GIVEAWAY: Mother’s Day Gift Collection

THIS GIVEAWAY WAS CLOSED ON MAY 8th, 2017. Congrats to Kerri who was randomly picked as our winner!

There’s a good chance that is was your mom who taught you how to knit. Or maybe it was her mom who instilled in you an excitement for knitting and purling. This Mother’s Day we celebrate the heritage of knitting and how it continues to be passed down to inspire a new generation of knitters, dyers, designers, and innovators.

To mark this occasion, we have put together a collection of some our favorite knitting things. From yarn to needles to notion bag essentials, we’re giving you the chance to win it all!

You could win:

(1)Β 4″ MINI Interchangeable Needle Set from ChiaoGoo (not yet available for purchase! You’ll be the first to have these amazing needles!)

(1) The Original YarnPop Single project bag

(1) Skein of SnazzyPop (80% Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon, 430 yards, fingering weight) in Annie B. colorway from The KiwiPop Studio

(2) Skeins of Β Vega (50% Fine Alpaca, 30% Merino, 20% Silk, 219 yards, worsted weight) in Tea Rose colorway from Luna Grey Fiber Arts

(1) Healing Hand Butter in Sweet Lemon Ginger scent from Sally B’s Skin Yummies

(1) Moisturizing Body Buff in Lemongrass from Sally B’s Skin Yummies

(1) Set of 9 Knitting Emoticon Pins from PostStitch

The package – valued at over $200 – can be yours!


ThroughΒ Monday, May 8th, post a comment on this blog post telling us who taught you how to knit. On May 9th, we’ll pick one comment at random to win the entire stash of goodies. An email will be sent on May 9th with the winner (and a few other fun surprises!)

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the fabulous mothers out there who made us the knitters we are today!


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434 Thoughts to “GIVEAWAY: Mother’s Day Gift Collection”

  1. Helene Wren

    The mini interchangeable needle sweet….swoooooooon!

    1. Connie Walker

      My Nanny was always knitting, I used to watch her for hours asking all kinds of questions. I didn’t take up knitting myself until I finished university, but every time I start a new project thoughts of her always come to mind πŸ˜€

  2. Rebecca

    I taught myself how to knit when I was a freshman in high school. We were doing a knitting project in my child development class and my teacher didn’t know how to knit so she couldn’t yeah is how to. So I taught my self by reading books on knitting. I stoped knitting for several years and recently picked it back up again.

  3. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was 8 or 9, when I was spending a week at my grandparents’ house in the summer. I picked it back up in college and now, a decade plus later, I’m still going strong! My grandma is an awesome woman; I’m so glad to have spent time with her as a child, and I really appreciate that she taught me such a cool skill.

    1. Diana

      My beautiful mother and Aunt Grace taught me the Love to knit and crochet ..! It’s a Spical kind of love and relaxing ..! Thank you mom and aunt grace!
      I’ve taught my girls and now teaching my 8 yr old grand daughter

  4. Jill Lagerstam

    My grandma taught me how to crochet which brought my interest to knitting. She didn’t knit so I taught myself from a book.

  5. Teri Adams

    I taught myself to knit. My aunt taught me how to crochet.

  6. Lorri

    My grandmother taught me how to knit. I could not have been older than 5 or 6, she set me up with pencils and some chunky yarn while she worked on her own projects. As I grew up, my tools moved to proper knitting needles for birthday and Christmas gifts. All the while, she would always watch over my shoulder as she knitted, fixing stitches I twisted or dropped, and she always handled binding off. After she passed away, I had a few WIPs that sat on needles for different reasons, but all because I was stranded…she had always fixed my errors and helped with the binds off. I just could not bring myself to finish without her. I picked up crocheting instead, teaching myself from Youtube and blogs. Now, years later, I am back at knitting…and I’d like to think she’s still sitting over my shoulder, watching me fix my errors and finish off my bindings all by myself now.

  7. Marianne Lewis

    Apparently my mom taught to knit by the time I was 5…I have no recollection of the lessons but feel like I have been knitting my whole life! So apparently 1969 was my knitting inauguration date! To this day my mom and I share the live of knitting and are planning on attending an knitting retreat together.

  8. Jacqueline Fong

    Thanks for the giveaway! My mom and my grandmother taught me to knit when I was younger. My grandmother used to make a lot of my clothes and slippers and I wanted to copy her so they both taught me to knit. <3

  9. Lisa Benson

    My best friend Anne and I were taught by her Mother how to knit when we were in grade school.
    Still love knitting today!

  10. Stephanie P.

    My mom taught me how to knit over ten years ago. More recently I have returned the favor and taught her how to crochet.

  11. Mindy

    I’m an opera singer and it’s a fellow singer friend who taught me how to knit and purl! She’s amazing at knitting and it has really helped me with all the performance anxiety and stress! Thank you to Nola Richardson for teaching me how to knit!

  12. Flo

    My mother in law taught me how to knit when I was 16 and it took a lot of patience on her part because it took me some time to get started. My mom taught me how to crochet several years before and I couldn’t understand why there were no hooks at the end of knitting needles and how you would be able to grab the yarn without them. I couldn’t imagine my life without knitting and crocheting.

  13. I’ve been knitting since 4th grade, when my aunt taught me. Addicted instantly.– I even knit my prom dress! Now I’m knitting for my first grandchild. A gift of creating that’s lasted all my life!

  14. Deborah Hartley

    My grandmother taught me to crochet athe the age of 8. I then got a how to book and taught myself to knit by looking at the pictures.


    I actually taught myself how to knit after major ab surgery about 13 years ago. My mother always crochet and she cant knit and I cant crochet LOL

  16. Lena-Andrea Kobett

    Though my mom does knit, I was first taught by my paternal great aunt, while my gramma taught me to crochet. When I got back into knitting in my early twenties, my mother picked her needles back up as well. We really enjoy sharing this passion for creating with each other.

  17. Joy

    My Mom did in fact teach me to knit when I was about 7. I remember sitting on the floor working with white squeaky acrylic. I think I made a doll scarf. She was knitting me and my sisters scarves. I still have mine!

  18. Dina Dillon

    I actually taught myself! I have friend who taught me how to crochet while at a day care when the kids were down for a nap (so we wouldn’t go to sleep! lol)…but I wanted to learn how to knit, so I bought myself a small kit and have done so. πŸ™‚

  19. Kathy H

    A friend of my grandmother’s taught me to knit because I was bothering them while they playing canasta. What a gift she gave me!

  20. Trina Mechling

    My step-mom taught me how to cast on, do the knit & purl stitches when I was 12yrs old. The rest came from books and now youtube (ya internet!).

  21. Julie Katz

    My mother and grandmother taught me to knit sometime before the age of 10. I stopped for a bit went back to it when I was in college and am now thoroughly addicted!!!

  22. Lauren Hier

    I’m mostly self-taught from You-tube. I do remember my mom showing me a basic knit stitch when I was pretty young, but we never went over purling or even casting on and off.

  23. Sabrina Templin

    I actually learned to knit from a DVD that my friend gave to me as a gift. It was perfect for me because I could back it up and replay it over and over til I got it! πŸ˜€

  24. Mary

    I’m the youngest (by some years) of five siblings. Apparently my mom taught all the others how to knit, but not me πŸ™ (Love her lots anyway) I decided to learn how to knit a few years ago and found a wonderful local yarn shop with the greatest teacher and now I’m hooked. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  25. Phyllis

    My mother taught me to knit.

  26. Diana

    My mom taught me to crochet when I was 6 years old. Her mom taught her before she died when my mom was 16 so that was all she knew. When I was 13 I decided I wanted to learn how to knit so I found a book and learned on my own then I taught my mom as well and returned the favor. I’ve always loved the feel of the yarn and the calmness it gave me!

  27. Shawna Boyd

    YouTube!! I always wanted to learn so 7 years ago I ran to the store picked up some needles and searched for knitting tutorials online. It’s been love ever since!

  28. Jane Davis

    I learned to knit thru YouTube .

  29. I learned in 4-H. Loved every minute of knitting, sewing and bird watching. Skills that are still fun! Then in my retired years my friend taught me circular needles and knitting socks!

  30. Regina Kucharik

    My first year of teaching school, a fellow teacher taught me how to cast on & do a knit stitch. After that I taught myself everything else from books by Barbara Aytes & Barbara Walker.

  31. I lernd to Knit over internet πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’»

  32. Roberta

    My grandmother taught me to knit when I was about 7. I would get off school bus at her house. Donuts and milk, then knitting !
    I have both grandmother’s knitting needles

  33. Avery Wright

    My high school religion teacher. We had clubs to join and knitting was one. She made the most amazing theme sweaters. My favorite was her Halloween sweater. I stopped when my friends thought it was grandmotherly. But I picked it many years and remembered what she had taught me. Thank you Mrs. Urbine.

  34. Brianah

    My story is a bit different than the typical. I was pretty much a self taught crocheter and always wanted to learn to knit. My husband had to have open heart surgery at age 35 due to a bad heart valve, unfortunately my daughter (2 years old at the time) was hospitalized at the same time for epilepsy. I was worried, tired and torn in so many different directions. As they both were discharged from the hospital and recovering at home, a friend (Dava Jo) recommended knitting as stress relief. She signed me up and paid for my first knitting class at our local yarn store, Crafty Hands. I owe her not only for helping me learn a new craft, but also for helping me figure out a way to maintain my sanity in very trying times.

  35. Jennifer Lynn Bethke

    my grandmother taught me to knit and my mom taught me how to crochet… in turn I taught my mom how to knit many years later πŸ™‚

  36. Amber King

    What an amazing bundle! My mom and my 4th grade teacher taught me to knit. So thankful for both their pacience in the process… it’s my favorite hobby today!

  37. Mother and father both taught me to knit and crochet.

  38. Kerri

    Mother’s Day giveaway. My mother and grandmother taught this lefty how to knit. They are right handed. Big shoutout to them.

  39. Rachel L

    My aunt taught me to knit

  40. Conchi Rodes

    My mother taught me when I was a child.

  41. Jennifer Ege

    My sister Stephanie Zubal taught me how to knit. It was 17 years ago when we both moved to Florida. I never thought I’d be able to do it but I got hooked too!

  42. Meg

    I moved to Bozeman, Montana and figured I needed to have a good winter hobby – so the nice folks at Stix knitting shop on Main St taught me how to knit!

  43. My mom tried to teach me how to knit, but it didn’t stick (she did teach me crochet, though, and so many other crafts). Knitting didn’t work for me until I found mirror Continental, which was on about my 5th? attempt to learn. So I’m mostly self-taught.

  44. Suzanne

    I taught myself to knit reading books, watching YouTube videos, and lots of help from Amy Rosenbaum and a couple other professional knitters. I knit everyday, always have at least one pair of socks on my needles plus two other projects. Very thankful for the help I received while learning….I didn’t even know how to select yarn for projects much less how to simply knit and purl.

  45. Pamela Sobczak

    The staff at Knitche in Downers Grove, IL taught me to knit.

  46. Rebecca

    I taught myself to knit with the help of YouTube and books. My grandmother and Mom love to crochet so they taught me to enjoy yarn and making gifts, but knitting is my true love. 😊

  47. Laura

    A very dear friend of mine who was also a spinner taught me how to knit one day at out spinning meeting. I forgot to bring my fiber so didn’t have anything to work on. She handed me a pair of double point needles and told me what to do. She of course had the sock pattern memorized so I did exactly what she told me to do. That was the first pair of socks that I ever made and also leaned to knit that day. She has since passed away but I will never forget her and my first pair of socks all thanks to her.

  48. When I was 7 or 8 years old a good friend of mine’s grandmother taught me the basics (how to do the long-tail CO, knit the knit and purl stitches, and how to BO). All I ever did was garter stitch squares in boucle yarn that were meant to become scarves but never did. Shortly after my friend’s grandma went to a home and I never went beyond that and stopped knitting. 20 years later I was pregnant and in a new city where I didn’t know a soul. So I picked up some yarn and needles and re-taught myself through the use of Youtube videos and the Stitch n’ Bitch books. I found a knitting group of ladies all around my age and they really inspired and encouraged me to go outside my comfort zone. I haven’t looked back since!

  49. Sonja Johnson

    My mom taught me how to knit when I was about 7 or 8. She worked part time at the local yarn store at that time, and I would be there with her after school.

  50. Keli

    I taught myself how to knit. I love the classic look of a hand knitted garment. I recently had a daughter and I wanted to be able to pass something (a skill) down to her that only me and her share. Knitting was my first thought! I’m still learning but she’s growing up watching me and becoming more and more interested!

  51. Courtney

    I taught myself how to knit watching videos online, about 7 years ago now. I never had family members who knit but my 5 year old daughter is excited to learn soon, so that will be fun!

  52. Rachel B.

    I learned in a class at The Yarn Lounge (now closed) in Richmond, Virginia. I haven’t stopped since!

  53. Lima Lee

    My mother taught me how to knit! I remember as a little girl, I kept giving up because I always messed up but she always told me that practice makes perfect and now I can say that that is true! My mother is now ill and I cant see her often, but I want to make something for her and hope I get this giveaway to make it come true.

  54. Pam

    My mom taught me how to knit when I was about 12 years old.. I didn’t really pick it up until I was in my 20’s and made my first sweater. I have been knitting ever since, almost 50 years.

  55. Christina G Nagi

    My Mom was the first to show me how to knit when I was about 9 or 10. Then I knit in high school with a friend. Then started again about 12 years ago at local yarn store. Now I go to a Knit Night group at a friends house. I have taught me 3 kids ( 2 boys and one girl ) how to knit when they asked to learn.

  56. Angie

    My grandma taught me how to knit! I just loved spending time with her.

  57. Sarah Mahan

    I started to teach myself from the Stitch and Bitch book, then I took a class at my LYS in Spokane, WA. I learned from Gerda, who then became a good friend of mine.

  58. Rachel W

    My mother taught me to knit in high school and crochet in my early 20’s. It didn’t stick at the time, but years later I picked it back up and am so grateful now for that introduction to what is now one of my favorite pastimes!

  59. Jennifer

    I taught myself to kint, with the help of YouTube. I have a blanket my grandma had made before she passed away and that blanket inspired me to learn.

  60. Diane Muenchow

    My mother taught me to knit my senior year of college and so everyone that year received scarves for presents! It is a hobby we both enjoy and have had fun exploring new ideas and techniques together over the years. Hopefully one day i will be brave enough to tackle learning how to use her knitting machine! πŸ™‚

  61. Veronica Erdmann

    My mother did indeed teach me to knit, and crochet, and embroider, etc, etc.!!
    I am grateful for the gift that she shared that had indeed lasted me throughout my life.

  62. Nobody really taught me how to knit or crochet. My grandma showed me a little bit of crochet when I was very little but I didn’t start until I was a teen, and I learned from books and YouTube videos!

  63. Helen M

    I taught myself to knit when I became pregnant with my first baby. Now I knit some of the same items for my grandson and granddaughter that I knit for my kids over 35 years ago. Thank you for the generosity for this giveaway.

  64. Sally

    My mom taught me to knit with steel needles and scratchy pure wool. My grandmother taught me how to crochet. For a long time I just did crochet making endless numbers of purses, which basically was a long rectangle of SC then folded and whip stitched. Now I rarely do any crochet, It’s all about the knitting!

  65. Kim

    My grandmother taught me πŸ™‚ happy Mother’s Day!

  66. Grace

    My mom taught me to knit when I was about 7.Nothing has given me greater pleasure than when I knitted sock for her.

  67. Devon

    My Memere inspired me to knit, but passed away before I was old enough to have her as a resource. I taught myself using the books and notes she left behind. I still use her needles for special projects <3

  68. Inna

    My mother taught me how to knit and my cousin’s grandmother taught me how to crochet. I started relatively late – in the college, but could not stop since.

  69. Kathleen Fennelly

    My nana taught me when I was 6 or 7 — while watching the Michael Douglas show. Does that date me?

  70. Katie Lynn

    My mom originally taught me to knit when I was 10, and then I forgot until I was about 19 and tried to pick it up again. That time I had to self-teach with a super old book I had.

  71. Rit L

    Happy Mother’s Day to you all. My mom taught me to knit. I loved knitting from the start and have been knitting ever since.

  72. Jeanette

    My husband surprised me by knitting me a birthday present one year. After I saw that he could passably knit I wanted to learn as well! So my Mother-in-law taught me how. So thankful that she took the time to do so. I now have a hobby for life!

  73. Kara Nguyen

    My grandma taught me to knit when I was around 8 or 9. She taught me the basics then I went on to learn more by myself. Now I teach her new techniques!

  74. Paula B

    My mom taught me in 4-H, when I was eight years old. Still knitting!!

  75. Michelle

    I took a free class at the local YMCA 11 years ago when my youngest entered first grade. I have been obsessed with knitting ever since. 😊

  76. Jess Trado

    I learned to knit at a LYS in my new city. My teacher was Eli and we quickly became friends. I am forever grateful for Eli’s teaching skills- helping me to overcome my frustrations with DPNS! I didn’t know many folks when I moved here, so knitting was quite a help to me. It gave me something to do, something to challenge myself with, and opened me up to a large community of wonderful people.

  77. Patricia Thompson-Santiago

    My grandmother taught me to knit when I was 5 years old. I love knitting and shawls are my absolute favorite thing to knit and cables are my favorite ❀️

  78. Angela DeMeritt

    Ho. Lee. Cats!!! *That* is a giveaway! So much loveliness in one package! I actually taught myself to knit. In the early 2000’s bought Knitting For Dummies, some aluminum size 8 straight needles, some Lion Brand yarn… and the rest is history. I have grown in skill and choosiness over the years πŸ˜‰.

  79. I learned thanks to the wonderful tutorials that many generous people share on youtube.

  80. kortney b

    I taight myself to knit from books & then later took a class online to learn continental style knitting, i think jer name is Lorilee Bateman maybe. I now knot continental and love it!

  81. Patricia Carroll

    It was my Mom, of course..And I lost her 3 years ago, so I tear up just thinking about it. She was so creative, so good at making anything, and she made a lot in her life and shared so much of it with me.

  82. Melissa ross

    My teacher was good ol’ youtube…isnt that how we learn everything? Lol

  83. Marcy Eberbach

    My mother take get me how to knit when I was 3-4 years old. When I was 8 I started knitting blankets and dresses for my Barbie Doll. I’m 64 years old and still knit every day!!!

    1. Patti Bottoni

      My older sister taught me to knit when I was around 12 or so but didn’t “get” it until much later after I learned to crochet and I was about 16 !

  84. Tori Flores

    I taught myself how to knit in middle school by reading books. I didn’t knit for several years, then picked it up again in college. Now I can’t stop! I’m currently trying to teach my mother how to knit but she doesn’t share my fiber enthusiasm πŸ˜‚

  85. Katie

    My younger sister taught me when we were in college.

  86. Sarah Wayne

    My mother taught me to knit when I was about 8 or 9 years old. After that, I kind of forgot about it! When I was 22 and expecting my first son, I started knitting him a baby blanket. I have fallen in love with it more every single day since then! Love that my mama taught me. <3

  87. I taught myself to knit as a teen after seeing my cousin make a beautiful baby sweater in one setting! I was intrigued at the bulky lofty yarn and interesting needles (they were circulars, but I didn’t know it at the time). While we sat sipping coffee and nibbling on German Plum Cake, she worked up a sweet newborn pullover. I knew I had to learn what she was doing, so I ran over to the library and checked out a couple of books – there were not many available back in the late 80’s). I have picked up my needles daily ever since then!

  88. Joyce Cheney

    I watch both grandmothers knit for years. wasn’t until long after they passed I wanted needed to learn my self. I found friends to cast on and then I just kept picking patterns and learning more. I’m so thankful for my love of fiber, it has brought me much joy and new friends.

  89. Meaghan Wilson

    My mom taught me to knit in Grade 6. There was a knitting club at school that year and I had wanted to join but was unable to due to too much interest. I went home and asked my mom to teach me to knit instead!

  90. Lauren Bell

    Oh my! So many fun goodies! It was my grandma who taught me to knit – and to sew too!

  91. Danielle

    What a great give away! My Grandma taught me on a pair of giant nails because I was so excited to learn.

  92. Irene

    My grate grandmother taught me to knit socks 😊 I was 5 πŸ‘

  93. Roberta

    I am a self taught knitter. I learned about four years ago.

  94. Carolyn Amador

    Ms. Marilyn taught me how to crochet in 2003, and Lori taught me how to knit in 2004. (Co-workers) Then Youtube took over after I got all the basics.

  95. Denise White

    I didn’t have anyone local I could ask to teach me how to knit, so I purchased a few beginner classes on Craftsy and then supplemented that with YouTube when I couldn’t understand a term in a pattern. The one and only class I’ve taken was for brioche and the teacher couldn’t work with me because I had somehow developed a very “unique” way of knitting left handed she couldn’t understand. Thank you for the chance to win such an amazing package.

  96. Ann

    I’m self taught, but never would have tried, if not for a work friend who owned a local yarn store.

  97. Deborah Gajee

    My daughter taught me how to cast on, knit, and purl. She was taught by my mum. I went to a local yarn shop for a few classes and never stopped. Going on eight years now.

  98. Gigi McLaughlin

    I learned to knit while I was in school in Sweden during college!

  99. Alisa

    I was taught to crochet by one of my best friends, that lead to me wanting to figure out how to knit. I actually am self taught via books & you tube. (Thank GAWD for YouTube!!) and NEVER looked back!

  100. Wendy Weng

    I’ve been teaching myself to knit for about a year. It’s been a tough but fun process. I also have an amazing group of ladies via a fb group that I can ask questions and get lots of help. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing giveaway. πŸ™‚

  101. Siri

    My mom taught me the basics on how to knit and also signed me up for an intro to knitting class at our LYS to get fully established. A wonderful gift considering its 12 years later and I’m still completely addicted!

  102. Maria

    A friend’s mom taught me to knit on a road trip. I was in middle school and have been knitting ever since then.

  103. Carolynn Alvord

    My mother tried during the ’60’s, but I picked it up again in my 50’s and used several online tutorials, books and several knitting web sites! So, basically self-taught. I would love to try out the ChiaoCoo needles with that yummy yarn.

  104. ms. mooniverse

    My beautiful mom tried to teach me how to knit when I was 12 and I was so resistant as 12 year olds are but it must have stuck bc as an adult, I took it back up and I love it and my mom!! πŸ™‚

  105. Dana M

    Members of a knitting group taught me how to knit and You Tube filled in the gaps along the wayπŸ€—

  106. Angela M

    My Grandma taught me to knit one summer. It used to be something I pretty much only did while visiting them. I kind of wish she could see how huge a part knitting plays in my life now.

  107. Leora

    My grandma, when I was 10.

  108. Jackie

    My supervisor in a previous job taught our whole office how to knit – not only was it a great team building activity, it is a skill that has stuck with me over many years!

  109. KPP

    My mother, of course. And her grandmother taught her.

  110. Eunice Streat

    Growing up my mother always made yarn items around the home so one day I asked her to teach me how to knit. My mother showed me the basic cast on and knit stitches but when she passed my the project and I attempted it myself, for some reason it wasn’t working for me nor did the movement feel natural. After checking on Youtube I discovered that it was because my mother is left handed and I am right handed so her project was in reverse from what is natural for me, but I still love her for trying. Everything else I learned from Youtube.

  111. Linda G.

    I taught myself how to knit when I was 17 and going through some hard times. Now I knit little toys for my Bear who loves to tell everyone that I made it just for him.

  112. Karen

    My mother taught me to knit.
    In late Spring/early Summer of 2007, I had finished the Masters’ program. I was with my parents one evening and I was driving them crazy. I was restless, and not sure what to do. The time I used to study or do research was now filled with noting.
    My mother said “You need to do something else in that time. Why not learn to knit?”
    She taught me the basics and I was off and running

  113. Marina Alonso

    Oh! I was thought the very basics in grade school, in Argentina. I also remember my grandma and my mom knitting. But, I didn’t really start knitting until my late 20’s, and thought myself.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win these goodies!!!! Not only am I a mama of 3 boys, but, May 9th is also our 15 anniversary! How sweet would it be to win!? 😍

  114. Renee S

    I had an amazing Young Women Youth Leader in my church who was a former Fight Attendant. She was so incredibly cool and she was a KNITTER!! I had always wanted to knit and she taught me. I’ve been knitting for LOTS of years thanks to her teaching me and I still love to knit. (love this give away) Thank you!!

  115. Joanna

    I taught myself how to knit, but I come from a legacy of crafting. My mom is a sewist, my dad does woodwork, and my grandma is a crocheter extrordinaire!

  116. Terry Donaldson

    My Granny taught me how to knit as a teenager, and I got away for a long time. When I got back to it I really learned alot from Stacy Perry.

  117. Sara Lynott

    Knitting great Ashley Martineau taught me my first knit stitch. I learned after that from YouTube.

  118. Jennifer

    I taught myself how to knit but my mom is the one who taught me how to crochet and embroider when I was a child. I didn’t keep up with it until I was an adult and it is now an activity that we love to do together. πŸ™‚

  119. Valerie W

    I’m not sure if it was my mother or grandmother who taught me how to knit as a child. I do remember starting a sweater for myself in middle school, and my mother finishing it for me. I stopped knitting for quite awhile, and then took a class at a local yarn shop to ‘relearn’ after I had kids – it came right back.

  120. My Nana (my mum’s mother) taught me how to knit and then we also had knitting and sewing classes in Primary School for the girls….the days when you still separated the boys from the girls for these kinds of lessons.

  121. Kamber

    I taught myself to knit when I was in my early 20’s. I had been wanting to learn to knit for so long and and after having my second kid finally pushed myself to start.

  122. Genaj

    I learned the basics from my mom, then took some classes to learn different techniques

  123. Catherine

    YouTube and good patterns. I learned to crochet from my mom, but she wasn’t a knitter.

  124. Barb

    How cool! Middle school taught me how to cast on. Many years later YouTube taught me everything else.

  125. Katie

    My Mom taught me to knit when I was younger. It didn’t catch on until my early twenties. Now, almost two decades later, she’s my best knitting buddy! Thanks Mom!

  126. Caroline Ebener

    I learned to knit while working at Veterans affairs Canada, a friend taught me, and the first thing I made was a Gryffindor scarf from Harry Potter!

  127. Sarah

    Took what I thought was a “whatever” job at a craft store during on of my husband’s stations and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made. I learned how to decorate cakes, sew, improved my papercrafting and jewelry making and a fellow coworker, Elizabeth, had the patience to teach me how to knit through all my questions, struggles and mistakes. (Had to take the classes twice, ha ha!)

  128. Amanda S

    My first experience with knitting was when I was around 4. My mom would go to a LYS to knit and would take me with her. Tootsie, the owner taught me how to knit on my fingers to keep me busy while my mom was knitting. Shortly after, we moved and it wasn’t until I was in college that I decided to try picking it up again. I’d forgotten everything I’d learned from Tootsie so my mom taught me the basics. I knitted off and on throughout college and in the years after I graduated. I picked up a book to help refresh my memory since my mom lived 5 hours away. Then a few years ago I had my wisdom teeth removed and was staying with my mom for a few days. While I was there she taught me how to knit in the round and use DPNs. Since then I’ve been hooked. I still call my mom for advice when I get stuck.

  129. Stacy Ferguson

    My mother taught me to knit when I was 5. I knit off and of as a kid and young adult. But now it’s a passion of mine. I have tried to share my learned passions for indi-dyers and natural fibers but I just keep being told I have surpassed my mentor in my skill level. Tho I don’t know where I would be without her help!

  130. Rachel

    My friend Jen taught me the basics, then I took a class with my friend Sloan and made my first sweater. It’s honestly pretty awful but I can’t frog it.

  131. Dale Anne Horn

    I taught myself to knit. My mother and aunts did not knit, but they did other hand work. After 50 years I’m still knitting for my kids and grandchildren. I still enjoy knitting.

  132. Aly Kifolo

    What a lovely set of goodies! My great-grandmother, or “Mam” as we called her, provided the much need inspiration to begin knitting. While she was not around long enough to teach me, her knitted legacy still lives in our family as each blanket, baby sweater, and so much more continues to be passed down. My father, her grandson, felt this same inspiration I think and one Christmas gifted me a learn-to-knit kit with a book of instructions and some simple needles and yarn. Most of my knitting is self taught, but I have had some wonderful family friends and nannies help me learn along the way. I hope I can provide my family the same knitted heirlooms one day, just like Mam.

  133. Tracy

    My mom tried to teach me to knit when I was very young, but I wasn’t so good and took to crochet better. Finally when I was in graduate school I have knitting another try…one of my lab mates knitted and I so wanted to learn. My lab mate ended up re-teaching me, and that time it stuck!

  134. Erica

    I took a class this past fall. My first completed project became part of my mother’s gift that holiday season. Without missing a beat, her first comment was, “what a beautiful scarf! Where did you find it?” Moms are always “knit worthy.”

  135. shoshana silberstein

    I was taught to knit when I was four years old ( I am now 61). My mother would take a few of her kids to the knit shop near our home outside of Detroit, MI, where a woman I thought was ancient named Mrs. Spitzer, wearing a faded housecoat, and smoking like a chimney would measure one of us for my mother’s next project. Sometimes we would have to wait for the other ladies to have their time with Mrs. Spitzer and her steno pad, on which she would patiently write out patterns for each customer. In order to keep me still and busy, my mother taught me to knit. I remember red yarn and fat needles, sitting in a folding chair, while we sat around the green table in the center of the store, piled high with magazines and little tin ashtrays.

  136. Ann Knepper

    I signed myself up for a Saturday morning class in the 8th grade. We learned to make slipper socks!!

  137. Heather Farmer

    I tought myself to knit when we were stationed at my ex husbands first base, and ever since then I have be knitting everyday and I love to pass on my knowledge and teach others to knit when ever they ask. I always have extra needles and yarn with me just in case.

  138. Serina Kelley

    My grandma taught me to knit when I was little. I would get so frustrated because I didn’t seem to have the coordination but she persevered with the lessons. At the time, I felt like they were a punishment because it wasn’t a popular thing to do when I was 10! About 10 years ago I saw a woman knitting on a plane and I loved what she was making. I went home, bought a skein of yarn and a “Teach yourself to knit” book. After watching a couple of YouTube videos, I was hooked! I have never stopped knitting and my family specifically asks for hand knitted gifts!

  139. My mom taught me to knit when I was about 10 or 12, and I have loved ever since. However, I don’t think my grandmother has ever forgiven her for it, since she didn’t get to teach me how to crochet first – and now I’m all thumbs when it comes to crochet.

  140. Anne

    My mother taught me the basics when I was very young and then I retaught myself to knit as an adult.

  141. Marie-Josee

    My grandmother (tried) to teach me to knit as a child but I didn’t get the hang of it then. Later with the help of a friend and my mom (and YouTube!) I learned

  142. Colleen Ballard

    My daughter taught me the basics of knitting and continues to help me when I don’t understand things. She very crafty and talented. She can do pretty much anything.

  143. Amy

    I taught myself to knit and crochet, but I plan to teach my daughter soon!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  144. Robyn

    My Step Grandma taught me when I was about 10, then I recently picked it up again after both of my girls were born as something to do that is mine alone.

  145. Angela T

    Somewhere around the age of 12, I taught myself to knit using a Reader’s Digest craft book, but I’m right handed and somehow the book provided instructions for lefties. Uh oh! (My dear grandmother, a sometime knitter, figured this out.) I never finished the sweater, but decades later, I took at class at my LYS specifically focused on adding beads to a simple scarf. This is when I truly learned how to knit. I made bead-adorned scarves for everyone and have been knitting for 12 years now. Thank you for asking!

  146. Cassidy Diekmann

    I learned to knit from a Facebook friend. It turned out she lived in the same town as me and we had met online through a yarn group. I had crocheted for years and always wanted to learn to knit and she gave me knitting lessons until I knew the basics. She was living in an assisted living center and has since moved away to live with family (I miss our knit & chat nights!!) but I keep in contact with her on Facebook and have since knitted my first ever garment, a shawl!! This is also the first thing I have ever made for myself so it is extra special. I really am glad I met her and was able to learn how to knit….its been such a lifesaver for me as it helps with my anxiety and depression. I will forever be thankful for her!

  147. Suzette Hungerford

    We were snowed in at my husbands aunts house in Connecticut that gave me the opportunity to learn how to knit. Aunt Roseanne is an accomplished knitter and she sat me down with some yarn and knitting needles to teach me how to knit. I have been knitting ever since. That was 15 years ago.

  148. Janice

    My Grandmother taught me to knit before she got brain cancer. She forgets how to now, but enjoys that I can still do it for both of us :).

  149. Sheryl Arzuaga

    My mom had a friend of hers teach me to knit and purl when I was 10. Fast forward 22 years, during a snow storm I decided to pick up my knitting needles that had been packed away. . I joined a weekly knitting group, Ravelry and discovered knit tutorials on YouTube, haven’t put my needles down since!

  150. Michelle

    I taught myself to knit then taught my daughter while she was in high school

  151. I mostly crochet. I knit a bit. Lol that rhymes. I am self taught through you tube.

  152. Andrea Beer

    My mother taught me how to knit. I have never been able to sit and watch tv. I always have to be doing something so at age 12 I thought knitting was a great skill to learn. Now it’s so much more than that to me – creative outlet, relaxation method, boredom buster, etc. It was a great gift from my mother!

  153. Heather Lilac

    My mom taught me to knit when I was a child but I wasn’t really interested. Then about 12 years ago I decided I wanted to learn so taught myself from watching you tube videos. Hope this is open worldwide?

  154. My neighbor taught me to knit. Twenty years ago I was put on bed rest while pregnant with my first born. I was so bored, but she came to my rescue and taught me to knit. I knitted a little bonnet for my baby and then tried for a baby sweater. Silly me, by the time I almost finished my baby girl was too big. I love to knit and even teach others now. I’m so glad my awesome neighbor decided to help me learn to knit!

  155. Vikki Ori

    I am so lucky in that both of my grandmothers were knitters and they taught me.

  156. Sheryl Spurlock

    I always knew crochet. My mother in law and I took a class and I’ve been addicted ever since.

  157. Erica Martinez

    I started teaching myself and then my husband surprised me with a basic knitting class for Valentine’a Day a couple years ago!

  158. jane

    My mom inspired me to knit and taught me some basics and since we live so far apart I used online videos to teach myself things she couldn’t show me on the phone.

  159. This is so awesome! I actually learned to knit through the Craftsy Knit Lab class πŸ™‚ I recommend it to everyone. So useful. I’ve been knitting for 4 years now and I still love it so much.

  160. Sarah Kay Russ

    I decided around 5 am one morning at the age of 29, that I wanted to learn to knit. I started watching YouTube videos, bought some yarn and needles. I actually worked on my very first project a scarf for my great grandma while my daughter was having her first cochlear implant surgery. I have been addicted to the yarn and needles ever since. I’ve been knitting for over a year now and don’t plan on stopping. I will soon be teaching my daughter to knit, and my son loves to feel the yarn.

  161. Shanel Sions

    My sweet friend Laura taught me, and then I used YouTube videos to add onto our my skills. πŸ™‚

  162. Jennifer White

    I was taught how to knit by the grandmother of my host. I was in Switzerland on an exchange program in high school. While I was there the grandmother of the girl I was staying with asked if I’d be interested in learning. I am so happy I took that opportunity. Knitting is my happy place.

  163. Allison Halsey

    I taught myself to knit out of college at my first job. I worked the early morning shift (3am – 10am) and had lots of down time. I needed something I could do to stay busy and stay awake! I bought a book and practiced daily making random sized dish cloths. I’ve come a long way and now love making anything lace. My mom quilts and we love making projects for each other!

  164. Linda Eddy

    My mom taught me to knit when I was 6 years old for a Brownie badge and I haven’t stopped since. My go-to projects are socks so those mini interchangeable needles looking amazing!

  165. Anna

    I watched my Grandma knit and crochet as a kid. But, I taught myself after my first child was born. I enjoy making a variety of projects!

  166. Charlotte A.

    My mom, grandma, aunt, and handwork teacher all taught me to knit at various times between ages 6 and 12.

  167. Janette Gilder

    I was first taught to knit by a teacher at school when I was seven. I taught my self to crochet when I was eleven, and changed my entire knitting style when I learnt to knit socks at 40, now it’s blankie and tiny cardigans for mine and my friend’s grandchildren

  168. Elissa

    My Grandma taught me to knit dish cloths when I was about 12. My mom would help me fix my mistakes, even though she didn’t knit much. Then my Nana gave me her knitting bag just before she died and asked me to finish the mittens that she has started. This really got me interested in knitting again and I haven’t looked back! Knitting has been such a precious gift from my two grandmas.

  169. Heather

    I taught myself with a kids knitting book as my resource…..

  170. Laura Harrington

    A friend taught me how to knit. She actually taught a group of us to knit several years ago. We’ve been meeting every Thursday afternoon since for “stitch and B#%*h”. We also go twice a year to a mountain resort for a knitting retreat. Our group now consists of women in their twenties to women in their eighties.

  171. Linda Colaric

    I took an evening class at Sears & Roebucks when in high school. First project was a ripple afghan which I still have after 50 years.

  172. Hilary Engebretson

    My mother-in-law taught me to knit when I was about 30 years old.

  173. Tori

    I actually taught myself how to knit. It took me a few years of trying to really get the hang of it. I originally learned to crochet (again, by teaching myself), and I loved it. But I love knitting so much that I hardly ever crochet anymore!

  174. Kathy B

    My mom taught me basic knitting in my early teens. I picked most everything else up from books, magazines, and online as I got older.

  175. My Oma and my aunt taught me to knit when I was 8. My other Grandma was a knitter as well but I never did get to meet her. I’m so glad that we still are connected with each stitch though. Xo thanks for the chance to win!

  176. Mary C.

    I taught myself to knit in my early 20s using an old Mary Maxim Learn to Knit booklet. Considering I grew up watching my mother both grandmothers knit and crochet, I have no idea why I didn’t learn sooner!

  177. Stephanie

    I taught myself from a book.

  178. KrisAnn Carlsen

    I was inspired by and taught first by my mom at a young age, 6 or 7. I made scarves for my Barbie. In college, I took a community Ed class to sharpen my skills. I love that my daughter has carried on this passion and skill as a teenager.

  179. desiree

    My Grammie taught me how to knit when I was 6, and I knit scarves for my cat. She was delighted when I picked it back up in college and made her blankets and vests.


    My grandmother tried to teach me. I am left handed and so was she. Only problem was I an ambidextrous.. so she bought me a how to knit pamphlet and I taught myself. I knit dish cloths to learn different stitches. Began when I was about 10, soon will be 70!!

  181. My mother taught me garter stitch when I was little. Thank you, mum.

  182. Lori Mahar

    My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was 8 years old. Now, almost 50 years later, knitting is still my passion. I even knit in my dreams!

  183. Melinda

    I was taught by my admin assistant about 15 years ago. I was re-taught by another co-worker, who was from France and a pit-knitter, a few years later. As a result my technique is a bit janky, but it works for me!

  184. Lisa S

    I learned to knit from one grandmother and to crochet from the other. With every stitch I think of them with love.

  185. ncyankee

    If my mom could see my yarn stash, she’d laugh her head off! Miss her every day.

  186. Beth

    My great aunt taught me to knit at 8. I kept at it for a while but dropped it in my early 20s. I picked it up in my early 30s and have been going strong since then!

  187. Kristen

    Squee!!! I love it all. May 9 is my birthday hopefully that will bring me luck. I taught myself how to knit but my mom taught me how to crochet starting a a young age, I would love to split this with her πŸ’•

  188. Pam McGinty

    I taught myself to knit. Knitting has taken me through some really difficult times, multiple surgeries, and it is just good for you! I’d love to win this wonderful giveaway. It would make Mother’s Day the best ever!

  189. Anne Marie Becka

    I was taught to knit by a wonderfully patient woman at a yarn shop in St. Charles, Missouri. My mother insisted that her three daughters would never take Home Economics or learn “domestic arts.” She wanted us to go to college and have carreers instead, so I took a knitting class on my own at age 29. Now in our 50s, my two sisters and I are all working professionals who learned to knit on our own. When we get together we talk about our lives, our families, our jobs … and knitting!

  190. Janet Eddy

    Mt grandmother taught me when I was 8. I’ve been knitting for 53 years

  191. Susan

    I tried to learn when I was 10 years old but the person teaching me was not patient with me so I put my needles down and kept crocheting. Flash forward ____years to this fall when some of the ladies in our Knit/Crochet group started to teach me and this time with a patient teacher I was able to “get it” and am now practicing different stitches in a sampler scarf. I guess you can teach an old dog a new trick. πŸ™‚

  192. Madeline

    I taught myself how to knit in high school with books and later with internet tutorials.

  193. Juree

    My grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet when I was about 10. My little girl (4) is super excited to learn and always pulling out her “sewing cards” when I am knitting. I can’t wait to teach her!

  194. Jenessa Keller

    I actually taught myself to knit in College. I didn’t do a stellar job at it though and got help along the way YouTube tutorials and my sister-in-law.

  195. Caresse Waite

    My Granny taught me how to crochet when I was 7 and knit when I was 20. She gave me the confidence to do it in my own way and style no matter what the books said. She passed away one year ago to the day and I feel her love and guidance now more than ever in every stitch I make.

  196. Cecilia Wesolowski

    My sister in law loved to crochet. She taught me how to crochet, that got me interested in knitting. I taught myself the basic knit stitch then went to my local yarn store for lessons. I’ve been knitting ever since then. It’s basically my thereapy, always relaxing

  197. Dawn H

    My neighbor taught me how to knit over twenty years ago. She was a retired school counselor and I was a stay at home mom with two small kids in a town without family. Not only did Barb provide her expertise and guidance in the at of knitting… She provided friendship and mentorship to a young woman without asking for anything in return. Although that’s been over 13 years ago… Her voice is always as near as my needles.

  198. My Italian grandmother first taught me to knit when I was a child. It was on straight pink aluminum needles with bright yellow acrylic yarn. I had a small patch of garter stitch on those needles that I kept hidden away for years in a drawer and would revisit it from time to time. I loved that little patch of yellow and wish I still had it today to show my grandmother.

  199. Jessica Harrison

    A friend in our church prayer shawl group taught me how to crochet. I quickly become obsessed and watched video after video on Youtube to learn new stitches. After about a year, I wanted to learn to knit and started watching Youtube videos for that as well. It has been about ten years now that I have been crocheting and knitting and I just simply love it!

  200. Rindie

    I learned how to knit by sitting behind my mom when she knitted and watching her. I used 2 pencils and string from the newspapers. When she saw my strip of about 6 inches wide and 10 inches long, she bought me needles and yar. I was 10 years old

  201. I taught myself how to crochet from a book, after being inspired by seeing the afghans my mom created when she was younger (she could no longer remember how :). I recently was taught how to knit by a woman in my church group… I don’t know if it’s stuck yet though!

  202. Margay Roberge

    My mom taught me how to knit when I was a kid, then when I became a mother, I retaught myself and then my girls.

  203. Anne Marie

    My mom’s neighbor while my parents attended my uncle’s funeral.

  204. Gillian

    My mother taught me the very basics but due to different styles of teaching/learning, anything after knit and purl, I learned from books. I’m very thankful that she started me on a hobby (more of a lifestyle, really) that has lasted more than 40 years.

  205. Keri Hill

    My Aunt Rose started my love affair with yarn! She taught me to crochet. Much later in my life I taught my self to knit. Now that my Aunt is unable to craft due to MS, I like to make useful things for her like a pouch for her phone to wear around her neck for example. Although I find I have more yarn than time to knit, I can’t quit buying such wonderfully soft, beautifully colored yarns!

  206. Julie Stark

    I figured out the basics by reading books, but it wasn’t until I went to my LYS that I learned how to make something other than a scarf. I owe Pam, the owner of Knitting Criations, for guiding me.

  207. Nancy

    Self taught here! Tried learning crochet but knitting came natural.

  208. Cynthia Y.

    I taught myself to knit about two years ago, by using one of those “Learn to Knit” books from a retail store. Now, my goal is to help others learn how! I love it and am glad I’ve learned.

  209. Sima

    My mom had my sister and I take knit and crochet lessons when I was around 9. She had learned how to knit, but hadn’t done it in years. I just recently “picked up my needles” again when I was expecting my daughter and I wanted to make her a baby blanket.

  210. Kelly

    About 6 years ago I bought one of those I taught myself to knit kits and between that and you tube I taught myself, but my mom taught me how to crochet when I was about 9.

  211. Catherine T. Cordeiro

    I was taught how to knit by my Aunt Mary as my mother didn’t knit but embroidered. I was taught how to crochet at the age of 8. Therefore, I had the best teachers!

  212. Pat M

    My mother taught me to knit when I was about
    four years old. She gave me needles, some kitchen twine and started me off, and I made her a very lopsided dishcloth that she used every day. That’s my tip for teaching someone to knit – make a dishcloth! It doesn’t have to be even, doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s a dishcloth that can be put to very good use. For a child especially who can see mom using ‘her’ dishcloth, it is a great start. I know it was for me.

  213. Cody

    My mom’s best friend!!

  214. Tee Munk

    Both my Mom and her mother were knitters, crocheters, tatters, needle pointers…you name it they did it! But they only taught me to knit (or that’s all I would listen to, lol)

  215. Whitney

    My twin sister taught me how to knit when we were in college. I was apprehensive at first since I was so busy with organizations and studying, but I gave it a try and loved it! It is my go-to hobby for relaxing, and I love making shawls, hats, cowls, etc. My mom usually claims whatever I am knitting, and I have made her shawls and socks, which are her favorite handmade gift. πŸ™‚

  216. Janice

    I took lessons from a lady at a yarn shop. Well my first project was a sweater that would fit a refrigerator. LOL aft4r that I haven’t crochet because I developed golfers elbow. But I still crochet.

  217. Kristina McGrath

    What a Mother’s Day treat this would be! Wow! I learned to knit in an adult night life course at a local school ten years ago, and got all the wrong advice lol. Found a wonderful little yarn shop soon enough and had a beautiful older teacher, Sandra, whom I loved and sadly is gone. I won’t forget her teachings!

  218. Suzanne

    I learned how to knit on my own but my Babci (grandmother) inspired me to take it up. She was always crocheting one they were my favorite gifts.

  219. Janet Ulrich

    My mother taught me when I was 9 years old after she learned. I stopped for 8 years and picked it up again from my mother-in-law. I think of both of my mothers when I knit.

  220. JoAnn

    My mother knit often and I learned by watching her. When I was 17 (many years ago) I knit a scarf for my boyfriend (now husband).

  221. Valerie

    My mum taught me and my brothee to knit. I think she would love that I plan on teaching her grandson when he’s old enough since she’s not around to do so.

  222. Lisa Davidson

    My mother,
    slippers made of fentex.
    Yarn have come a long way since than.
    I thought my son to basic knit.. was a lot of fun.
    (he has since than, passed away)
    knitting has been a part of life for many years and unforgettable memories!
    Win or loose

  223. Michelle

    A very dear family friend takes great pride, even forty-something years on, in the fact that she taught me to knit.

  224. Catherine

    What a great giveaway! My aunt taught me to knit in high school and then retaught me after I graduated from college. She continues-20 years later to be my go to person for knitting advice and questions.

  225. I taught myself to knit with Youtube and a book. πŸ™‚

    I got that mini interchangeable needle set for Christmas and love it — but it’s not new. Because. You know. I have it. πŸ™‚

  226. sarah hernandez

    I was inspired to knit by my aunt who lives in the states. Just about 2 years ago, I decided to teach myself to knit by watching youtube videos. I started learning to knit socks. It frustrated my that I had to stop and put them all away for a week. After calming myself done, that is when knitting needles, yarn and I had a relationship. haha! I learned knitting shawls, socks and cardigan.

  227. Lisa

    I learned how to knit at my lys. That was 10 years ago, and I have loved it ever since!

  228. Emily

    I learned to knit through my local 4H club. I send pictures and notes to my knitting teacher. She is in her 90s now. I’m in my 30’s and picked knitting back up about two years ago to help me quit smoking.

  229. Lindsey Gensel

    YouTube taught me how to knit! I had crocheted for years but wanted to learn to knit. I bought books but couldn’t grasp the concept. I discovered YouTube and that was it!

  230. Alexandra Rosenberg

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway! I learned to knit with a roommate during a year abroad in Spain. But my love for knitting didn’t really start until my daughter was born and my dear friend knit her a beautiful blanket. I have been knitting madly ever since! I hope one day to be able to share my love of knitting with my two daughters!

  231. Karen p

    My co-worker!

  232. Laura

    My wonderfully talented momma taught me to knit! I love having that thing to share with her. She learned from her mother, who I never really had the opportunity to know, so it gives me a connection to my grandmother too! I learned recently that someone else who will remain nameless had been telling folks that she taught me to knit, which cracks me up to no end!

  233. A quilting friend taught me how to knit and we started with socks! I’ve never stopped since.

  234. Brittany

    I learned how to knit at the craft center at the University of Oregon. My grandmother was a very avid crocheter, and I suspect she also knew how to knit, but I wasn’t all that interested in it as a kid, so I never got the opportunity to learn from her.

  235. Kate Young Tegtmeier

    Well, this might be more appropriate for Father’s Day, but my Dad taught me how to knit. When he was a young boy in the late 30’s his family lived on the side of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. He broke his leg during the Winter and was not able to walk down into the village to school. With no television and having read everything in the house, my Grandmother said he was so restless she taught him how to knit. He just made squares and Grandma Young put them together into a blanket (I wish I had that blanket). So when I was 6, my Dad taught me to knit. It is a gift I’ve always cherished.

  236. Jeanne Starski

    My Uncle taught me to crochet and my Mom taught me the basics of knitting but I am mostly self taught.

  237. Chantelle Charnley

    My mum taught me to knit when I was 6, and she had learnt from her grandma who- unlike my mum and me- was left handed! So although I’m completely right-handed I’m a Southpaw knitter πŸ˜€ we’ve worked on loads of things jointly- my favourite was the cardigan we made for me when I was 17; it was an enormous slouchy affair made entirely from scrap wool in hundreds of colours. It was so raucous that my little brother refused to be seen with me in public when I wore it!

  238. Amy Lounsberry

    My grandma, ‘Muzzy’ we called her. She was left handed and taught me to knit right handed knowing the struggles
    a lefty can have w/patterns. She was da’best!

  239. Ale

    I first start crochet 13 years ago and I took a class but 3 years ago I decide that I wanted to learn how to knit so I bought a book and YouTube and I self taught me 😊 And I love it everyday I learn something new

  240. Bonnie Thomas

    I learned the basics from the book Knitting for Dummies, but Also got more help from the MIL, YouTube, and all the great friends I’ve gained since starting knitting!

  241. Phyllis Vray

    My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was five years old. I’m 68 now and still knit or crochet just about every day! Have always loved the rhythmic motion and sound of the knitting needles!

  242. Suzy Q

    My mother taught me how to knit when I was in elementary school. I think I knit a pair of navy blue mittens.

  243. My mother taught me how to crochet then the basics if the knit stitch. I didn’t learn how to purl until college when a classmate taught me how to purl.

  244. Amber

    My aunt taught me to crochet 20 years ago when I was 13 and I taught myself to knit 6 1/2 years ago. I have always wanted to knit and crochet.

  245. Gigi Siguenza

    What an awesome Mother’s Day contest πŸ™‚ My mom taught me how to knit when I was little. She didn’t have very good use of her hands (paraplegic) but she loved knitting and crocheting, and enjoyed teaching me and my sisters. She learned from her mother, my grandma. I still have the first baby sweater she made for me, and the very first thing she taught me to make. The love of knitting and crocheting has stuck with me my whole life, and I passed it on to my daughters, and am now teaching my granddaughters. It’s a skill that needs to be passed on from generation to generation, because there is nothing quite as precious as receiving a gift made my someone’s own hand.

  246. Dana Attwood

    I had to teach myself how to knit. Thanks to online videos and tutorials!

  247. Julie S.

    I taught myself how to knit after my boyfriend (now fiancΓ©) insisted I needed a hobby. My grandma was a knitter so I figured it was in my blood since I know her response when people ask her to teach them how to knit…. it’s a big fat no and a go teach yourself. Soooo thank YouTube and a book titled “I Can’t Believe I’m Knitting!” I’ve wanted to teach my mom how to knit but it’s a no go. My sister took super well to it though! Happy to have a knit companion!

  248. Stephanie W

    I was given my Grandmother’s knitting needles and taught myself to knit. She’d have been so happy to see me knit.

  249. Karen H

    My Mother taught me to knit when I was a child, I still have that first project.

  250. Elizabeth Lasswell

    I taught myself how to knit about 10 years ago when I wanted a Hogwarts house scarf of the big, long thick variety seen in the movies and the house scarves for sale in retail shops were just pitiful by comparison. Nothing like some rabid fan-girl nerdism to light a fire under your butt. Lol I still love knitting scarves!

  251. Rose Birchall

    I am the first knitter in my family. I took a class through the local adult education.

  252. Shiela

    My grandmother taught me when I was around 7. I was always inspired by watching her so I wanted to learn. I guess I was rather stubborn and she would get so frustrated but it was worth it. We spend many hours together for many years.

  253. Audrey

    My mom and her mom taught me the basics. THe rest I taught myself!

  254. Caroline S.

    I am self taught- my mom was a knitter but she didn’t want me to have any distractions so i taught myself to make mittens in the round when i was 6. I didn’t knit again until I was 25 when a friend suggested trying Lopi Norwegian sweaters in the round. After several sweaters i became bored. I picked knitting up again at age 44- now with Youtube, great support from LYS and a new circle of friends, i knit all types of items.

  255. Alice G

    My grandmother taught me to knit when I was a kid. Then took classes after my son was born but after going back to work gave it up for lack of time. Now that I am retired I have joined the local knitting guild and am knitting again and enjoying it more than ever!

  256. Luann

    My grandmother taught me to crochet as a child. I learned to knit from YouTube videos

  257. Caryn Prouty

    What a beautiful giveaway! I mostly self-taught myself dinner but in the beginning I was very frustrated and would give up a lot. It was my great aunt who finally explained some stitches and from that point on everything else followed and came naturally. I really have her to think for getting me “over the hump.”

  258. littlebird

    Learned to crochet from my granny, had to learn to knit on my own. Not great at it, but keep trying new things when I can.

  259. Lyn

    I taught myself, but then I taught my daughter. <3

  260. Jessica Powers

    I started learned to crochet at 4 my mother taught me and I have work with yarn ever since then. A few years ago I got sick and couldn’t leave bed for long periods of time I decided to pick up knitting. I would spend hours online watching videos. Starting and tearing swatches out. Finally I picked a pattern. Last October I made a purple Christmas stocking. I remember getting so frustrated with the gusset. I stopped in a local shop called Yarn and a wonderful women named Sunni helped me out. I took very class I could after that. Now almost a year later I make socks for fun while at work. I absolutely love Knitting.

  261. Denise long

    I taught myself to knit when I was in my teens. Saw a knitting
    book of my moms. Started knitting squares for a sample blanket. Now I’m in my fifties and I take my knitting wherever I go, just enjoy knitting very relaxing.

  262. Stephanie

    I started knitting with an elderly client I used to visit for my job as a dance therapist. She couldn’t quite remember how so we learned together.

  263. Linda

    My grandmother taught me to knit. I picked it back up a few years ago and am totally obsessed. Headed to the Maryland Sheep and wool festival this weekend rain or shine! Thanks for the chance to win!

  264. T. Kraus

    Well technically YouTube thought me to knit. However my LYS (Main Street yarns in mason oh) has taught me all kinds of stitches and so much more, like continental knitting is sooo much easier for crocheters. I’d give them most of the credit. My grandmother taught me to crochet about 30 years ago. So that is where my love of the craft started. Thanks for the give away. You all are great.

  265. Christie Frank

    My Granny instilled the desire to knit in me when I was a wee thing, and I made her a “wig.” It was really more like a snarl of yarn, but she loved it anyway, as grannies do. Then my mom took me in hand and actually taught me what to do. It took another 20 years for the knitting fever to kick in, but when it did I became a pretty serious knitter. Thanks, Granny. Thanks, Mother!

  266. Jacqueline Bayazitoglu

    My mother-in-law taught me how to knit four years ago. She would start knitting up a swatch and she would let me continue it. Although I would do exactly the same knit and purl stitches, the section of the swatch knit by me was way too tight, miserably unshaping the project. I was made to finish two pairs of 5-inch squares, on to which my mother-in-law expertly crocheted a border and connected with a simple crochet string. The border somehow improved the shapes of the squares! They became pot holders. My tension is better now and moved on to sweaters. I want to try to knit up my first pair of socks very soon.

  267. Elise Leung

    My grandma taught me how to knit when I was about 10. The first and last time I met her as she lived in England and we lived in. Canada.

  268. Lorie Konopka

    I was lucky enough to both be born on my grandmother’s birthday, and then named after her. I was the only granddaughter out of 10 that she taught to knit! When she passed away, I inherited her cedar chest, but the best gift of all was 25 years after she had died, and I received a package with her last project on the needles still in them! My uncle had found them somewhere after my aunt died. I still use her needles today.

  269. Michelle Coffey

    My mother taught me to knit as a child, but crocheting was easier for me. When my mother was being treated for cancer and we were sending louts of time together for treatments and appointments, it was her idea to refresh my skills. We spent many happy hours fumbling through the basics together. This made for some very fond memories now that she’s gone. (I’ll never forget skiing astound the horse in the toast slippers she made my sister and I as kids! πŸ™‚ )

    I have no idea how you’ll sort thru all these comments, but thank you so much for such s thoughtful giveaway!!

  270. Rachel

    It was a joint effort between my mother and grandmother. If only they’d known about the incipient OCD!

  271. Michelle Solomon

    I actually taught myself with a book I found in the craft section of KMart back in 1994. My Mom was left handed and never was abuto teach me how to knit. I just started knitting before she passed away and I always think of her when I’m knitting. Thank you for this opportunity!

  272. Joan

    I had to teach myself how to knit. I didn’t have anyone who could teach me so I taught myself with books and trial and error. And now, I cannot imagine not knitting! ❀️

  273. My father taught me how to knit.

  274. Ami

    My best friend taught me how to knit. It helped me get through all the long hospital stays with my husband who was in and out of the hospital for two years while he waited for a heart transplant. Knitting then helped me when my husband passed away at the age of 32…knitting is my therapy.

  275. Jenn DiRocco

    I wish I could say that one of my grandmothers taught me how to knit, I loved them both dearly, and they were knitters, yet I have no memory of ever seeing either of them knit! One grandmother made a baby blanket and a sweater for my son, I’ll keep them forever! I learned how to knit in 7th grade home economics class, and then later as a new mom went to a mothers group that had a knitter as the guest speaker and it sparked this crazy, great, awesome skill, hobby, life!

  276. Penny Kennealy

    My mother taught my twin brother and I how to knit and crochet over Christmas Break at age 5 1/2. I remember that my brother was not interested in using his needles and yarn together, his needles became tickle and poke devices. I am still knitting and crocheting 54 years later. Thank you MomπŸ’•

  277. Helen King

    I took a class at a local yarn shop to learn to knit because I had trouble picking it up on my own, but my older sister taught me how to crochet when I was in my early 20’s.

  278. Alex

    I learned to knit at my local yarn shop but my great grandmother taught me to crochet in middle school.

  279. Debbie Hallamek

    Wow! What great prizes! I taught myself to knit with internet and books. Thanks!

  280. Pat Crosson

    A great woman, that I consider better than a mom, taught me to knit when I was 11. I am still knitting 61 years later. Knitting keepe me close to her and to all of knitting friends. πŸ’›β˜•οΈπŸ’›

  281. My mother tried to teach me how to crochet and sew when I was a little girl. I didn’t have the patience needed then. I picked up knitting on my own as a teenager, but later she helped me refine my crochet skills as an adult.

  282. Chris Kilburn

    My Mum taught me how to knit when I was little- boy was that a long time ago! We used my grandmother’s knitting needles- they were straight needles and were light green. It’s funny what you remember. We made little things for my dolls., she of course made more intricate things like sweaters while I made scarfs, and knitted squares we used for blankets. Fast forward many years, my Mum was sick with cancer – I got her the supplies to knit an Irish knit sweater. She loved to knit it while she had chemo, and I would knit as well and we would have “our knitting time”. Unfortunately she passed before she completed the sweater, the sleeves left to knit. Someday I will finish. Knitting is something I always will share with my Mum and think of her when I sit and relax and knit. Thanks Mum , for passing on your love of fiber and knitting.

  283. Tina Martin

    I taught myself how to knit.

  284. Anne

    My mom taught me when I was 8 years old. That was 47 years ago! Yikes, that makes me feel old! She learned from her grandmother at about the same age and is still knitting 75 years later!😊

  285. Hayley Seymore

    I mostly taught myself but I had my mom for backup if I needed help figuring out how to do something. She was great at showing me how to complete certain stitches when I couldn’t figure out the diagrams in my books. I love that I get to share my love of all things crafty with my mom, her sisters, and my grandmother (their mom).

  286. Shelly

    I actually taught myself to knit with an instruction book, and I knitted my mom an afghan for her birthday!

  287. Melinda Larson

    What a wonderful gift! I taught myself to knit through youtube and a lot of mistakes. I was in bedrest while pregnant with my youngest child and I made her a baby blanket.

  288. Mary

    What a generous giveway! I learned to knit as a child in Girl Scouts. I must have learned to crochet at the same time because I can’t remember a time when I haven’t known the rudiments of both crafts. I wasn’t terribly proficient at either craft for decades after that though! I’m just now, in my 50s doing garments and trying some stranded colorwork.
    Thanks again for the chance to enter the giveaway!

  289. Teri Robinson

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have a family member that taught me to knit. I learned to knit by watching YouTube.

  290. Tiffany

    I taught myself to knit from a book after learning how to crochet from Mikey’s Mail ( crochet crowd ) 7 years ago. I then taught my mom and we have been knitting buddies ever since!

  291. Who taught me to knit? My mom’s friends from her life before children, when she worked for the New England Telephone Company….. Mary Mac and Ursula Nixon. They gave me wool and needles and let me sit with them while they talked and sipped tea from tea cups with saucers.

  292. Samantha Riesterer

    I taught myself to knit, but I ask my mom for help when I can’t figure something out because she used to knit when she was in school. This would be a wonderful package for me to share with he because I’ve been trying to get her to knit again so we can do it together.

  293. I learned to knit from my Gramere. She knit beautifully. When I was starting out I did not realize the difference in fibers. Once I learned, I loved finding a beautiful skein of cashmere, alpaca, mohair, angora, silk, or fine wool. It elevated my little scarfs, cowls, and fingerless gloves to a new height. Beautiful yarns still make me happy.

  294. Krista

    My sweet Mother–in–Law taught me how to knit, and I’m forever grateful!

  295. Jennifer S.

    My mother taught me how to crochet first and then knit. I had been an avid quilter, but now I barely touch my quilting stuff unless it’s because I want to make a knitting bag!

  296. Cathy

    I learned to knit from my foster mother who always seemed to be knitting baby sets as gifts with pompadour yarn – the sparkly yarn!

  297. Kristen

    My friend’s neighbor taught me when I was young and my grandmother taught me again when I was 21!


    Actually I taught myself to knit…. No one I knew did! I still don’t know any knitters in real life, twenty years later!

  299. Carissa A

    5 years ago I worked in a coffee shop. An older woman, a grandma, often came in and would sit and knit in the shop. We could chat about her life and her family and she would ask about mine. She taught me to knit and taught me quite a bit about life, family and love along the way. πŸ™‚

  300. Shauna

    My mom! Was a challenge since she’s left handed and I’m not!

  301. Laurie W

    My grandma thought me when I was about 8 or 9, but it didn’t catch on until years later. I took a few classes at a local shop and now I’m hooked. I knit everyday!

  302. Megan

    I’m self taught but my mom inspired me to pick up a pair of needles when she was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. She told me it helped her deal with her stress, so I decided to try it to get me through my last semester at college. It didn’t go so well! Haha. Needles ended up lodged in my wall. But here I am years later knitting up a storm and knitting my stress away. Mom has since passed but her inspiration carries on.

  303. I taught myself how to knit, for the most part. I started with a book, and asked my great-grandma for help when my son and I were visiting her (youtube taught me the rest). She steered me in the right direction, but taught me with all the shortcuts that I know now, but weren’t so great for learning (like the backwards loop cast on). We started with a scarf for a guy friend of mine who was moving to the midwest in the middle of winter from Florida. He was to crash on my couch for a few days while apartment hunting before starting the new semester. That scarf was kind of the beginning of our relationship. Eight years later he still has it. In *our* front closet.

  304. Rebecca

    My grandma taught me when I was 16, but I lost interest as a teen. As my grandma’s health was failing years later, my mom picked up knitting and re-taught me. Now we’re both hooked!

  305. Lorraine Chan

    I was interested in knitting after seeing a visiting aunt when I was a kid. A few decades later there was a groupon for a beginner knitting class at a local store within walking distance. A lovely lady named Celeste taught me the basics while knitting up a cable scarf. I found my creative outlet and the rest is history.

  306. Jodi Odlin

    I remember taking and after school class in 3rd grade. Let’s just say it wasn’t my thing. When I was 30 I took a beginner class at Knit Wit in Portland, Me. This is when I really learned and I was hooked. I still take classses from them!

  307. Rosalba Bassora

    I had come back to crochet a few years ago and wanted to learn to knit. It was a failed attempt at first but thanks to a Facebook post about arm knitting I came to find my knit style. I’m a thrower.

  308. Patti

    My mom taught me when i was young but I only knit a couple of rows. I took lessons as an adult & fell in love with knitting <3

  309. Haleigh

    I learned to knit from a Market Bird KAL on YouTube.

  310. Carolena Revord

    My Mom taught me how to cast on and do just a basic knit & purl. The best part was when I kept asking to learn more & more she gave me her favorite reference book full of beautiful charts to practice with. I’ve made many blankets over the years with those patterns! I to this day get a lot of enjoyment when knitting intricate cables on my socks πŸ™‚

  311. Kerri

    My Mema taught me to crochet as a child. My husband’s grandmother tried to teach me to knit as an adult. Eventually I taught myself from a combination of online videos and the book Stitch n Bitch. I’ve since also learned to weave and spin.

  312. Kristin

    My sister taught me to knit maybe 8 years ago? Now she doesn’t knit at all and I knit all the time. I’m teaching my 8 yr old daughter to knit.

  313. Bronwen

    My mother did

  314. Karen Netzband

    My Grandma taught me when I was about seven years old, over 45 years ago! Looks like an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  315. Alex

    My neighbor Ellen taught me how to knit. I so admired her Clapotis shawl and couldn’t believe she made it herself. She was so sweet and said you can knit this yourself, I’ll teach you how. That was back in October 2015, I’ve since made 3 Clapotis’ and never stopped knitting!

  316. Mary

    My grandkids – Olivia, Logan, and Nolan – I wanted to make them hats, sweaters and socks! Headed to my local yarn store and hopped on YouTube – that’s been 10 years ago – and I knit almost every day!

  317. Michelle P

    I taught myself how to knit! My grandma used to but I was too young to learn when she was still able to knit. I know she’d be proud of me. πŸ™‚

  318. Hang Bedwell

    It was my mom who first taught me how to knit (and also to crochet) when I was in middle school. But it wasn’t until I moved to Australia with my husband, and his Nan helped to reintroduce knitting to me. That was 10 years ago and I haven’t stopped knitting! Finishing a project on the other hand is a skill that desperately needs improving! πŸ˜•

  319. Ifdy

    A friend of mine taught me how to knit not long after I became a stay at home

  320. I taught myself how to knit but my grandma taught me how to crochet.

  321. I taught myself how to knit but my grandma taught me how to crochet. Will make something for my mom

  322. Christine Merriman

    A dear friend of my family taught me to knit a hundred or so years ago when I was a teenager and I still run to her with a problem or two. Thank you Betty Worthen I am forever grateful.

  323. Kathleen Anderson

    My mother taught mr when I was a kid. She used to knit sweaters for me out of wool and back then yarn was not as nice as today”s yarn, it was so scratchy! About 2 years ago a friend from work got me knitting again and I only remembered knit & purl, so I am now teaching myself intermediate knitting techniques. Regarding the prize package, I would love to win the mini needles and the beautiful yarn!

  324. Γ…sa Fager

    My mother taught me to knit. She died when I was young and knitting became a way for me to be close to my mother although she had passed.

  325. Teresa Knittingdancer

    My mom taught me.

  326. Candy Brake

    My paternal grandmother taught me to knit when I was 10.

  327. Melanie

    My mom hates knitting but my grandma could knit in her sleep, she was that good! I am glad I caught her interest and love of knitting!

  328. Jessica Edwards

    I took a few lessons at my LYS and then watched a ton of YouTube videos!

  329. Brandy L. Rucker

    I took a class st Yarnitudes in Sebastopol. However, it was my grandma’s constant crocheting that inspired me.

  330. Grechen Longfellow

    Books & YouTube taught me to knit!
    This is a beautiful giveaway. <3

  331. Karissa Swanson

    My Mom taught me how to knit. We had a knitting circle which also consisted of two of my great aunts. I was 7 or 8.

  332. Jessica Williams

    My mom taught me the basics when I was in junior high school. I promptly forgot it all. I then taught myself about 15 years later.

  333. Sharon Clare

    My mum taught me to knit when I was 7 years old. I always had her cast on my projects for me (usually a wonky scarf) until I moved out. The first projects I knit from cast on to completion was a baby layette set for my employer when I was 20. My mum passed away 4 years ago. I stopped knitting at that time as it was too painful of a reminder. I finally picked my needles back up last summer and now I knit in her honour. I am so grateful to my mum for teaching my this amazing craft.

  334. My great grandmother taught my mom to knit when she was little. My mom taught my daughter to knit when she was 8. I learned to knit at a local yarn shop so I could help my daughter with her projects! My daughter is now 21, graduating from college, and occasionally knits. Whereas I am obsessed with it!

  335. Kelsey

    I taught myself recently how to knit but I was inspired by the older women in my family. My Grandma always wanted me to learn and many of the women in my family are talented fiber artists.
    That rose yarn looks beyond lovely. And those needles!

  336. BunniesForTea

    My Danish step mother taught me how to knit. She used to tell me that when she was a child her and her sisters would knit to make extra money for the family before she moved to the US alone.

  337. My mother taught me to crochet when I was a young girl and I picked it back up later as an adult. Then a year and a half ago, I decided it was time to get some needles. I’ve been knitting ever since and love it! Mom was always doing some kind of craft, making something for someone else. Now I’m a mom trying to pass that on to my daughters.

  338. No one taught me how to knit, and I’m not very good at it. My grandma taught me to crochet, and I’m much better at that.

  339. Patsy Coats

    In the time before internet,I taught myself the basics from a book. Now, I’ve learned so much more from Utube.

  340. Jess

    I first learned to knit at a class my sons preschool was hosting. My mom attended with me, she crochets. She complained the whole time that she just couldn’t get the hang of it, but I was flying through. Granted, it was just a simple scarf but I loved it. After practicing for a while I sat it down. A year later I picked it back up and started watching YouTube tutorials. For the last few years it’s been my go to. My way of relaxing.

  341. JessH

    I first learned to knit at a class my sons preschool was hosting. My mom attended with me, she crochets. She complained the whole time that she just couldn’t get the hang of it, but I was flying through. Granted, it was just a simple scarf but I loved it. After practicing for a while I sat it down. A year later I picked it back up and started watching YouTube tutorials. For the last few years it’s been my go to. My way of relaxing.

  342. Shannon Alden

    My late Aunt Sharon taught me how to knit & Pearl while visiting her for the summer when I was nine. I just learned how to do cables via my aunt Elaine.
    Knitting may be in my Blood, both grandmothers where beautiful knitters and my father’s mother could knit without looking at her stitches (all by touch!) she could knit a sweater without a pattern with your personal request (want an airplane with clouds and your name on it? My grandmother knit one in 3 days!)

  343. Felicia Eve

    One great grandmother taught me to knit and the other great grandmother taught me to crochet when I was very young. I did neither for decades. Then I started knitting again every couple of years and putting it down until I met a woman who is now one of best friends ,who knits, crochets and does needle point. She’s my daughter’s Godmother. I taught my daughter to knit but her Godmother taught her to crochet. She was pretty good at both but now is a teenager and doesn’t have much time for either! I love knitting so much that I am opening a yarn store! Now I can continue to pass on this needle craft tradition.

  344. Donna Kuehl

    I really don’t remember! My grandmother made us all mittens every year and I can picture her knitting. We did have knitting and crocheting in school.

  345. Marie

    Thanks for the giveaway. My aunt taught me to knit.

  346. Marguerite

    My Mom taught me how to knit…and crochet, and sew, and cook, and do counted cross stitch, and crewel embroidery, and supported my creativity in a hundred million ways!

  347. Kam

    One friend started teaching me but then I moved and I had to rely on YouTube videos! I wish my mom had taught me but although she knows how to knit (apparently she knitted a lot of baby things when she was expecting me) she never really enjoyed it.

  348. Mai

    I taught myself to knit, surrounded by the help of my lovely knitting and crochet group! YouTube saved me!! πŸ™‚

  349. Kim Cunningham

    My aunt taught me how to knit and crochet when I was 14!

  350. When I was 16 I met a boy and asked my mom to teach me how to knit. 30 years later I still enjoy knitting and found a group of knitting friends. My kids lately have been telling me they want to learn how to knit. I am hoping one day one of my kids will knit with me!

  351. Katie Mangan

    My mother in law taught me to knit when I first started dating my husband. We were all sittting around and I was staring at her knitting away. She asked if I wanted to learn. She put needles in my hand and I loved it. Mare and I have matching knitting tattoos.

  352. Christina

    My mum taught me to knit when I was about eight or nine. My gran also knit so I think there was plenty of encouragement although most of what I knit before I was 14 or 15 is best forgotten!!

  353. Anita

    My mom taught me at a very young age.

  354. Kimberly Cloutier

    My grandmother taught me to knit when she moved in with us. I was going into sixth grade. In later years my mom and I would take classes together. They are now both gone, but my daughter and I knit together. Can’t wait to teach my grandchildren someday.

  355. Betony

    I taught myself to knit in the early 2000s from the Stitch n Bitch books. I’ve wished for an in person mentor, but luckily I have a sweet IRL yarn shop now!

  356. Wendy

    My Grandma taught me how to crochet, that got me started in my love for yarn. I took classes at a yarn shop to learn to knit.

  357. Corlene Forde

    I learned to knit from YouTube. Since my family is from the Caribbean knitting really wasn’t a thing.

  358. Donna Goldberg

    My mother was a knitter and tried to teach me when I was a teenager. For some reason I couldn’t seem to catch on, perhaps it was because my mom was left handed and I was not? But I have the fondest memories of her making us mittens every winter and loved when she asked me to hold my hands out so she could wind the yarn into a ball. Fast forward to my sweet daughter, home on a visit, excitingly showing me her newly discovered hobby of knitting. She gave me a short lesson, and now, it all clicked together. She created a monster, i can’t get enough of it. I’m hooked! Sadly, my mom passed well before my daughter taught me how to knit. I can only imagine how wonderful it would have been to share this love of knitting with my mother. But the legacy continues as I knit treasures of love for my adorable grandchildren.

  359. Brook Moniger

    My mom taught me to crochet, but I secretly always thought knitting was cooler! So a co-worker at a job where we answered phones taught me when we had breaks from calls 😍

  360. Afeefa

    I learnt knitting from youtube a year ago! Davina from sheep&stitch was a fantastic teacher! Im so excited for this giveaway!!:):)

  361. Rita Darlene Brown

    I am a self-taught knitter! I checked out a few beginner books and went to town a few years ago. Am working on my first cardigan for ME right now. This would be a fantastic 50th birthday present to win…my bday is May 9th…LOL Never underestimate an old lady that is a yarn snob and carries around sticks!!!

  362. Stephanie Heim

    My amazing mother taught me and my sister. My mom taught herself. I would love to win this for her.

  363. Dani Monks

    When I was growing up in Germany, my best friend’s sister used to make the amazing colorful sweater. I used to sit there and watch her make magic with sticks and strings. I used to ask her a million and one questions about her projects and how was this done, and why would she do that. One day she gave me my own pair of needles and some wool and spent lot a time teaching me her art. I’ll never forget Nena, because without I wouldn’t be able to make magic too.

  364. Jacquelyn Martin

    I taught myself how to knit. My mom only does embroidery sadly.

  365. My mother and stepmom had both tried to teach me to knit. So did a friend’s mom and she even gifted me my first pair of knitting needles but no matter what I couldn’t get it. My mom even tried to teach me how to crochet but I couldn’t catch on. I was flustered by the counting and turning in crochet and ended up with the world’s skinniest and uneven baby blanket for my daughter.

    I had seen other shops offering lessons but they were so pricey. I worked from home but for the most part we were a one income family. When my youngest was about eight years ago and I stopped in a yarn shop close to where we lived. I told her that I had seen other yarn shops offer lessons and wondered if she offered them. She said not usually. I said okay and thought that would be that. But then she told me that if I really wanted to learn, she’d teach me for the cost of my needles and yarn. I spent $15 and that night learned how to long tail cast on, knit, purl and seed stitch. That scarf still isn’t done but I pick it up often to do a few rows every now and then and to silently thank Kathy for her patience and teaching me what others could not.

  366. Cassandra

    I taught myself how to knit. But as a mom who knits, I have started to teach my 6 year old! She loom knits πŸ™‚

  367. Kim Allen

    When I was about 7 a sweet older neighbor lady taught me how go use a knitting loom. ( her husband built it for her years earlier)
    But for actually knitting I taught myself from youtube about 2 years ago. πŸ™‚

  368. siobhan

    What an amazing prize I’ve only found your blog and so glad I have! Thanks for The chance to win

  369. Linda Walsh

    I taught myself to knit but my grandma taught me to crochet as a teenager. I love both crafts equally. Yarn makes me happy!

  370. Heather Grant

    I taught myself to knit using videos/tutorials online.

  371. Elizabeth Decker

    I took a class at the now closed Woolly Lamb LYS. Support Small Business!!!

  372. Cynthia Beard

    I was taught by my 3rd grade teacher. She taught the whole class, both boys and girls. I didn’t continue knitting until about 3-4 years ago when I picked up knitting again. My youngest daughter was knitting and I thought it would be a wonderful way to spend time together. I love to knit during stressful times especially because my knitting is as good as any therapy. πŸ˜‰

  373. Karine

    My sweet little grandmother! I became interested in knitting after watching my friend knit a scarf for her aunt. My grandma sat me down and patiently showed me how to knit and Purl and throughout the entire weekend she corrected my knitting and answered all my silly questions!

  374. Dina Dillon

    I taught myself πŸ™‚ I was taught by a friend to crochet but really had the interest to knit.

  375. Tina Wootton

    Learned to knit from my mom! She was a beautiful knitter. We would have yarn ball winding competitions with each other. I learned to crochet from my great grandmother who was born in 1882! Love them so much for these precious times spent together and the talents they shared.

  376. Inga

    My mom used to make my dolls little cute cloths, but she only had very little time to do it. So by the age of 6 I lost my patience πŸ˜ƒ and had to learn knitting from my mom, so I can make dolls cloths. And then my knitting took its own path, I made a sweater for my mom when I was 13 😊 And now I am knitting for all my family and little cloths for friend’s babies 🌷❀️

  377. Holly

    I learned to knit a few years ago thanks to great YouTube tutorials!

  378. MrsMorelion

    I taught myself to knit from a pamphlet after a near fatal car crash several years ago. What a positively lovely giveaway. Good luck to all and happy knitting!

  379. Maggie

    Andrea taught me how to knit and I haven’t stopped since. I find it soothing to sit and make things out of yarn. I am fairly new to knitting and would love to win this giveaway.

  380. Michelle Roy

    My mom gave me the gift of knitting. She didn’t actually teach me, but she bought me lessons at a LYS. She’s been knitting for as long as I can remember, and has been one of my biggest inspirations and champions!

    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  381. Candace Evans

    What a glorious gift knitting has been, since learning from my aunt when I was 9. It’s been a constant source of joy! Now knitting for a first granddaughter, I can’t wait until she’s old enough to learn how too!

  382. Justine R

    My sister taught me how to knit. Maybe these goodies would entice my mom to finally learn! 😊

  383. Danielle

    My Highschool boyfriend’s mother taught me to knit one Thanksgiving at his uncle’s Alpaca ranch. It was the perfect setting to learn to knit! Now 10 years later – the boyfriend didn’t stick but the knitting did!

  384. I learned to knit as a child from my grandmother on my grand parents farm.

  385. Shirley

    No one I knew knit, and I grew up thinking is never learn to crochet because I was left handed (My grandma didn’t know how to go about teaching me), so I taught myself using books and YouTube videos!

  386. Anita Harkess

    My mother introduced me to the idea of making loops in string: All she knew how to do was to crochet a chain, but she taught me that when I was 7 years old. Soon after, I went to a family reunion where an older cousin was crocheting lace. I was fascinated! I went home and started reading every book I could find about making loops in yarn. I learned to crochet and to knit that way.


    Mrs. Shuman, my next door neighbor taught me to knit when I was in the fifth grade. She was very patient.

  388. Brittaney B

    My grandmother taught me to knit and everyday I am grateful. I would use the yarn in here to make something for my best friend as it is her first mothers day

  389. Amy Hubbard

    My mom taught me to knit when I was about ten years old – I feel so lucky that she passed that knowledge to me. Doesn’t stop me from asking her to knit me a sweater though!!

  390. Lindsey

    My mom taught me how to knit and crochet. Now we are both obsessed with yarn and knitting! It’s a great hobby for us to bond over. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  391. Testing for a customer. πŸ™‚

  392. Junita

    My mom and great grandmother helped teach me. My mom primarily crochets so a lot of my knitting is self taught. I didn’t learn about nice yarns until I was in my mid 20s.

  393. Wendy Morey

    My Mother taught me to knit during a very difficult time in my life ~ I fell in love with the rhythm of the needles… it soothed my soul & gave my Mother & I another way to connect. It blossomed into preemie hats for my NICU ~ where my oldest son was once a preemie and fighting for his life. Now it wraps up women and children coming into my local Women’s shelter… I’m forever grateful for my Mother teaching me to knit. P. S. ~ I do occasionally knit for myself πŸ˜‰

  394. I taught myself to knit as an adult from a video kit and then online videos. My mom taught me to crochet and finger knit when I was much younger, though! I definitely credit her with sparking my interest in the fiber arts.

  395. A friend from college taught me how to knit, and I picked it up a lot more while I was living in Iceland! I recently taught my mom how to knit too! πŸ™‚

  396. Jennifer

    I learned to knit from my LYS. I wandered in and they taught me the very same day. I’m forever grateful.

  397. Abby soterin

    I taught my mom how to knit and we have enjoyed knitting together. I learned how to knit in college when I took a knitting course for credit and I’ve continue to knit ever since. May 9 is a special day for me as it’s my birthday, I was actually born on Mother’s Day which was very special for my mom. I would love to share this free gift with my mom if I am chosen.

  398. Amanda

    I learned to knit by mimicking the motions of my dad and his mother. She handed me a pair of needles and some yarn and away I went.

  399. Carmen N

    I have fond memories of watching my mother with hooks or needles in her hand whenever she was sitting. It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I developed and interest myself. She taught me some basics and off I went. She lives long-distance now, but I love that we have this common interest between us.

  400. Aurora

    My Grandma taught me how to knit when I was nine years old. I set it down, but picked it back up in college, set it back down when I got married, and back up after having kids. I a, now in the process of having my first pattern published!

  401. Aurora

    My Grandma taught me how to knit when I was nine years old. I set it down, but picked it back up in college, set it back down when I got married, and back up after having kids. I a, now in the process of having my first pattern published!

  402. Naomi G

    What a lovely give away. Would love to share it with mom πŸ’œ

  403. I taught myself how to knit, but my grandmother instilled the craft of crochet in me at a very young age, she also taught me how to quilt. I miss my grandmother so much. But God needed her more then we did I guess. But back to knitting as I was saying I taught myself along with YouTube videos then I found my local LYS, which is now closed, I continue to learn something everyday though. I’ve been knitting now for 2years. Thanks for an AWESOME giveaway

  404. Kaitlyn

    My grandmother taught me to crochet and my friend taught me to knit. β™‘ it has definitely become a passion of mine!

  405. Lisa P

    It wasn’t my mother that taught me to knit but a dear friend who was the mother of my daughter’s best friend in grade school. I dislike Halloween but the girls always got together to trick-or-treat every year. So about 9 years ago I asked my friend to teach me to knit while our husbands took the girls around the neighborhood. I have loved it ever since and now I know exactly when my knitter-versary is!

  406. Lizbeth

    I first learned the knit stitch from a coworker when I decided that I wanted to learn to knit so that I had something to do with my hands while I was trying to quit smoking. The rest I learned on my own. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  407. Kellie Kachek

    I learned to knit from the internet. I bought some online classes, but also googled a lot, as well as watched utube videos. I am constantly amazed how talented and generous knitters are with sharing their craft with others. Thanks to all of those knitters who have used the internet to teach newbies like me!!! It would have taken me years to get where I am today if it weren’t for you.

  408. Christina

    I was taught by both my own mother as well as my mother-in-law, and then I continues farther and learned even more myself through videos and friend.
    Knitting is my therapy for sure.

  409. Lori Malarkey

    My mom tried to teach me when I was young but I couldn’t get it. I just learned by the internet the past couple of months. I wish my mom were still alive so we could knit together.

  410. Kat

    I actually went to my LYS (which sadly, no longer exists) to learn how to cast on and do the knit stitch. From there I learned pretty much everything else I know from online videos and instruction. I did learn a little bit of crochet from my mom when I was a kid. Sadly, I’ve forgotten it all now.

  411. Margie

    My mom taught me knit, but I was too cool for knitting in the early 80’s… I did not pick it up again until 2002 and have not stopped yet! Thank you Mom for teaching me the basics!!

  412. IceBluemchen

    I have learned knitting from my mother and grandmother. This is more than 30 years ago. How the time flies. I am very grateful to my mother and grandmother for this. Knitting is one of my favorite hobbies.
    LG IceBluemchen (Kerstin W.)

  413. Christy

    I taught myself to knit on New Year’s Eve 1997 while sitting at my mother’s kitchen table and waiting for my husband to come home from work. In the years since, I have knit countless gifts as a way of letting the recipients know how special they are to me. It is my most favorite activity!

  414. Dea

    My dear old grandmother (now 93) taught me to knit more than 25 years ago, when I was a litlle girl. I had my very own project at her place, and only worked on it when I was visitting her. Unfortunately she hasn’t been able to knit since around that time due to arthritis. But I’m so grateful that she had a chance to teach me.

  415. Pat DeLeeuw

    My maternal Grandmother taught me to knit when I was about six. My first project was a white doll sweater for the new on the scene Barbie- and as she “frogged” her patience never failed! Because of her mothers death at her birth, Mary Esther learned early to knit, crochet, sew, embroider, cane and upholster . But knitting was her true love- doing fair isle mittens without a pattern as she watched her soaps! I have never achieved her great talent-but remember her each day when I knit. My knowledge of the greatness of homemade was instilled in me by her! Why buy expensive low quality ready made when home knit was so much nicer.

  416. Juliana

    My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was in high school, I remember I had to make a scarf for a school project and she ended up finishing it for me. Then my mom taught me again because I forgot how to do it and much later on in life I had to taught myself watching YouTube videos to finish a blanket for my first born. Although my grandma is not longer with us I still have the scarf and her knitting needles

  417. Becki Rizzuti

    My grandmother was the one who put a pair of knitting needles in my hands, but I was the first member of my family to really learn how to knit — just not the first person in my family to learn how to knit *well* (that was my older cousin!). I really learned the craft while carrying small projects with me and sitting at bus stops. You’d be surprised how many older women will sit down to give you tips on how to pick or throw the yarn.

    Most of what I’ve learned I learned through a combination of Youtube and trial and error!

  418. Cindy Orton

    My grandmother taught me! She turns 99 years old in 3 weeks! She’s been a great inspiration to me

  419. Kaye

    A girl down the street from me taught me to knit when I was a child. She was 13 years old, a whole three years older than me and I wanted to be grown up like her. My interest in knitting has ebbed and flowed over the years but now I am addicted to the craft and I have the stash to prove it. It has been fulfilling to learn that simple knits and purls can be combined to create beautify fabrics with different drapes and properties. And what beautiful yarns exist in a multitude of fibers and weights! To knit is to explore endless possibilities.

  420. Lindsey

    My fourth grade English teacher taught me to knit! Because of her we started a knitting club she instructed and would give us all incredible life advice and a safe space for us to work through the struggles of being preteens. To this day I remember her every time I pick up my needles and feel an overwhelming sense of comfort. She passed away several years ago but her legacy will always live on. She’s the grandma I wish I had.

  421. Meredith

    My mom first showed me how to knit as a child but it didn’t stick. Through the years I picked it up and dropped it several times until I fell in love. Now I knit all the time and learn from a variety of folks and through a variety of ways – most often reading, YouTube, and fellow knitters. She and my grandma both instilled a love of crafting in me that I hope to pass on to the next generation.

  422. Sara Murphy-Bosch

    When I was five my mother taught me to crochet treasure pouches. I was so proud I made one for everyone in My family.
    I tried to learn to knit and since my mom was dyslexic she had a really tough time teaching me and I never learned really well. Flash forward to me graduating college. My mother became really I’ll and I was taking care if f her. My mutual friend and boyfriend of my best friend had just died. The sadness and stress was too much. so my friend and I joined a knitting group. We met a lady that was patient and kind and taught us how to knit. We called her our knitting is now my best medicine and like a hug from my mom’s.

  423. Im a crocheter but my mother in law is a knitter and makes dozens of hats for us and for donating to the homeless. ..I would love to have this for her for mothers day. She deserves it!

  424. Claudine Bernier

    When I was in elementary school, Catholic of course, we were required to learn a craft. I took on crochet at first. I became a intermediate crocheter by age 16 but was always fascinated by what garments you can produce with 2 needles.. so I bought a book and thought myself how to knit. After a year of tedious practice I was addicted. Now 28 years later.. I still pick up my two needles to escape and find peace. I manage my blood pressure with a lace pattern, a glass of wine and an audible book. How close to heaven can you be?! Now my daughter is 6 and I have begun teaching her the craft. πŸ’“πŸ€—

  425. Melissa Thompson

    I learned to knit from a Seventeen Magazine article. My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was little. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  426. My grandma taught me to knit. She turns 90 in July and I would love to knit her something beautiful with this yarn if I win! She no longer knits because of arthritis pain in her hands, but she always takes such pride in my projects πŸ’•

  427. Rhianda

    Debbie Stoller taught me to knit – thanks Stitch and Bitch!! I would love to win, I can’t wait to try those ChiaGoo needles!

  428. Cassondra Rizzardi

    My grandma Nelly taught me to knit and crochet when I was a little girl. I will forever carry her with me and feel connected to her through fiber arts.

  429. My mom taught me to knit when I was 8… 15…. 23 and 24. I finally took to it at 28! Now my mom calls me for knitting help. It’s really fun having something crafty to share with her.

  430. Meredith B

    I was taught to knit from a combination of my Mamaw and YouTube. My Mamaw taught me some basics when I was younger but I never quite got it to click. Two years ago I was determined to knit a pair of socks, so I took to YouTube and worked it out.

  431. Deatra

    My aunt taught me how to crochet when I was 7. But really didn’t stick to it. When 1 of my sons seen a slochey beanie. He asked me if I could make it for him. It was in knit I told him I didn’t no how to but I would try my best. So after picking up a teach yourself to KNIT kit at my local Hobby Lobby. (only yarn shop in my town). 5 years later im still loving it everyday. My son got his Bob Marley beanie. An now I’m loving sock knitting. My kids an husband are loving all the hand knits they receive.
    Happy Mother’s Day

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