RAVELRY TIP: How to post a Spoiler Post

Left Handed Jessica is at it again – cluing us on in on some of Ravelry’s cooler features. Today she schools us on the “Spoiler Post,” which will finally put our minds at ease when posting teaser pics for you. You see, we often grapple with whether or not to post a pic of this or that, not knowing if everyone wants to know what we’re sending, or if they have opened their subscription. And we know a lot of you kindly wait to post pics in case there are those still waiting to be surprised.┬áBut no longer do you have to wait!

But first, before you continue reading…this post about spoilers will contain spoilers about our July subscriptions. Oh, the irony!

A “Spoiler Post” will hide your post unless clicked on by another user.

After clicking on the grey box that says, “Spoiler,” this box goes from looking like this:

To looking like this:

Cool, right?!

To create a Spoiler Post, all you have to do is surround the text or picture that you want hidden with 4 colons, like this:


Your Spoiler Text Here


See how we did it in the post above:

A simple technique for a super cool tool. If you want to test it out, join us in our Ravelry Group!



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