Keep Track Of Your Row With Removable Stitch Markers

Keeping track of your progress is often times a knitters’ Achilles Heel. Put a project down for more than a day, and you can easily lose track of what row you were on, how many repeats you have finished, and so on. There are so many wonderful tools available, but sometimes a pattern doesn’t need highlighter tape or a mobile row counting app. Like a pattern that has a simple 4-row repeat like: “knit one round in pattern, knit rounds 2-4.” For projects like this, we use reusable stitch markers to keep track of our rows.

In the picture below, the closed jump ring is the stitch marker called for in the pattern. The white safety pin is our row/round counter. When we put our work down, we had just finished knitting round 3. So we put the safety pin after the third live stitch of the round in order to indicate we left off on the third round and should start knitting round 4. If we had just finished the first round, it would go after the first live stitch.

how to keep track of rows with stitch markers

In the same scenario of the 4-round repeat above, the instructions indicate to repeat the those 4 roundsĀ 8 times. To keep track of this, we use a second safety pin in another color. In the picture below, the white safety pin is the row/round counter and the gold marker is our repeat counter. The repeat marker works the same as the row/round counter. So according to their placement on the WIP below, we just finished the 3rd round of of our 1st repeat.

How to keep track of rows with a stitch marker

You can use a 3rd color marker to indicate a chart, if you need to remember what chart you’re working on.

This technique is simple, but most of all it is customizable to fit the needs of your project and your row counting style. Use different color pins to create a system that works best for the project and you.

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