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I am notorious for having about 804 WIPs stashed around the house at any given time. Okay, maybe not 804, but definitely probably like 217. Even though I have made the Interns promise to not let me cast on a new project until I finish a sock’s mate, and no matter how many times I have written “finish your WIPs” on my New Year’s Knitting Resolution lists, I still cast-on new projects like it’s my job. Though, you could argue it is my job.

When I procure a new project, I am confident that my “healthy” needle stash will have what I need. And I typically do have it, but first I must search every project bag, box, or other WIP hiding place to find it. And if I know I have a duplicate pair, I search for that one, too, to determine which project is better suited to lose its needles. It’s a tedious process, taking away valuable time from knitting.

My needle organization consists of the sleeves of my needles – with or without needles – stashed together in a drawer. Instead of keeping the sleeve with the needle in the project bag, this system allows me to easily take inventory of my needles, and, in theory, find them. But the downfall, like I mentioned above, is keeping track of the needle when it goes on a journey away from its sleeve.

Recently, I wised up and started jotting notes as to the whereabouts of my needles. Since this has been a tremendous help to my organization, as well as my sanity, we have made them available to you as a free download.

Meet our ‘Find My Needle Cards’ that aim to help you easily locate your needles and make quick judgement on whether or not you want to swipe them from that project.

Keep your needles organized with PostStitch's 'Find My Needle' cards. Free download!

The cards are super simple to use. Just cut them out, fill them in, and place in your needle sleeve. Now when I’m in need of a 32″ US#4, I’ll know it’s a pair I don’t want to “borrow” since this is an active WIP. If I need a 24″ US 5, I’ll know that it’s with my Folia Loop cowl, which is almost done. I could easily finish the project and free up the pair for the new project. But if I read that a needle is being use with a project that I haven’t touched in awhile, I may choose to swipe it.

A great way to keep track of our needles. FREE DOWNLOAD!

There’s also a card sized to fit in your double points sleeve (even though a note won’t matter since, no matter how vigilant, we always lose one somewhere), and two cards additional cards for scenarios when you loan a pair to a friend or when your needles are legitimately lost.

Great way to organize needles! Free card download from PostStitch

Want to try the system out for yourself? You can download our free Find My Needle cards by submitting your email below. Click “get the cards” and after following the steps,  they’ll show up in your inbox. Questions? Email us at

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  1. Mary Schlumpf

    Would love to get the free cards,but this does not work.

    1. PostStitch

      Hi Mary – Sorry for the trouble. We’re emailing you the download now. If you don’t receive them, email us at and we’ll get you sorted out!

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