How To Use Our iPhone Knitting Emoticon Stickers

We’re excited to share that we have made our Knitting Emojis into an iPhone sticker pack! This means, if you have an iPhone or iPad you can download our emoticons and use them in your text messages!

PostStitch knitting emojis are now available foriPhone. Find out how to download and start using them!

While Android users cannot download and send them, they can receive them. We’ll be working on something for Android users next!

The easiest way to get our Knitting Emoticon stickers is to download them from this link using your iPhone or iPad:

How To Use Your iPhone Stickers

After purchasing our Knitting Emoticons sticker pack from the iTunes store, click on your iPhone Messages app to send a text message.

Create a new text message and put in the recipient in the “to” field. Then, to the left of the text typing field at the bottom of your screen, click on Apps button, which looks like the icon on the App Store button (see below).

After pushing the Apps button, you will be taken to your recently used stickers (see below). If you don’t see your knitting emojis, return to the main menu by clicking the icon in the bottom left hand corner that looks like a grid of 4 ellipses (see below).

You will then be taken to a menu that that has an overview of all your sticker packs available (see below). Click on the Knitting Emoticon button to display the available stickers to use in your text message. Then, just click on a sticker and hit send!

While our knitting emojis look great as stand alone stickers, you can also use them to enhance a comment or picture that has been sent in the text message exchange. Just lightly hold the sticker you want to use from the preview/selection window at the bottom of the screen (like you would hold an app icon to move or delete it) and drag it up to the messaging window and drop it on the comment or picture you would like to attach it to. See how we gave the thumbs up on the picture below?!

Have fun with these emojis and keep an eye out – we’re hoping to release more!


Please note that these Knitting Emoticons were created by PostStitch and received copyright status and protection from the US Copyright Office. They may not be reproduced, replicated, or sold without the written permission of PostStitch. 

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2 Thoughts to “How To Use Our iPhone Knitting Emoticon Stickers”

  1. Shannon

    I have Android will it be available for Android?

    1. PostStitch

      For now you will be able to receive them from someone with an iPhone. But know, we are working on them for Android and we’ll update you as soon as we have them available!

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