Needed Now: Emoticons For Knitters

This week, the tech buzz has circled around Apple’s emoji update. If you have upgraded your iPhone to the new iOS 8.3 operating system, you may have noticed new and updated emoticons, and some with customizable options. You can now change skin tone, hair color, and even nail polish color on many of your favorite emojis. While most feedback has been positive, there are still some scorned iPhone users who were hoping to be gifted a taco emoji with this update (spoiler: they were not). We love a good taco, don’t get us wrong, but our beef with the new emojis is not a missing taco. It is the absence of knitting. Sure there’s a ram and a bunny (a reeealll stretch, we know), and some expressive emojis that seem to know how we’re feeling, but nothing that truly captures the drama of dropping a stitch or the joy of finishing a project. That is until now. We mocked up 12 knitting emojis that we would like to see added to the iPhone emoticon library:


Note: it is with great sadness that we had to watermark our original drawings. Despite our copyright notice below and our trust in the wonderful knitting community, these drawings were illegally reproduced and sold by a direct competitor. Copyright is the foundation of the fiber arts community. Please respect designers – both graphic and knitwear – so that they can continue to create and advance our craft in the most exciting and positive way. 



The above illustrations are designed by and property of PostStitch and are copyright pending. Illustrations can be shared from this site but may not be reproduced in any capacity without the consent of PostStitch. 

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6 Thoughts to “Needed Now: Emoticons For Knitters”

  1. Marjorie Wedlock

    I just bought these and they say they were installed. How do I open the? Thanks.

    1. Karen

      I’m having the same issue.

  2. Cynthia Saoirse

    How do I buy purchase these?

  3. Magnolia

    I just purchased this app and it says Installed – however nothing appears for use. I followed you email instructions to the letter. Rebooted the phone – nothing. Help or refund the purchase

  4. Annie

    Same exact thing. I wish I’d read reviews before purchasing.

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