New Pattern: Meet Our Poke Ball Sock

Like it did with 50 million other people, the Pokemon GO craze recently took over PostStitch Headquarters. All work seemed to cease so that our 5-year-old Intern could walk around town collecting Poke Balls and catching Pokemon. Her simple afternoon walks turned into epic, multi-mile adventures, and we couldn’t help but think that her strappy sandal footwear could use an improvement. Since she hates wearing socks and sneakers, we designed a Poke Ball themed sock to change her mind. Now, she and Dad – her favorite Pokemon buddy – have a matching pair to help them traverse the terrain in search of crazy creatures. And, as you can imagine, they are the envy of all the other Pokemon players they meet on the street.

PostStitch Pokemon Poke Ball Sock Pattern. Knit with HiKoo's CoBaSi

But what exactly is a Poke Ball?

If you’re knitting this sock for someone else, there is a chance you’ve never heard of a Poke Ball. We admit, we had no idea what they were until the Intern gave us a crash course. The goal of Pokemon GO is to catch wild Pokemon (aka colorful little characters) hanging out around town (or at least on the screen of your mobile screen as you walk around town). To catch them, you use a Poke Ball, a little red, white, and black capsule that you throw (or swipe up with your finger) their way to capture them as yours.

About The Pattern

This sock was designed and written from the cuff down, using the Magic Loop technique. The pattern includes sizes for Youth L (Adult Small, Adult Medium, and Adult Large), which measures to 6.5” (7.25”, 8”, 8.75”) circumference. We knit this sock with CoBaSi a cotton, bamboo, silk, and nylon blend from HiKoo by Skacel. With 55% cotton, the blend is soft and cool on feet, perfect for long walks.

This pattern is available for purchase as a Ravelry download.

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