One might argue that the ball winder and swift were the best knitting inventions. Or maybe it was the circular needle. But I argue that it was Netflix. Before the revolutionary streaming service, we were forced to knit while watching cable TV, where television shows are broadcasted one episode at a time. With commercials. After the episode, you have to find a different show, more than likely on another channel. How can you knit when your hands are occupied with remote duties? But enter Netflix! A magical way to watch TV that offers an entire season (or even series!) all in one consecutive stream! You don’t have to even pick up the remote to play the next episode – it just automatically starts playing. A knitter’s dream!

So when ‘Netflix and Chill’ became something cool to do on a Friday night, we patted ourselves on the back! Knitters had started a trend! But in fact, we hadn’t. The popularized idea of ‘Netflix and Chill’ doesn’t exactly mean binge watching an episode of your favorite show while crafting. Nope. The pop culture definition actually implies very little Netflix is watched.

‘Netflix and Chill’ hasn’t changed things for us. We’re still dedicated to our weekend Netflix and knitting dates. So dedicated in fact, that we have made the trend our own: knit, flix, and chill. Just as the name implies, we hope it inspires you this weekend to pick up your needles, flip on your favorite show, and relax. For hours and hours and hours and hours.

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