterns, and darning needles. But I swoon over project bags. πŸ™‚

  47. Shauna

    Love stitch markers, a fun pop of color, and knitting bags, I have way too many WIPs!!

  48. Kathryn Tuttle

    I love my little keychain kit I’ve aquired.
    I have some folding scissors, a little tape measurer shaped like a tea pot, and a little cedar tube with my darning needles in it all on my key ring.
    I never have to have extra stuff in my project bags as long as I have my keys πŸ™‚

  49. Janet Eddy

    I love my stitch markers. My daughter makes them and sells them in her etsy shop, katesyarncandy.

  50. Kelley Frost

    I can’t be without my cable needles.

  51. SaraColby

    Love,all notions…project bags, scissors, needle holders and on and on

  52. Stephanie W

    Stitch markers – especially ones made by independent designers. So unique.

  53. Karen H

    Project bags and needle measurements rulers

  54. Sue Vandenberg

    I LOVE MY “CHIAOGOO Knitting Needles” and use them all the time; that my Second-Daughter surprised me with in a “POSTSTITCH Knitting Box” that arrived on “MY BIRTHDAY”, a couple-of-years ago!!**~~

  55. Amber

    I love tiny scissors and a good size project bag and notions pouch.

  56. Mary E

    Removable stitch markers, tube double pointed needle holders, project bags, row counters, and the knitkit.

  57. Erin

    Interlocking blocking squares, project baskets all over the house, colorful stitch markers.

  58. Abigail

    I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my folding scissors or needle gauge. My projects would not go too smoothly that’s for sure!

  59. Karola

    Sometimes with a fingering yarn I might mess up a stitch or heaven forbid drop one and not realize it till later on. The simplest way is to drop the stitch and then work it up with a mini latch hook. There are adorable mini latch hooks sold in the notions section at jo-Ann’s and Michael’s for around $2. Best thing ever!!!

  60. Tee Munk

    Gotta say I love, love, love plastic locking stitch markers! They are easy to use and add color to my project!

  61. Gabi

    Project bags, stitch markers… They help keep me organized!!! (Just kidding, nothing helps me stay organized. I just like them!)

  62. knittingdancer

    I love my needle keepers (tube) for my circular needles. There won’t be any more stitches off the needles when I get my project out of my knitting bag.

  63. Joanne M.

    I love knitting bags and my sock ruler!

  64. Deb Adams

    I would be lost without my universal knit counter!

  65. Ann F.

    I can’t knit without my stitch markers.

  66. It’s hard to pick but I really like the different kinds of stitch markers

  67. Elizabeht Prewitt-Stacy

    I love my needle sizer and stitch markers and measuring tape and project bag and and and…

  68. Suzette Hungerford

    If I have to pick one it would be project bags! The more the merrier!! I also love stitch markers and my little scissors. It’s just so hard to pick just one. I use everything everyday! Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. Picking one is like naming a favorite child lol. I am a pattern bag addict, need some great needles (Addi are my go to), and I’m hooked on progress markers with cute designs to motivate me to do one more row πŸ˜‰

  70. Lisa Benson

    Love projects bags since I always have multiple projects going at the same time.
    Also love interchangeable needles.

  71. Claire

    I didn’t know I needed a tiny pair of foldable scissors until someone gave them to me. Now I can’t go without them! Thanks for the giveaway.

  72. Angela

    I love my science-themed project bag by Knotty Mommy.

    That issue of Rib, omg, this is a fantastic giveaway!!

  73. Michelle

    I love my progress keepers. Being able to actually see the progress being made on endless stockinette gives me the extra incentive to keep going. πŸ™‚

  74. nora

    stitch markers and my walking dead project bag

  75. Emily Dowzak

    I love my BlueQ zippered bag for all my notions! I have all sorts of scissors and crochet hooks and knitting needles and darning needles inside and they never poke through 😎

  76. Valerie

    I love my Madder Root trundle bag! It has one inside pocket, is plenty big, and has a sweet print on the front!


    I can’t live without small gauge metal crochet hook with bamboo handles. Great for picking up stitches since I love to knit socks

  78. Anne Guyton

    I love my various shapes and sizes of project bags and stitch markers! So fun! Always on the lookout for something new and special for my next project! Thanks for asking!

  79. Alex W.

    So hard to pick one…so I’ll pick two. Got to have my stitch markers and my project bags. Can’t live without them!

  80. Katie

    I really like locking stich markers. I like how I can move the around easily and use them to mark drop stiches or use them to help me count rows.

  81. Myra Underwood

    My beanbag bottomed mini project bag – it closes with a drawstring – is black with pink dots and lining- stays put due to beans in bottom – fits snugly inside my bag and my first choice for traveling WIP’s.

  82. Jacqueline Fong

    I love all the stitch markers!! And the cute containers I can put them all in πŸ˜†

  83. Kristen

    Stitch markers and my scissors! Stitch markers mostly because I have them in cute tins.

  84. Karissa Swanson

    I’ve found this great needle holder that my circular needle ends slip into. It is metal and has a plastic end with a crisscross that keeps my work from slipping off my needles. Ingenious!

  85. Evette Wissler

    I’m addicted to tote bags!! And this one is so cute!

  86. Jennifer White

    I love my little lamb measuring tape.

  87. Lisa

    My NY state shaped needle gauge from Katrinkles.

  88. Samantha Riesterer

    My favorite notion is stitch markers. Ones that are light, closed and snag-free for lace

  89. Georgia

    I just can’t get enough of stitch markers. I need different sizes and types for all my projects.

  90. JoAnn Gargiulo

    I love all notions! a. ariety of scissors, stitch markers, coco knits stitch stoppers…etc

  91. Dawn Hawkersmith

    My favorite notion is a set of sheep stitch markers from Ireland. My daughter studied abroad last semester and purchased them for me. Very sentimental… Also they’re just cute!

  92. Jessica Williams

    My favorite notions are my little bags I use to hold my small knitting projects and my other notions!

  93. Allison

    My favorite notion is my Clover kacha-kacha counter. I wear it around my neck and it makes keeping my place in the pattern so easy. I also love my magnetic pattern holder. It’s a life saver when working with lace charts!

  94. Hmmm. That’s a tough one! Id have to say my KnitPicks knit blockers. (The multi-pronged kind).

  95. Ann

    I have a thing for cute little tins/containers that I can use to keep all my notions in. They’re easier to find in my bags and also easier to switch out, if needed. I also have a growing collection of project bags.

  96. Sharlene

    My favorite notion is my retractable measuring tape. I have about a half dozen. One in every bag.

  97. K

    A simple pen/pencil to write notes on my pattern and all the stitchmarkers; locking, ring, dangling, you name it

  98. Michelle

    I live my Tangerine Designs TARDIS needle gauge and ruler!

  99. Alejandra Valdivia

    I love stitch Markers but my favorite utensil is my metric tape I will love to get the bracelet shape as a metric tape I saw a long time ago and I haven’t been able to find it πŸ˜”

  100. Jennifer

    I love stitch markers, mostly the smaller ones with just one little bead. I probably have hundreds of them. It’s jewelry for my knitting!

  101. Rebecca Dollinger

    Okay so with one of my post stitch boxes, I got this little pearl stitch marker. I can’t find the label but it’s so precious and perfect I use it for my beginning of round marker on my hats. I’m going to look now actually on this blog, see if I can find the maker because I love this metal and pearl marker so much!

  102. Patsy Coats

    My Akerworks swatch gauge is the best notion I’ve ever bought.

    1. Thanks for the pointer! I didn’t know that product and I’m already in love!

  103. Helen King

    My favorite notions are stitch markers. They have saved me a lot of time over the years, instead of losing valuable time I can continue to work on my projects!

  104. Charlene

    I could never choose just one. I love my project bags because they help showcase my personality but I really love unique stitch markers, I have lots, because they attract attention to my project and help them look pretty.

  105. Steph

    My notions wallet! After my knitting bag was stolen and my original KnitPro wallet lost, my new one was made for me by a dear friend out of an assortment of Japanese fabrics I’ve been collecting. It. Is. Beautiful. and I love it so very much! Thank you for the competitionβ€”such fun! xx

  106. I am in love with a Hiya Hiya product that is small and sort of stupid. A rubber grip that allows you to grab your interchangeable needle and hold it tight to give it a good twist so that it is securely fastened to your cable.
    It works for any brand of interchangeable needles. I use them so much! And they were dirt cheap πŸ™‚

  107. Jeanne S

    I love all kinds of stitch markers. I enjoy finding new and unique ones. I also love project bags.

  108. Jacqui HU

    I love my small crochet hook. It works for dropped stitches and for crocheting tiny pieces. I love tool versatility.

  109. Alison Foster

    I love project bags, every kind and all sizes!! I also am very fond of clippie markers!!

  110. Nicole Acuna

    I have to say stitch markers and my pretty project bags!

  111. Felicia Thompson

    I love my Knitter’s Snips, my Sock Ruler, and my lobster claw progress keepers! I keep all of my little bits and pieces in a Celestial Seasonings tea tin that is never far from where I am. I like drawstring project bags and Japanese Knot project bags too!

  112. Tina

    Stitch markers– they are proven project savers!

  113. Anna Garde

    I love the little crochet hooks on a keyring. It’s always in a reachable spot for me if I get a dropped stitch, why didn’t we think of it years ago,?

  114. Kara

    I have a thing for stitch markers. There are so many different kinds and some really cute ones!

  115. Kerry

    Ooh! I LOVE stitch markers and often add them to a bracelet or a necklace and wear them as jewelry (especially @slippedstitchstudios and One Geek to Craft Them All on Etsy). I’m also pretty fond of needle gauges that have logos on them. I collect them from different yarn shops when on vacation (if available).

  116. Lauren Hier

    Stitch markers! Such a fun way to add some personality to your project.

  117. Terri

    I have two favorite notions! Both are knitting bags lovingly made for me by two of my knitting besties! One is a large bag that is perfect for projects with lots of pockets. It’s got a wild butterfly pattern with navy mesh and orange handles. It’s a Knitter’s statement piece and navy is my main color! The other bag is a notions bag with retro cowgirls and the best part is the frog zipper pull. I have earned a reputation as a “frogger.”

  118. Super tiny scissors that fit in any little travel kit!! I have 5 pairs so I am never without them!

  119. Leslie Dodge

    My favorite notion is by far small sissors. I have them in all of my various bags as well as having them stashed throught my house. Love, love, love my tiny sissors!❀️

  120. Priya

    If I have to pick one… it’s my stitch markers! I love my GoT ones. When Sunday comes and I get to knit with my GoT stitch markers and GoT Yarn! Yippee!

  121. Donna Kuehl

    Small, sharp scissors.

  122. Susan

    I would love a dangling row counter, a notion I don’t yet own but feel as though I need!

  123. Kat Gatzke

    I love project bags and stitch markers. You can never have too many of either!

  124. Heather

    I love the cute stitch markers by Ann Tudor, Sucre sucre miniatures and also some made by my sister!! I also love small sharp scissors!!

  125. Tia Owens

    I absolutely love my Sock Ruler. I don’t know how I functioned all these years without it!

  126. Lisa

    Post it notepads! I use them for marking rows on charts and written patterns, as bookmarks and even for writing notes for changes…

  127. Sabrina Templin

    My favorite notions are locking stitch markers πŸ™‚

  128. Jodie B.

    I love stitch markers…the prettier the better!

  129. Gwen

    I bought nice turned wooden toothpick holders so I can try to not lose all my darning needles. Still lose them, but not at such an alarming rate anymore.

  130. I am also a collector of knitting bags – canvas bags of places I’ve visited! My most recent additions are a lovely bag of Cardiff landmarks from the National Museum of Wales, and a blue TARDIS bag from the Doctor Who Experience!

  131. Chris Eisenmenger

    I love the stitch stoppers that are made of rubber that can also be used as erasers. When I am working a pattern, I use a post it note and pencil to track my rows so having the little erasers handy is very nicest I make a mistake.

  132. Jenn

    Stitch markers, I have a lot and yet it’s never enough! I also like to use either my highlighter tape or knitters GPS which is a reusable tape. Can you tell I need help keeping track of things? πŸ™‚

  133. Rachel C.

    I am a bag lady at heart so my project bags would have to be my favorite notion. I love how bright and colorful they are yet useful at the same time. One can never have too many project bags!

  134. Janette

    I do a lot of lace knitting, so my favourite notion would be stitch markers, the longer I’ve been knitting the more I use them!

  135. For me it has to be my digital row counter (ring version) and my Booths lined jute bag which is my “current project” bag. Obviously I have more than one bag and counter, let’s face it us knitters, we have more than one current project.

  136. Tammy L Mitchell

    For me, my mini notions bag. Its 4″ x 4 1/2″ and it carries stitch markers, sharp scissors, tape measure, fix a stitch tool, chibi case w/needles, and a couple of other little things in it. It goes in my purse, or any project bag easily.

  137. Missy

    I can’t live without my stich fixer key chain from KnitPicks! It’s just a mini double ended crochet hook that I keep in my notions tin . One end has a 2.0mm and other end is 3 . 5 mm so it’s great for different weights of yarn!

  138. Janet Ulrich

    My favorite is my ruler/needle sizer. Helps me check my gauge and measure length if I don’t have my tape measure. I use DPN or circular needles exclusively and the sizes on them wear off.

  139. Debbie Jarmusik

    I love unique stitch markers.

  140. jane

    My favorite knitting notion is The Knit Kit. It has everything I need. I just wish I had the newer version with the needle gauge.

  141. Alison Zoll

    My metal ruler with a slider on one side that lets me easily line it up with my stitches for checking gauge! Use it all the time.

  142. Angela Serrano

    There are so many to choose from. I guess I would have to say I love stitch markers. But would love to have a WPI tool in my knitting bag.

  143. This is a hard question! Can I pick two?
    My absolute favorite is a pair of foldable scissors. I bought them from a yarn shop years ago and they remind me of the kind my grandmother had.
    My second pick would be stitch markers. The more creative and unique looking the better!

  144. Joanne Keith

    I have 4 different shaped cable needles and have grown to love them!

  145. Tiffany

    I recently purchased a lovely necklace that is not only a work of art but also holds stitch markers. It is round, made of brass, and has two clear pieces of glass that showcase the markers.

  146. Rachel Coffman

    I am coming back to knitting after 15+ years. I recently started handspinning my own yarn which means I need to find a way to use it. My favorite notion right now is my yarn needle. Not too sharp, not too blunt. It’s the last thing I use in a project and makes me feel like I have completed something every time I pull it out.

  147. Kathy B

    I would have to say that stitch markers are my favorite knitting notion. I use pretty ones to mark things like the beginning of the row and pattern repeats, but it is the locking ones that I can’t live without. I always knit my socks two-at-a-time, and a locking marker allows you to move sitiches that would otherwise be stuck.

  148. Carmen

    Do bags count? I am a bag junkie! I also can’t live without my wide variety of stitch markers and needle gauges.

  149. Regina K

    I love the organizer I came up with for my circular needles. Each size is in a pencil pouch & they’re in what was a hanging travel cosmetic tote.

  150. Calypso

    Project bags! I have 6-7 project bags and I always want more. They put a smile only face whenever I see them and every WIP is hidden inside!

  151. Brandy

    It’s all about the travel bag!

  152. Chris Kilburn

    Notions are so awesome! So hard to choose – but I’d have to say
    my digital row counters (I have several) as they keep track so well
    my knitting notebook with all my notes, favorite yarn labels, websites, and other important stuff I want to remember( I love to look back on the things I’ve written and done)
    and of course- little bags with pockets to hold the notions (I love to put my knitting related pins on these bags).

  153. Deborah Gajee

    I love my knit kit!!!

  154. Theresa K

    My favorite notion is my notion bags. I have one for crochet and one for knitting. If I have the bag I have everything I need!

  155. Micaela

    My favorite notion is my little altoid tin that I keep all my stitch markers in! I have two now, and they are just perfect to stick in a project bag or notion bag and take anywhere.

  156. Sima

    I would have to say stitch markers. Alternatively, docrochet hooks count as a notion when you use them in knitting? I always keep them nearby to pick up dropped stitches.

  157. Melissa ross

    My fave notion is my sock ruler cant live without it

  158. Rose

    My favorite notion is my project bag. I have one for each WIP & I grab one when I know I have to wait somewhere such as pharmacy, doctor, pedicure etc. Just this week I completed 2 pair of knit baby booties.

  159. Sue

    My favorite notion is my set of markers with hand painted owls dangling from them.

  160. Dee R.

    I love my little yarn pop bag. It’s currently in use for a mini notions case. So bright and fun.

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