Whole 9 Yarns with Katie Rempe

While we can’t be entirely sure, we think Katie Rempe’s third grade teacher, like ours, must have offered the advice, “use your time wisely.” You see, the knitwear designer has only been knitting for 8 years, yet has accomplished more than most. Most notably, she has used her time to publish a portfolio of original patterns ranging from mitts to shawls to tops. Some of them have topped the charts of Ravelry and others have graced the pages of prominent knitting publications. She also found time to be a contestant (a wildly entertaining contestant, we might add!) on the first season of Fiber Factor, a Project Runway-style web series that challenged designers to take 6 random challenges from conception to completion in just six months. No matter how full her knitting card is, she still has the time to teach, advise, and pull up a seat at her LYS or online KAL.

We were thrilled when the designer, aka Kater Tater Knits, agreed to not only be the featured designer of our May BigStitch subscription, but to create a brand new pattern – the Mares’ Tail shawl – and host a month-long KAL in our PostStitch Ravelry Group. The project is just fun and big as the designer’s personality and it has proven to be a the perfect fit for Summer!

And now without further ado, the Whole 9 Yarns with Katie Rempe:

How long have you been knitting? 

I started knitting seriously when I started college at Kent State University back in 2007, so about 8 years!

Who taught you how to knit? 

Initially, my mom taught me how when I was a kid. I didn’t take much of a shine to it though, maybe because she wasn’t very good herself (she has admitted to this on many occasions!). Then, before going to college in Ohio, a friend of mine picked up knitting and showed me all her great projects and a website called Ravelry: a site that you had to be invited, then placed on a waiting list before you could sign up! Well, I was so intrigued that I signed up for a refresher knitting class while on vacation in Saratoga Springs, NY and haven’t stopped since!

What is currently on your needles?

Ha! A sick amount of projects, partly why I have SO many needles in my stash. I’d say the active ones on my needles are currently a new top I’m designing, a pair of socks for my roommate, and soon to be another Mares’ Tails!

Where is the strangest place you have ever knitted? 

The Saratoga Race Course! I started bringing my knitting to the track so that once I finished ‘donating’ my allotted $20 for the day, I’d just go off and sit either outside on a picnic table or in one of the seats in the stadium. This allowed me to still be active in conversations and people watch.

Where is your favorite place to knit? 

Home, just sitting on the couch. Nothing fancy!

What is your favorite thing in your notions bag? 

It’s actually hanging from my notions bog, but my Puppy Snips! You can take them anywhere, even on planes, and they’re always there for me!

What do you do when you’re not knitting?

Like many knitters, I really enjoy reading as well. I have a reading queue that’s almost as impressive as my knitting queue. I also enjoy the occasional video game either on my DS or my old Playstation 2.


What is on your knitting bucket list? 

Finish. My. Rock. IslandSeriously.

I started it 3 years ago when I was probably too inexperienced and it’s put me off every since. I probably wouldn’t have any problems with it now, or at least know much better how to fix any issues, but it still just sits there. Mocking me…

Who is your favorite knitting buddy? 

Other than the awesome folks at Post Stitch?? I’d have to stay my many friends named ‘Jessica!’ I actually have THREE that all knit and make great companions to stitch with, even via FaceTime.

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