You Know You’re A Knitter When…

We’re one sheep farm away from the title of Most Obsessed Knitter, and we know we’re not alone. If your monthly yarn budget is just as important as your grocery budget, then this list is for you.

1. You stash a WIP in your car so you can get a few stitches in during red lights.

You Know You're A Knitter When....

2. Your idea of “points of interest” while on vacation are local yarn stores. In fact, it’s not a vacation unless you visit at least one LYS and buy a “souvenir.”

3. You knit all day, but it is still a special occasion (and very much necessary) to go to a knit night or meetup.

4. You loved what you’re knitting until you see what someone else is knitting. Then you MUST start knitting what they’re knitting. RIGHT. THIS. SECOND.

5. You can watch an entire 7 season TV series in a weekend. (Gilmore Girls, anyone?)

6. You reach stalker-level staring status when you see someone wearing a knitted sweater/scarf/wrap/socks you like. And then you rush home to see if you can find a similar pattern on Ravelry.

7. You find yarn in your stash and you don’t remember why you bought it.

8. Finding rogue stitch markers in your house is so common in your house that your spouse/roommate/kid have stopped pointing them out to you. And when you need one, you just reach between the couch cushions and there’s one waiting for you!


9. Someone asks you a question while you’re counting stitches and you just count louder.

10. The most common phrase out of your mouth is, “hold on!! Let me finish this row.”


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