December 2016 Reveal: Malabrigo Yarn

From the gift buying to the festive parties to the traveling, there is some major hustle and bustle that comes with the month of December. No matter how prepared we are for the holidays, there is something that throws us for a loop and causes our stress level to rise. But enter knitting – the calming, stress-reducing, mind-balancing craft of ours. A necessity to get us through long days in the car, airport layovers, and the 16th showing of Elf (that’s not just our house, is it?).

This month, Malabrigo Sock to the rescue! This fingering weight, 100% Superwash Merino wool is soft, durable, and holds color in a brilliantly bold way. And best of all?! It made its way into all three of our December subscriptions – BigStitch, BigStitch Lite, and SockStitch. It is a great yarn to work with and one that makes you want to knit more. Sure you can argue that most yarn has this affect, but Malabrigo Sock has an almost silk touch that helps the yarn “glide” while knitting. This stitch definition is wonderful, and whether you’re knitting a shawl, socks, or scarf, the finished project has a modern refinement about it.

Our BigStitch and BigStitch Lite subscriptions received two complementary colorways to knit Angela Tong’s Yin Yang shawl pattern. With alternating stripes of either Light of Love and Eggplant (pink and purple) or Ochre and Prima Vera (Gold and variegated greens), this pattern dazzles with its balancing act of color. The repeated color offers the duality of the philosophy of yin yang, while the allover garter stitch adds uninterrupted texture. It is a visually stunning shall to wear open and draped over your shoulders, or wrapped closely around your neck. Plus, is an easy-to-memorize pattern to make your knitting a little more zen-like…just like the name of the pattern implies. A great pattern to escape the stresses of the holidays.

December SockStitch subscribers received one of two variegated colorways to knit designer Andrea Rangel’s Wendee Sock pattern. The first, Diana, an earthy hue of reds, oranges, and yellows, and the second, Caribeno, a swirl of blues that makes you want to hop on the first boat to a Caribbean island (yes, please!). Since many sock knitters dedicate a good part of their year to knitting socks for holiday gifts, we included a pattern a little different than the traditional calf-high socks that most make. The Wendee Sock is an ankle-high sock with lace detail from cuff to toe. Knit with Malabrigo Sock yarn, this pair of “feet warmers” is favorable for lounging around the house during the winter. They are soft and comfy like slippers, yet have an unexpected elegance about them. And, since December seems to go by in the blink of an eye, the low profile of these socks make a quick, instant-gratification knit.

During a month that is all about giving to others, we wanted to give back to you! We hope that in between gift wrapping and blocking holiday gift knits that these projects inspire you to carve out some selfish knitting time! Happy holidays to you and yours!








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