Our Knitting Resolutions For the New Year

It’s that time of year to put pen to paper and declare your New Year’s Resolutions. While we fully support the lifestyle goals that typically accompany the New Year (i.e. eat better, exercise more, spend less money), we prefer goals that support our already resolved lifestyle choice: knitting! And not just because these are resolutions we know we can keep. Creating a list of Knitting Resolutions gives us the opportunity to reflect on last year’s finished objects, WIPs, techniques employed, color choices, yarn used, and skills mastered. Did we use too much blue, knit only socks, or put down a project because we didn’t know how to brioche? Now is the time to write down and commit to doing everything you want to do with your knitting this year!

Sure, there will always be the resolutions like, finish the second sock and finally learn to crochet, but this year we tried to be realistic and balanced with our knitting. Without further ado, our Knitting Resolutions for 2017:

  1. Organize our stash. Both needles and yarn!
  2. Donate WIPs (including all the yarn and needles to finish the project) that we know we’ll never finish to a nursing home or other in-need group.
  3. Finish old WIPs! Dedicate Wednesday nights to only knitting on old projects we want to finish.
  4. Start our Christmas knitting in June.
  5. Only start projects we know we will finish!

They look great on paper and we hope that we can commit to keeping each and every one of them. We’ll be posting Resolution updates and successes in our Ravelry group. We’d love to hear what you have on your resolution, and help cheer you on to knitting success. Join our group and post your list!


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