JUNE 2017 REVEAL: Hand Maiden Fine Yarns

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While some will argue that there’s nothing quite like curling up on the sofa in the middle of winter to knit a few rows, we will counter that there’s nothing quite like knitting in the summer. Not only is it the ideal way to pass idle time, like when riding shot gun on a road trip, or hanging with the kids at the park, it is a great way to work with “summer” yarns, and even brush up on your lace knitting skills.

When planning our June subscriptions, we knew we wanted to showoff everything fabulous about summer knitting. Enter: Hand Maiden Fine Yarns. The self-proclaimed, “haute couture of the yarn world,” has a collection of over 20 hand-dyed yarns, but it was their Flyss that first caught our eye and became the foundation of our BigStitch and BigStitch Lite subscription. Then there was the Casbah…but we’re getting ahead of ourself.

BigStitch and BigStitch Lite

June 2017 PostStitch Subscription

When we got our hands on Flyss, a stunning 400-yard skein of a 65% silk and 35% linen blend, we knew that its lightweight and breezy constitution would be perfect for a summer shawl. The shawl? Jen Lucas Designs’ Bandwagon shawl. This asymmetrical shawl features an all over, open eyelet design, which plays to the drape of the Flyss, making it a great accessory for summer layering.

To compliment Bandwagon, we chose two sun-kissed colorways of Flyss – Caicos and Turkish Delight. Each of these brilliantly hand-dyed skeins is uniquely variegated and lends the shawl a spontaneous flow of color. From green to blue and from pink to yellow, these skeins mirror some of summer’s most welcoming scenes: calm, flowing water and silky, mesmerizing sunsets.

PostStitch June 2017 BigStitch - Flyss from Hand Maiden


This month, BigStitch subscribers were given the opportunity to knit with ChiaoGoo’s Twist Interchangeables. Each subscription received a pair of 5″ stainless steel tips and a coordinating 14″cord (learn more about How to Pick The Right Interchangeable Needles). The brilliance behind interchangeable needs is that, when you have a complete set, you will always have the right pair of needles on hand – just add any tip to any cord and you have the needle your project calls for (learn more about to how to put together interchangeable needles). We plan to add more interchangeable sets to our BigStitch subscriptions so that subscribers can work towards building their own set of interchangeables.

BigStitch subscribers also received another Canadian export: a cute project bag from vintage-inspired accessory company, Firefly Notes. Since summer is all about travel, we have wonderful visions of subscribers tossing their Bandwagon Shawls into their Project Bag and hitting the open road!


PostStitch's June 207 SockStitch subscription

While we adore Hand Maiden’s Flyss, there was no way we could pass it off as a sock yarn. Instead, we sent Hand Maiden’s Casbah – a luxurious blend of 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, and 10% nylon. It’s one of those skeins that just squishes in your hands just right, and is soft enough to want to rub all over your face. You almost don’t even want to knit with it. But once you cast on, you’ll be glad you did. Like really glad.

With this yarn, SockStitch subscribers cast on a new Hand Maiden pattern, Osberg Viking Socks by Indigo Erin Durban. We chose two variegated colorways – Turkish Delight and Masala – that self stripe nicely as you knit in the round. The pattern’s allover rib pattern adds a fun texture, elevating these socks from vanilla sock to vanilla with lots and lots of sprinkles. Best of all, it’s simple and effortless, making it a great pattern to take on the road.

And because summer is nothing if not fun, we included our Sip 1 Koozie. It will keep your drink cold and your hands dry so that your knitting goes uninterrupted.

Next up is July, when we’ll show off some more of our favorite seasonal favs!









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  1. Sharon Madagan

    As I drink my afternoon coffee, I am sitting outdoors at a local coffee shop, knitting and daydreaming. A warm breeze invigorates my thoughts as I watch the yarn winding around my needles and forming a beautiful knitted item.

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