How To Work The Gather 9 Stitch

Our May 2017 projects – the Isan Sock and the Ama Scarf – feature a cool stitch pattern called Gather 9 (abbreviated ‘G9’ in the written instructions). Deceptively simple, this stitch consists of knitting, purling, slipping, and wrapping to create a cinched or gathered group of stitches.

The written instructions explain:

Work the next 9 sts in the same k1, p1 pattern as in the previous rows. Then, with the working yarn in back, slip those 9 sts on a cable needle. Wrap the working yarn counter clockwise around the 9 sts on the cable needle 3 times. With yarn held in back, slip 9 stitches back onto right hand needle and continue with the rest of the pattern.

You can also view a demonstration here:

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