Whole 9 Yarns: Left Handed Jessica

We all have a knitting buddy who we adore, and for us, that buddy is Jessica, whom we lovingly refer to as Left Handed Jessica. Having first met her at our LYS, Amy and Jessica bonded over their left handedness, but soon realized they had much more in common. Their fiber friendship flourished beyond the store’s knitting table and into the public where weekly knitting dinners became all too common. I was finally invited to their inner circle (yay!) and Jessica has become a wonderful friend who gives an honest opinion, is in the know on the latest and greatest patterns, and doesn’t mind a late night text when we have a question or just need a cheerleader.

We are so thrilled that we get to share our knitting buddy with you! She has agreed to come on board as our very first Ravelry moderator. She is a welcoming voice to offer encouragement, help, or a suggestion. She’ll be available to chat about our PostStitch projects, but also has an abundant fiber knowledge and a zeal for casting on cool, new projects!

To introduce you to Jessica, we asked her to answer our favorite 9 questions from our Whole 9 Yarn series. Take a read and then hop on over to our Ravelry group and say hi!

How long have you been knitting?
Consistently for the past 7 years

Who taught you how to knit?
Initially my Nana and my aunt tried to teach me, but since they were right handed and I’m left-handed I had everything backwards and inside out.  I finally met a really cool lady by the name of Amy who really is responsible for me becoming the accomplished knitter that I am today!
What is currently on your needles?
I have too many WIPs right now, but I’m finishing up a 3 Color Cashmere cowl by Joji Locateli tonight, and then I have Betwixt by Katie Rempe, Miso by Ambah O’Brien, and Flying North (socks) by Maria Montzka…to name just a few…
Where is the strangest place you have ever knitted?
In my car on the Skyway bridge in St Pete, FL when it was shut down due to a car fire.
Where is your favorite place to knit?
Either at home or with really good friends
What is your favorite thing in your notions bag?
That’s a tough one–probably a 2-way tie between my Fripperies & Bibelots stitch markers and my Stork scissors
What do you do when you’re not knitting?
When I’m not knitting (or working), I’m either vegging out on the couch reading, catching up on my favorite TV shows, or spending quality time with my family.
What is on your knitting bucket list?
My knitting bucket list is long…just look at my favorites on Ravelry.  However, I really want to tackle some brioche knitting–shawls, hats, gloves…
Who is your favorite knitting buddy?
Am I allowed to have 2??  My best knitting buddy is Katie, but since she moved to the Pacific Northwest I don’t get to knit with her very often.  My second favorite knitting buddy is my friend Amy.


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