GIVEAWAY: Summer Knitting Collection

THIS GIVEAWAY CLOSED ON 6/22/17. Congrats to KrisAnn C. who was randomly chosen as our winner.

If you’ve ever knit in public during the summer, you have probably been met with inquisitive looks. Why would someone knit with wool in the summer?! Us knitters can argue that there are wonderful light weight yarns and breezy patterns, but what we really want to counter with is, “why wouldn’t we knit?”

The best part of our hobby is that we can do it any place at any time, especially in the summer. There are idle hours in a car driving to a vacation destination. And more when you’re lounging poolside. Or at a baseball game. Or sitting inside during an afternoon rain storm before you can get back to the beach. Summer is made for knitters.

We’re celebrating summer knitting with a giveaway! We have three cool gifts that we will give away to one lucky knitter, chosen at random. This gift pack includes:

  • Needle Travel Shop Finder book courtesy of ChiaoGoo needles
  • Have You Any Wool project tote bag from Firefly Notes
  • Whale Tale small batch stitch marker from Firefly Notes


Through Wednesday, June 21, 2017, leave a comment on this post (see comment field below) and tell us your favorite place to knit during the summer. On Thursday, June 22, 2017 we will pick one comment at random to win the gift pack. We will announce the winner via email on June 22, 2017. The winner will have 7 days from the time the winner notification email has been sent to claim the prize. If the prize goes unclaimed during the designated time, a second comment from the original pool of entries will be randomly chosen as the winner. Questions? Email us at

We can’t wait to read where you love to knit!

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214 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Summer Knitting Collection”

  1. Alejandra Valdivia

    I take my knitting everywhere all year long but I’m Summer I like to take my boys to the pool .I will sit and knit ❤️❤️❤️

  2. KrisAnn Carlsen

    I like to sit in a local coffee shop and knit, while waiting for my son to finish one of his summer activities.

    1. Favorite place to knit is in my hammock on the screen porch. I can hear all the frogs and bugs singing and smell the fresh cut grass. It’s a wonderful place to knit through a summer thrundershower.

  3. Tina Wootton

    Favorite place to knit in the backyard on the swing listening to nature sounds.

  4. Charlene

    On my deck while watching my dogs play

  5. Kathy

    I’ll knit on larger projects at home in the air conditioning but in the summer I love to knit socks while at the ocean. Lucky for me that’s only3 miles away!

  6. Bobbi

    I love to knit in the car while waiting on Granddaughters to finish their activities. Knitting anywhere there is enough light is what is best for this grannie.

  7. I took my knitting to Rome with me but due to so much sightings I never got to knit in public there. However I have knitted in public in the UK and received questionable looks. I guess being male people seem surprised.

  8. Alison Zoll

    Definitely love knitting in my backyard , on the hammock, while my puppy plays !

  9. Lauren Ely

    Every time I go to kill devil hills, NC I bring a project to work on while sitting on the beach. We go every summer 😊

  10. Linda

    Anywhere and everywhere!

  11. Pamela

    In my backyard 🙂

  12. Sarah B Smith

    Anywhere i can, 😁

  13. Kristen

    I enjoy knitting in the park!

  14. Laura

    I love to sit and knit just about anywhere I go. Really enjoy it the most at the beach and on the top of a mountain when I visit my daughter.

  15. Vicki

    I love to knit on my porch at the beach!

  16. Bif

    I love to knit in the car on the way to the beach- Once I’m there it’s on the porch, at the pool AND even at the beach!

  17. Ursula Pritham

    I love to knit on the porch of our rustic cabin on Moosehead Lake in Maine and listen to the loons.

  18. Margaret Victoria

    I like to take my knitting on our boat and knit at the beach!

  19. My favorite place to knit in the summer is my basement. It stays much cooler there, and it’s a nice place to relax and take a break. Also the car, while traveling, is always good!

  20. Connie Davis

    I love to knit anywhere…..but the best is on the deck under the fan watching my kids have a blast in the pool!!!

  21. Deborah Brockman

    I love to knit outside on my porch and sometimes my neighbors will come to see what I’m working on.

  22. Paula

    Knitting with my friends on the patio of various restaurants in town!!

  23. Kara C Nguyen

    I love knitting outside in my parents’ backyard. We let my son run around and play and get to relax (and knit)

  24. Sally Carlson

    My favorite place is my sun room in the early morning. I get to look out on the wildlife and start my day by knitting peacefully.

  25. Christina

    Just went to the KIP day at a local art studio/cafe. Lots of great women knitting in public and having a tasty treat.

  26. I take my knitting everywhere, but especially to Busch stadium to watch the St. Louis Cardinals play ball. I just have to keep an eye on my tension! 😉

  27. Evette Wissler

    I love sitting on my deck, knitting in the afternoon. ☀️

    1. Michelle P

      My favorite place to knit during the summer is by a fan in the air conditioning! Arizona gets HOT!!

  28. Jessica Harrison

    Love knitting on the deck of the beach house we go to every summer.

  29. I like to carry a folding chaise out to the goat paddocks (I raise cashmere goats) and set up in a shady spot. Individual goats will come to visit in ones and twos, gently check to see what I am knitting, then amble off again. But one will sometimes scrunch down to get right under the chaise, and stay there, keeping me company 🙂

  30. Brittney Wilson

    my favorite place to knit is in my car when I take my lunch break at work. Its a great source of calming meditation and gets me clear headed to go back in and tackle the second part of my work day. I cant wait to try out beach knitting on my honeymoon the first week in September when Im at Corolla Beach, NC! I think hearing the ocean in the background is going to be awesome!

  31. Trina Mechling

    I love to knit on my back porch in the morning (while the rest of the house is asleep) with my 4 chihuahua babies. We feed the chickens and squirrels, then do my morning yoga. I drink my tea, knit while my furbabies watch the squirrels trying to figure out how to make friends. The sounds of the animals and my knitting needles is the perfect way to start the day.

  32. Joyce Bowers

    As much as I would love to be outside anywhere working on a project, physical limitations prevent me from doing so. And so my favorite place for now is my own living room, curled up in my chair. I have wonderful windows through which I watch the day.

  33. Shauna

    I wish I could knit on the beach, but since I’m not near it anymore I like being on my back porch in the sun 🙂

  34. Jessica Williams

    In the summer, my favorite place to knit is at the pool.

  35. Ooh! Yes please! Taking a road trip this summer, so this would be perfect!

  36. Kara Isker

    Anywhere that has air conditioning 😉 I take my knitting on road trips and knit while my husband drives!

  37. Pam McGinty

    I love knitting on my back porch in the porch swing listening to the happy birds. But, I also like to knit when traveling by car, plane or train. Love the cute project bag, stitch markers and possibility of receiving the knit shop travel book!

  38. Marlies

    I love to knit in my backyard, watching our three bird feeders

  39. Kally

    Lion Brand Yarn Studio! It’s always fun!

  40. Diana Douglas

    My favorite summer knitting spot is on my deck with the pond noises in the background.

  41. Amy Tronsgard

    My favorite place to knit is Lakeside with an Arnold Palmer and birds chirping!

  42. Mary Catlett

    I enjoy the evenings knitting on the glider in the backyard while watching my chickens explore.

  43. Lisa Benson

    Love to knit on the back patio with a cool breeze blowing.
    So relaxing

  44. Around the breakfast table with my 2 best friends in the cool of the evenings over a tall glass of iced tea.
    As we exchange ideas and knit someone warm with our love. There’s just no better place to knit!

  45. colette

    We live in Southern Spain 6 months a year and I LOVE to put my knitting into a backpack and take it up onto a mountain that overlooks the Mediterranean. The mountain is called the Cabo Cope and it is just a lovely spot to sit and knit.

  46. Kelly Lindbeck

    It is hard to pick just one spot. But if I have to, or would be Copenhagen, great trip and great place to knot in public.

  47. Joy

    My favorite place to knit in summer is the same as my winter place: in bed with my feet up watching Netflix 🙂

  48. knittingdancer on Raverly

    My favorite place to knit in the summer is on the loveseat in my den under the air conditioning.

  49. Ann Marie Przybyl

    Buffalo NY has experienced a wonderful renaissance over the past few years. We can now sit at Canalside in their beautiful Adirondack chairs, knitting while enjoying the views of Lake Erie!

  50. Andrea Smith

    My favorite place to knit in the summer is when I’m camping. The past 2 weeks I’ve been knitting at the beach in Myrtle Beach, in the mountains in TN, in my camper and in the truck while driving from one place to the next!!!

  51. Mt fave place to knit in the summer is at my kids baseball games. We spend so much time at the baseball field, if I am sitting, I’m knitting.

    1. *My fave place to knit… oops! Typo!

  52. Deborah Gajee

    During the summer months I love to knit on the sofa in my air conditioned living room. I try to get a start on Christmas projects.

  53. Alison

    I love knitting everywhere. It seems the car has been my most frequent place. I will claim that as my favorite!!

  54. Jessica

    While at my boys’ ballgames!

  55. Keli

    My favorite place to knit is in my backyard listening to my children enjoying the outdoors!!

  56. Georgia

    Knitting outside in the fresh air is great in the summertime. My favorite place is under the arbor in our backyard.

  57. My favorite place to knit in Summer is on my back deck with iced coffee while listening to the stream!

  58. Rachel B.

    My favorite place to knit in the summer is on my couch in the A/C! Too hot outside!

  59. Amanda Pratt

    Everywhere really. But if I had to pick one, it would be by the bon fire with friends in the evening. It doesn’t matter if I’m working on socks, washcloths, blanket, hat, scarf, or anything else. Sometimes I needle knit, sometimes crochet, other times I use a knitting loom. I just love the fiber and how with simple tools and time I can create something beautiful and functional. It give me a since of purpose and usefulness. It’s also a great distraction when waiting at the Dr office.

  60. Sarah Mahan

    I take my knitting everwhere. Probably my favorite place to knit is on my new deck. It’s enclosed and safe for the kids to just play while I watch them and knit. I like knitting at the pool too, but my daughter isn’t big enough to be in the water alone yet, so no knitting happens at the pool right now.

  61. Christina

    My favorite place to knit during the summer…… Hmmmm…. I work 100-110 hours a week as a nurse taking care of people that can no longer care for themselves, so a lot of my knitting is done at work. My residents like to sit around the desk and ooh and ahh over the awesome things I receive from PostStitch.

  62. Margay Roberge

    In front of the air conditioner!

  63. My favorite place to knit during the summer is on my back deck with a cup of coffee in the morning…before it gets hot.

  64. Meg

    Camping! Nothing more relaxing than post-hike, pre-dinner leisurely knitting in the Montana wilderness. Plus, cool nights and mountain breezes eliminate the need to explain why I’m knitting with wool 🙂

  65. Rebecca

    I love knitting everywhere!!! Including church, hosting a yard sale, library, doctors offices, etc.

  66. Sophia

    Best place to summer knit – Poolside! Cotton yarn, a big iced tea, and a large sun hat.

  67. Cybil

    My porch. It is sunny in the morning, shady throughout the day, picks up a nice breeze, and has the best view.

  68. Jessica M.

    I live in South Mississippi, so my favorite place to knit in the summer is inside in the a/c!

  69. Brittany

    I love knitting in the sunshine on our deck

  70. Pamela

    I like to knit anywhere I can, but my favorite season is summer and my favorite place is on the shoreline listening to the waves, ahhhhhh <3

  71. Carol

    Knitting on road trips! I pack my knitting before I pack my bags!

  72. K

    I’ll knit anyplace cool. It’s usually polyester shrinking hot and humid here

  73. I like to knit in the car during road trips. It makes time fly and I like accomplishing something instead of just “wasted” time.

  74. Kathy Abernathy

    My favorite place to knit is in my recliner in front of the tv… my second favorite is at the library with a wonderful group of knitters and crocheters.

  75. Nancy

    While camping at my local state parks. Total bliss!

  76. Muir Dean

    My most common place to knit that is not my couch with A/C and view of my woods is at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, first row with my friends. We call ourselves Section 101 and we all knit! Knitting with friends in a terrific ballpark watching a good baseball game is heaven in the summertime!

  77. Conchi

    Anywheee, specially at the beach, watching the sea and drinking lemonade

  78. Abby Herberg

    I’m looking forward to knitting by the lake! (hopefully not doing any unintentional blocking if the yarn gets too close to the water… ;))

  79. AnneKat

    I walked my first 5k by the river this summer and knit while I walked. I wasn’t very fast, but I made it.

  80. Jana Fredlund

    On my back porch in sunny Coronado, CA or where ever I am.

  81. Crystal Ball

    New to knitting… so its all i think about 💕Looking forward to taking it along on the road during my vacation this summer.

  82. Megan Yost

    I love to knit on my back patio while enjoying the summer weather or while in the car on vacation.

  83. Sally Carson

    I knit on our couch with our dog next to me, watching the Cubs play and, especially pre-season football games!

  84. Sue Vandenberg

    My favorite place that “I LOVE TO KNIT” is: “Our Cottage on the shores of beautiful HIGGINS LAKE, Michigan, in the Summer!*~

  85. Michele Frias

    Thank goodness yarn crafts are portable!

  86. Quinn

    Anywhere I can!! 🙂

  87. Amy Collins

    I love to knit anywhere and everywhere. In the car while my Beloved looks for birds at National Wildlife Refuges here and in neighboring states. Probably my favorite place to knit is when we go whale watching. People are amazed I can knit on a boat.

  88. Kathleen

    Anywhere is great. At the beach is the best though.

  89. Kathleen Tegtmeier

    Ideally, I love to sit on rocks overlooking the ocean or one of the Great Lakes. A large, old fashioned Victorian porch with a view of the flower garden was a lovely spot in Michigan. Just had my final surgery (5 in 9 weeks) so I’m taking the summer off to heal with my favorite therapies 😊 and if it isn’t too hot I go to our town park with a fountain surrounded by roses and knit or use my drop spindle. But after I’m medically released I plan to hit the road for additional fiber therapy. I hope I win so I can be stylish on my trips to the park and then on the road. Thanks for opportunity.

  90. Marsha Huse

    My wonderful knitting group meets Thursday evenings at local coffee shop. Saturday mornings we meet early at the Mall. The mall walkers often come by to see what we are making.

  91. I love to knit while I sit on my front porch watching my daughter play.

  92. There’s not much better in the summer than early morning knitting on the patio with that first cup of coffee.

  93. Jenn Dirocco

    My favorite place to knit in the summer is on the shore of Sebago Lake! My best friend is a knitter and we sit in the beach and knit several times a week! So relaxing!!

  94. Jacki L

    If it’s not terribly hot, I love sitting in the driveway (it’s our yard, we live in an apt building) and watch my hubs grill food and my kiddo playing with toys while I either knit or crochet socks or dish towels or trivets.

  95. Robin

    My favorite place to knit is sitting on our back porch…looking out over the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. Ahh… Summer is lovely.

  96. Deb Adams

    Favorite place to knit is on our back deck in the shade…where I am right now. Leaves rustling in the breeze, birds chirping, turkeys gobbling in the distance, and lime seltzer in my glass.

  97. My recent favorite spot to knit is on my couch with my sister! She has just re-learned to knit and it has really brought us together! Now we meet up on my couch at least 3 times a week, sometimes twice a day to catch up and knit together!

  98. Dana Mitchell

    Out on my front porch watching my kids play freely!

  99. Angela Serrano

    I love to knit anywhere and everywhere I can. My favorite place to knit is anywhere comfortable.

  100. Cathy Toews

    My favorite place to knit in the summer is the beach, enjoying the refreshing sea breezes and listening to the calming sound of the waves against the shore.

  101. Martha

    “Have you any wool?” Yes ma’am, yes ma’am, but my bags not quite full! On my deck, watching the river flow by…a great place to knit ( unless the black flies are biting ).

  102. Christie Frank

    My favorite place to knit any time of the year is on the train as I travel cross country to visit my daughter. It feels indulgent because I’m doing what pleases me, but it’s also a chance to catch the interest of someone who’s curious about knitting. Plus I can crank out many, many rows as the miles clack by.

  103. Amber

    I knit anywhere and anytime I have a spare moment of peace from my toddler.

  104. Debbie Jarmusik

    I like Knitting on our deck in the Summertime. It’s always a pleasure to be able to knit outside.

  105. Amanda

    I love to knit in the long road trips my family takes to visit family either in SoCal or NorCal. I put on my headphones, listen to either relaxing music or my latest audio book, and just let the stitches fly!

  106. Marie Therese

    I take my knitting with me to my doctor’s appointments. You always have delays and I’m in one every week. Someone always wants to see and have got a few clients from it. Otherwise everywhere is the best place to knit! Knitting keeps my mind off any pain.

  107. Debbie Hallamek

    I like to knit on my deck. Thanks

  108. Jill

    I can’t choose! In the last week I have knit on a plane, at a pier, on a train, in a car, in a hotel room, and in an apartment in NYC. So my favorite place would be wherever my needles can travel!

  109. Amy Hubbard

    My favorite place to knit is on a boat!

  110. lesley

    the patio inneary morning while enjoying my coffee and listening to all the birds at our feeders

    1. lesley

      oops….in early morning…

  111. Jeanne S

    Anywhere with AC!

  112. Karen Abrahamson

    When I feel like it sitting on the front porch. Have not done it in awhile though
    Lately I have been prefectlly happy sitting inside away from flying bugs

  113. Maureen

    I work in the schools and my favorite time to knit though anytime is fine with me,is we always go to Atlantic City they gamble and I knit. They may win or lose but I always bring home mittens,sweaters,booties, etc.

  114. Tee Munk

    My favorite place to knit is inside my own house! I live in the desert Southwest, where temps can rage above 110 degrees, so the air conditioner is my knitting buddy!

  115. Tiffany

    I love knitting on my front porch. Sitting in the shade keeps it cool enough to knit with wool comfortably.

  116. Sheryl A.

    My favorite place to knit in the summer is in a comfy chair while my kids are entertained around me during the afternoon thunderstorms.

  117. Jessica Heffington

    rainy day on the couch <3

  118. Cynthia Vanderbloom

    I love to knit or crochet sitting on my back porch watching the birds.

  119. Candace Evans

    In the backyard garden- amidst growing veggies, multiple bird houses full of chirping babies, a family of growing bunnies and several fearsome looking spiny lizards. It’s wild and now, wooly!

  120. Karissa

    I love to knit on the road listening to podcasts while my husband’s driving. Vacation time!

  121. Rachel Carver

    I enjoy knitting on the porch outside listening to nature.

  122. Elizabeth

    I knit while waiting to pick up my daughter from school. Just a row at a time adds up!

  123. Christina souders

    I knit every chance I get. My latest knit was a dress for my new rescue dog.

  124. Lizbeth DeValkenaere

    I will knit anywhere. I once was in a doctor’s waiting room and there was a young girl who looked very nervous. She was watching me knit and mentioned that a family member also knits. I asked her if she ever thought about learning herself. She chuckled and said yes and I showed her how to do the knit stitch. She looked so much more relaxed afterwards. It took her mind off of what was bothering her even in just that short time. I like to think she actually did go to the library and get a knitting book. I hope she did.

  125. Heidi Witte

    I love to knit on my back deck with my feet in the kiddie pool where my children swim.

  126. Lorraine Jay

    I love to knit anywhere! During the summer I always have my bag of knitting for long drives, while my husband drives.

  127. Linda Allard

    Anywhere I am, so is my knitting. I never leave home without it and during the summer months, I will sit in my little old rocking chair at my cottage. People tell me all the time how they don’t have the patience to knit to which I reply “Knitting GIVES me patience! I don’t mind waiting as long as it takes for anything as Iong as I have my knitting with me!”.

  128. Flo L

    I take my knitting eveywhere I have small projects ready to go at all times. Buy my favorite place to knit is at home in my favorite chair watching tv,,,,,that’s heaven to me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  129. Karen

    I love to knit on my deck in the summer!

  130. Jean Bruce

    I love knitting on my deck or patio in the summer, early mornings or evenings are the best, quiet and peaceful

  131. Brittany K

    My favorite place to knit is with good friends.

  132. Bronwyn

    I like to knit inside during the summer. I’m not a hot weather person, so anywhere with air conditioning is perfect. If I don’t have to leave my house, even better. 🙂

  133. Dawn Hawkersmith

    My favorite place to knit is the beach in the evening.

  134. Ann Denise

    10 days to retirement!!!! I will be knitting everywhere this summer, but especially on my deck near the pool. Would love the gift set

  135. Martha

    Looove the G9 tutorial because it’s so clear in both video and photo!

  136. angie

    I like knitting in the shade..

  137. Heather

    I love to sit on my deck and knit!

  138. Joanna

    I love to knit anywhere I can!

  139. Katie Lynn

    My favorite place is outside under an umbrella on a sunny day, maybe by the pool.

  140. JoAnn

    I enjoy knitting at our local beach sitting in a grassy area overlooking the shore. Ahh…serenity.

  141. Silvia Quaresmini

    I love knitting in my favourite park, on the grass under big trees on windy days.

  142. Madebyvovs

    I love knitting in my from garden so I get to chat with everyone as they pass. I’ve lived here all my life in an old area so I know everyone haha

  143. Michelle Albers

    I knit while my kids are in swimming, and dance class. It travels with me anywhere our summer takes us. However I do prefer cotton or linen to knit with in the summer.

  144. Elaine Rodriguez

    I love to knit while watching a great show. When I look at the item, I will remember what I was watching and how I was feeling when making the item.

  145. Kim Wriston

    I enjoy knitting in a big cozy recliner in the air conditioned house while watching Netflix! I also enjoy knitting in a rocking chair on the porch when the weather is nice.

  146. Heather

    I take my knitting everywhere!! But my husband just put a swing on the porch for me so I am planning on doing a lot of knitting there!! What a neat giveaway!! Thank you!!!

  147. Valeree Stout

    If I travel, knitting goes with me. It helps me wind down…
    But traveling to knitting related events is even more fun!

  148. Jodie B.

    I always have a travel project to take in the car but in the summer I have special travel projects to take camping. Knitting wherever we happen to camp is my all time favorite knitting!

  149. BARB

    Oh My Goodness !!!!!!
    BEST Give away EVER !!!!!!!
    I LOVE everything !!!!!!
    I have been knitting knockers for Wonderful Women that have had breast cancer ……. on my screened in porch on our 60 acre farm, in the mountains of Kentucky !!!!!! Life doesn’t get much better than being surrounded by such beauty and doing something small for the Most Courageous, Fabulous Women !!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. Becca

    I like to knit on my front porch or on the lakeshore.

  151. Rose Birchall

    In the Summer, I knit wherever the air conditioning is on.

  152. Samantha Oravec

    The pool of course!!

  153. Nina Goodwin

    Well, in south Louisiana, it’s incredibly HOT during the summer, so I prefer to crochet indoors or under a shady tree on a breezy afternoon.

  154. Karen Netzband

    Thanks for the opportunity! Looks so nice!

  155. Ann Marie

    I love to sit on mg backyard deck in the evening after work and dinner and knit while enjoying the sunset and the sounds of all the different birds in my yard.

  156. Alice Ingram

    I like to knit indoors in the summer. It’s too hot and humid in Houston to knot outdoors in summer.

  157. Sharon Peterson

    Every summer I travel from California to North Carolina. My destination is Topsail Island, part of the Outer Banks. I knit in the Airport Terminal and on the plane… but I love sitting on a white sandy beach, with Pelicans soaring overhead, gazing at beautiful ocean waves and watching a school of Dolphins pass by! That is the knitting life!

  158. Cynthia Y.

    My favorite place to knit is anywhere I can. I cannot get enough while on summer break!

  159. Michelle R

    On my front porch

  160. Debi H

    I keep a small project bag in my car in case I get somewhere and have time to knit but a fav is early morning on my deck while my dog watches squirrels.

  161. Alex W.

    My favorite place to knit during the summer is at the beach. 😀

  162. Sara

    At the beach! Happy knitting!

  163. Lee Smith

    My favorite place to knit (or crochet) during the summer is honestly indoors! Then you have the added benefit of not fighting off bees and bugs, nor getting a headache from the excessive heat. 🙂

  164. Claire

    Honestly my favorite place to knit during the summer is inside my air-conditioned house. Then I can snuggle up with my cozy projects!

  165. Brittaney B

    My favorite place to knit during the summer is in a comfy chair by the window at my LYS! Not very exciting I know LOL

  166. Regina K

    I take my knitting everywhere but in the summer anywhere with air conditioning.

  167. Jessica Fateh

    During the summer I knit wherever I can, whenever I can. Summer travel is ofcourse prime time for pulling out my latest project. This summer I’ll be knitting while visiting my parents and caring for my grandmother post surgery, so maybe my knitting spot will be the deck overlooking the hills of West Virginia? Or maybe just their living room? Either way, knitting while surrounded by my family is the best!!

  168. My favorite place to knit in the summer is on our patio under the sun shade!

  169. Linda

    I enjoy knitting at the state park by the boat docks. Very peaceful and calm.

  170. Deborah Mindick

    WOW – what a great gift! I love knitting ANYWHERE – ANYTIME – ANYHOW – my husband and I watch lots of baseball on TV and that is my favorite spot – a good 3 hrs. of non stop knitting – love it! Thank you for offering such a beautiful giveaway!

  171. Janet Ulrich

    In the summer, I love to knit at KCBS BBQ events with my family. My husband and son in law compete and vend. Yum!

  172. Samantha

    I love knitting with wool in fingering, even in summer. I actually don’t knit outside though; too hot in 90 degree weather, and don’t want to get sunscreen on the yarn!

  173. Sima

    Favorite place to knit: in the AC, hopefully on a comfortable couch while watching netflix. But we’re moving this summer so actual place I will knit: on planes, in cars (maybe), and waiting in lines.

  174. Connie Kline

    At our local library. I get a cup of coffeeshop coffee and relax in a big armchair in the cool quiet surrounded by books,

  175. Amy Murdock

    My favorite place to knit , I guess, was at the ball diamond while my son’s baseball team played. Now days, I knit at the theater while watching my daughter perform onstage. I have been known to pull out needles and yarn at stoplights, train tracks, and traffic jams!

  176. Joanne Keith

    Everywhere I can!

  177. Shelly

    Pretty much anywhere. Usually in the car or in the patio with a glass of wine!!!!

  178. Leota

    On my balcony overlooking the water as paddleboarders and kayakers (some of my other hobbies) breeze by.

  179. Heidi

    Hanging in my hammock in the woods, or while sitting next to a campfire!

  180. Cristyn

    In the shade, at the lake, while my kids are swimming.

  181. Alanna-Jane K

    Summer is such a lovely time to knit outside, with great friends, and either live folk music and/or picnics and/or all the pretty flowers. Besides, when one knits in summer, said knitting can be WORN in cooler seasons!! Also, this giveaway is super amazing and led me to you!!

  182. Amanda Smayda

    I love in Texas so in the summer I love to knit anywhere there’s air conditioning.

  183. Janet G

    I’ve been known to knit anywhere and everywhere, to be honest if I can’t take my knitting or craft then I am simply not going. 😉

  184. Kristy

    In my hammock!

  185. Angela

    I’ve tried the deck, but inside in the AC is best, especially when I’m working with wool or warm-weather fibers. Thx!

  186. Sabrina

    I love knitting in the car, soo many places to go during the summer that I get a lot of knitting time.

  187. Jennifer Erickson

    My favorite place to knit in the summer is on one of our vacation road trips. And, if our destination is in another state, I always have a list of the LYS for that area, and make a point to stop and check them out! I have a few favorite yarn shops in other states from Florida to California…..just a few.

  188. Serina Kelley

    I live in Florida so the best place to knit in the summer is in front of the AC, curled up with Netflix on!

  189. Ashfi

    I love knitting anywhere in the summer! I usually like the trains on my commute to school/work bc it’s always air conditioned and I can work on my wool projects.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! Hope I win!!

  190. Heather W

    On the New Haven Green

  191. Patsy

    At the library.

  192. Kim Cloutier

    Now that my last baby has graduated from high school I will have more time to spend on me. The activities and sports, driving from here to there is almost completely gone. There is some quality knitting while passengering to college move in/out…but I expect my knit time to increase significantly! I love to have new things to play with. Oh, yes please! and thank you!

  193. Kellie Kachek

    In waiting rooms – it helps the time fly by.

  194. Cathy

    Love to have my “needles” OR “hook” in my hands when out fishing with my husband! That way we’re both in command of the ocean!! HAHA

  195. Carmen

    When the weather is nice, I love dragging out my comfy lawn chair and sitting under the apple tree with my yarn and hooks/needles. If it’s over 85º and/or over 75% humidity, I’m crafting inside in the a/c.

  196. Tonya B.

    My favorite place to knit is……at the back of my property, underneath a huge Oak tree surrounded by my small flock of sheep. It’s an extremely peaceful experience!!

  197. Linda G Howell

    My favorite places to knit during the summer are 1). On the balcony overlooking the intercoastal waterway in Myrtle Beach and 2). On the porch of my brother in law’s farm in Virginia overlooking the cattle and mountains.

    Both places are so peaceful and relaxing.

  198. Magdalena Martin

    My favorite place to knit is on the swing by the pool overlooking my yard, or at the weekend place on the porch watching the deer feed

  199. Keri

    I love to knit here and there. I love to knit everywhere! Lol
    In the summer my favorite place to knit in air conditioning since I’m usually working on my X-mas gifts.

  200. Kelly Wallace

    My favorite knitting spot is on my coach with the fan blowing! It’s hot here in the south!


  201. Betty Ann

    I am fairly new to knitting and am loving to sit on my front porch on Cape Cod with my knitting. The salt air, ocean breeze and a project…heaven!

  202. Jane Davis

    I love to knit on road trips. Makes the lime go by really fast.

  203. I love to knit in the garden during summer!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  204. Patricia Carroll

    At my local coffee shop, outside under the tree with my dog at my side.

  205. Lisa

    On the airplane on trips to Europe 🙂

  206. Helen King

    My favorite place to knit is sitting on the couch with everything I need on the side table beside me.

  207. Alex W

    Favorite place to knit is wherever I’m at!

  208. Natalia Zecca

    My favorite place to knit in the summer is out in the field with the alpacas!

  209. Michelle

    I’m hoping to knit with my toes in the sand with waves crashing softly in the background this summer!

  210. LaVelle Nott

    II love to knit when I am camping, so far this year we have been to the coast twice.

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