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We often wonder if others obsess over their hobby like us knitters do. We knit at home, in the car, on vacation, at a baseball game, and sometimes in bars. We can do it while watching TV (#knitflixandchill) or listening to a podcast. Of course, there is the occasional occasion when a knit fix may not be so accommodating. Like at work. Or in a dark movie theatre. But we cope; we drink coffee out of quirky fiber-themed mugs, fill our Instagram feeds with pictures from our favorite knitters, and take regular work breaks to “oooh” and “ahhh” over designs on Ravelry (and then add them all to our queue).

Because we here at PostStitch are a sheep farm away from the title of Most Obsessed Knitter, we created a phone background that further proves our adoration for all things knitted. You see, when we check the time, it’s important that we see stockinette stitch on the display. But we don’t have to explain ourselves…you understand.

Want to give your phone a knitted makeover, too? We’re offering you our knitted phone background for free. Just follow the instructions below to add it to your phone.


How To Add To Your iPhone

  1. Open this blog on your mobile phone and click here to open the picture file.
  2. After the image opens on your browser, click the image and choose “save image.” The photo is now saved in your camera roll.
  3. Open your Settings and choose “Wallpaper”
  4. Then click “choose a new wallpaper.”

How To Add To Your Android Device

  1. Open this blog on your mobile phone and click here to open the picture file. Save it to your phone.
  2. Press the “menu” button from the home screen and choose “wallpaper”
  3. Tap “gallery” and choose the image.
  4. Crop as necessary.





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