JULY 2017 REVEAL: HiKoo CoBaSi

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Merino might not be a go-to yarn for summer knitting, but that doesn’t mean you need to put your needles down between June and August. There is a whole world of lightweight, non-wool options poised to revolutionize warm weather knits. One of our favorite go-to summer yarns is CoBaSi by HiKoo. This cotton, bamboo, and silk blend (the first two letters of cotton, bamboo, and silk make up this yarn’s name!) is lightweight and cool for knitting, and produces ready-to-wear garments and accessories for summer.

July was the perfect month to showcase this yarn, so we packed our subscriptions with three skeins so that you can fully experience this wonderful yarn.

Meet Our July 2017 BigStitch and BigStitch Lite Kits

For our BigStitch and BigStitch Lite subscriptions, we chose CoBaSi DK. While a DK weight yarn may not be an obvious choice for a warm weather knit, its unique blend is super lightweight and airy. Each skein features 140 yards of 55% Cotton, 16% Bamboo, 8% Silk, and 21% Elastic Nylon. Unlike other cotton yarns, CoBaSi’s elastic nylon lends a bit more structure to the finished object. And, the elastic’s natural stretch makes it the perfect choice for our new market bag design, To Market, To Market Bag. The bag might look to be on the smaller side, but once you begin filling it, it will grow to accommodate it’s contents.

This bag is knit from the bottom up and features a chevron lace design on the front and back of the bag. It is a deceptively easy pattern that is memorizable, yet thoughtful as it presents a few out of the ordinary techniques. Cast on using the provisional cast on method (scrap yarn included for our BigStitch subscribers!), cast off using an i-cord bind off, and finish the handle and bottom of the bag using the Kitchner Stitch. A small scale project, like a bag, is a perfect opportunity to learn these techniques for a first time, or practice to refine your skill. If you have any troubles, join us in our Ravelry group and we’ll walk you through!

Regardless of how many times you have done it, the Kitchner Stitch instructions are easily forgotten (seriously, why can’t we remember them?!). So this month, PostStitch members received our Kitchner Stitch Hang Tag with the written instructions on the back. Hang it to your project bag or tuck it away in your notions bag so you can pull it out as a reference guide. And don’t forget to keep calm. It is sometimes the only way to get through it.

One of the things we love most about this project is that market bags are an accessory that afford us an opportunity to play with color. Especially bright ones. While hot pink might not be a color you would choose to knit a sweater with, it does lend a fun pop of color to a take-on-and-off accessory like a market bag. We chose two bright, summer-inspired colors and sent BigStitch members 3 skeins of either hot pink or deep turquoise.

To Market, To Market is a small, compact project bag that can easily be stashed in a project bag, like the Single bag from Yarn Pop that we included in BigStitch kits (BigStitch Lite members received a mini 4″x4″ Yarn Pop bag). The bag features a vintage Yarn Pop fabric, revived exclusively for our members. In the center of the geometric blue fabric is a small grommet intended to hold your working yarn. Simply stash your yarn in the body of the bag and thread the working yarn through the grommet. This will keep your working yarn in one spot should it come unraveled. A perfect on-the-go knitting travel companion!

BigStitch subscribers also received a small, cute tin filled with 11 stitch markers (to breakup each 10-sts repeat and help keep you on track) and a yarn needle, as well as a trusty pair of Red Lace Circulars from ChiaoGoo.


Meet Our July 2017 SockStitch Kit

Thankfully our love affair with CoBaSi isn’t limited to just one weight of yarn. CoBaSi is also available in a worsted weight and a fingering weight. And of course, we chose to feature the fingering weight yarn in our July SockStitch kit. Like the DK weight, this yarn is a 55% Cotton, 16% Bamboo, 8% Silk, and 21% Elastic Nylon blend, but comes with more yardage: 220 yards.

Because this yarn is our go-to summer yarn, we designed a short sock with a lacy design. It will keep your feet cozy during a cool evening or after a rain storm without overheating your tootsies. In fact, its design is inspired by the summer weather on the Florida Gulf Coast. The repeating lace pattern that falls down the front of the sock resemble the always present afternoon rain showers, while the flawless stockinette stitch on the back and bottom of the sock represent the clear skies that come before the rain. If you have ever spent a summer in Florida, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

SockStitch members received 3 skeins of CoBaSi in either the Seafoam or Posy Petals colorway. This ankle sock calls for 180-220 yards, so you can knit 3 pairs, or you can use the extra yardage to make a taller sock.

SockStitch members also received a Mini Yarn Pop Bag and our Kitchner Stitch card to round out this July kit.


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